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Gluten-Free Living

Gluten-Free Living September/October 2019

Gluten-Free Living is completely dedicated to information for those who follow a gluten-free diet. We pack issues with essential reading about food labeling, ingredients, medical challenges and lifestyle solutions. No other specialty publication matches the depth of our editorial or the thoroughness of our original research.

United States
Madavor Media, LLC
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6 Issues


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gluten-free living

Ann Whelan FOUNDER Lydia Goerner EDITOR Diane Fennell SENIOR DIGITAL EDITOR Van Waffle RESEARCH EDITOR Anna Sonnenberg TRAVEL EDITOR Toni Fitzgerald COPY EDITOR Jennifer Harris NEWS EDITOR DESIGN Carolyn V. Marsden ART DIRECTOR Allyson Preble GRAPHIC DESIGNER ADVISORY BOARD ALESSIO FASANO, MD Center for Celiac Research, Massachusetts Hospital for Children • Boston, MA MARILYN GRUNZWEIG GELLER, CEO Celiac Disease Foundation, Los Angeles, CA PETER H.R. GREEN, MD Celiac Disease Center at Columbia University New York, NY IVOR DENNIS HILL, MD Wake Forest University School of Medicine Winston-Salem, NC KAROLY HORVATH, MD, PHD Center for Pediatric Digestive Health and Nutrition, Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children Orlando, FL SYLVIA HSU, MD Baylor College of Medicine • Houston, TX JOSEPH MURRAY, MD Celiac Disease Research Program and Clinic, Mayo Clinic • Rochester, MN MICHELLE MARIA PIETZAK, MD Children’s Hospital Los Angeles • Los Angeles, CA CYNTHIA RUDERT, MD Medical Advisor, Celiac Disease…

1 min.

Best Autumn Ever! If you loved the back to routine content in this fall issue, everything we couldn’t squeeze in is available online. Read about a successful gluten-free chef, how to succeed as a gluten-free athlete, a travel guide through New England, gluten-free senior communities and much more! Gluten-Free Travel While you can travel anywhere while living a gluten-free lifestyle, you do have to be cautious and prepared. Get all the tips and travel resources you need on packing, gluten-free apps and guides to specific destinations. Mouthwatering Soup Recipes As soup and stew season rolls around, browse our selection of gluten-free recipes the whole family can enjoy on a fall evening. Whether your soup preference is miso, tomato, chili or something more adventurous, you can find a winning recipe here. News Stay up-to-date on the latest developments…

1 min.
dear reader,

I used to get excited for back-to-school season, when I could stock up on new notebooks and pencils and fall clothes and make resolutions to succeed in the upcoming school year (I know, I was kind of a nerd). Even though I don’t go “back to school” anymore, I still love the change of season and the promise it brings of restoring healthy habits in our lives. This fall, whether you’re headed back to school, back to work, or just back into your favorite cool-weather sweater, savor the benefits a routine can provide and use this chance to make sure your routine is healthy for you. Some of those good habits you may want to strengthen include staying on top of your nutritional needs (page 51), using prebiotics and probiotics in…

4 min.
gluten-free kids: picky eaters, self-conscious tweens, autism

Q My 4-year-old daughter was diagnosed with celiac disease late last year. We're getting the hang of the gluten-free diet, but she's becoming increasingly picky about what I serve at dinner. She often refuses to eat what I cook, so I end up making gluten-free mac and cheese or chicken nuggets after dinner so she'll eat something. It's made dinnertime stressful. Help! A Most young kids are picky, at least to some extent, about what they eat. It can lead to many of the complaints you are experiencing. It can be even more complicated when your child requires a special diet. One way to approach the issue is to make sure you are doing your job as the parent—providing regular meals and snacks. It is her job to decide whether and…

2 min.
mix it up

Top 5: Pizzas and pizza crusts made with vegetables We could all stand to get more veggies in our lives, right? One of the easiest ways to accomplish this task without having to think about it is with pizza. Yes, pizza. That wonderful crusty dough continues to show its versatility as riced cauliflower, broccoli, sweet potato and kale are incorporated to produce crispy pizzas loaded with vegetables that promote eating well. By transforming what is normally thought to be too high in carbs and fat into a healthful option, pizza has turned the corner,, becoming more than just a weekend or Friday night splurge. Whether you are short on time or lacking dinner inspiration, pizza is a crowd pleaser, but now its healthful benefits outweigh any guilt people might have felt serving…

2 min.
study: accidentally eating gluten a problem for 74% of patients

More gluten-free products are available now than ever before. So avoiding eating gluten accidentally should be easier with all these alternatives to choose from. But is that true? This spring, researchers from the Takeda Pharmaceutical Company and Celiac Disease Foundation presented the results from a new study that found many struggle to avoid accidentally eating gluten even while paying close attention to their diets. People who do maintain a strict gluten-free diet say they continue to suffer from a variety of symptoms. Titled “Adherence to the gluten-free diet and celiac patient outcomes: real world evidences from an international patient registry, iCureCeliac,” the study surveyed 552 people. All who completed the Celiac Symptoms Index (CSI) and Celiac Dietary Adherence Test (CDAT) had self-reported biopsy-confirmed celiac disease. Participants were all members of iCureCeliac, an…