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Gluten-Free Living

Gluten-Free Living March/April 2019

Gluten-Free Living is completely dedicated to information for those who follow a gluten-free diet. We pack issues with essential reading about food labeling, ingredients, medical challenges and lifestyle solutions. No other specialty publication matches the depth of our editorial or the thoroughness of our original research.

United States
Madavor Media, LLC
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2 min.
dear readers,

I am excited to be the new editor of Gluten-Free Living, and I look forward to learning and discovering with you as we serve up delicious recipes, find new innovations in the gluten-free world and dive into new research. My inaugural issue, which you are holding in your hands, is one of my favorite themes: the travel issue. In these pages, you will find everything you need to plan your next excursion, whether you’re noshing in New York (page 26), sampling in Stockholm (page 18) or chomping in China (page 22). You’ll also find easy snacks to take on the road with your kids (page 42) and mouthwatering recipes for SoCal Mexican Street Food (page 36). When it comes to wedding planning, hear from a bride (page 30) who wove travel and…

1 min.

March into Mediterranean You’ve likely heard of the Mediterranean diet at some point and that it’s a healthy way of eating. The diet was just announced as the best overall diet for 2019 in by US News and World Report. Find benefits of following the Mediterranean diet, tips to implement it and mouthwatering recipes that will make going Mediterranean irresistible. Sublime spring recipes From crowd-pleasing appetizers and mouthwatering main meals to decadent desserts and bubbly, bright cocktails, find hundreds of recipes for all your get-togethers this spring. Trust us, no one will know these fantastic dishes are gluten free unless you tell them. Not Just Gluten Free If you or a loved one deals with more than one dietary restriction, check out our Not Just Gluten Free section, which includes expert advice, product picks and…

3 min.
symptoms after taking gluten-free medications

Steve Plogsted, a pharmacist at Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus, Ohio, is an expert on gluten in medications. His website, glutenfreedrugs.com, is widely recognized as the most reliable source of information on gluten-free prescription and over-the-counter drugs. Have a question about gluten and medications? Send it to glutenfreedrugs@gmail.com. Q While I was vacationing in Canada, I fell ill and required an antibiotic. I found that the drug they prescribed me was available in both the U.S. and Canada. I called the U.S. manufacturer and was told that it contained no gluten. Do U.S. and Canadian drugs use the same ingredients and would it be safe for me to take the drug that I had filled in Canada? A You ask a very good question. It just so happens that you cannot rely…

7 min.
mix it up

Travel to the 100 percent gluten-free hotels and inns in the United States and abroad A new study, conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Travelex, investigated the travel habits of 2,000 Americans and discovered that they spend 284 days every year thinking about vacations. Why? Because a vacation represents an escape from the daily grind and a time to create lasting memories. We research, poring over reviews and travel recommendations before taking that plunge to book airfare, hotels and activities, ensuring we can get the most out of a trip. While some people may travel with the intent of having an adventure, 52 percent of Americans say relaxing is their top priority when choosing a destination. And for people with celiac disease, one of the keys to being relaxed on vacation is…

2 min.
top 5 naturally flavored candies for easter baskets

The search for dye-free candies to fill Easter baskets is upon us, and I am so thankful for the brightly colored delights created by caring companies for children and adults alike. With sweet and sour, hard and chewy, and eye-catching creations, these companies have replaced the artificial candies of the past with healthful versions that taste even better. Here are our top picks (in no particular order) for companies producing product lines with only natural ingredients, so everyone can enjoy Easter (and every day) in sweet, sugary goodness! THE LOVELY CANDY COMPANY only uses non-GMO and natural ingredients to create its vast line of sweets that deliver on taste and texture. Choose from: caramels, sweet and sour gummies, fruit chews, hard candy, lollipops and juicy chews in tropical and traditional flavors like…

6 min.
routine blood draw leads to a celiac diagnosis

When Brian Bosworth, MD, was an internal medicine resident in the fall of 2002, he went in for a routine checkup with an internist. What he did not realize at the time was that the appointment would lead to a diagnosis of celiac disease. "I went in to see my internist for a regular checkup, and as part of the normal history and physical, she did some 'routine' labs, or screening labs, which included a blood count, a cholesterol level, looking at kidney function, electrolytes, liver tests and some vitamins," said Bosworth, now chief of medicine, NYU Langone Health Main Campus, Tisch Hospital. He shared that "everything was normal—my history and all of the lab work was pretty much normal, with the exception of two or three of my liver tests, [which]…