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Gluten-Free Living

Gluten-Free Living January/February 2019

Gluten-Free Living is completely dedicated to information for those who follow a gluten-free diet. We pack issues with essential reading about food labeling, ingredients, medical challenges and lifestyle solutions. No other specialty publication matches the depth of our editorial or the thoroughness of our original research.

United States
Madavor Media, LLC
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6 Issues


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Recipes for a nutritious new year For everyone resolving to eat better in 2019, our website offers good-for-you recipes—including vegetarian, vegan, dairy-free, soy-free and Paleo options—that will have you feeling better about your health and well-being throughout the new year. Don’t worry—we even have dessert recipes sure to satisfy your sweet tooth without the typical guilt. Gluten-Free Travel Visit our website for helpful information and practical tips and advice to travel the world over while adhering to the gluten-free diet. We also feature articles on top travel destinations, including awesome places to eat and suggestions about what to do for fun between glorious gluten-free bites. Gluten-Free News Access timely and relevant news related to celiac and the gluten-free diet. Stay up-to-date between issues of the print magazine with our This Week in Gluten-Free News post,…

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dear readers,

Welcome to another year of Gluten-Free Living! This first issue of 2019 is chock full of helpful information, expert advice, practical tips and, as always, dozens of scrumptious recipes. If you’re like me, the holiday season sees its fair share of splurging—and I’m talking about both finances and food. My budget typically flies out the window when it comes to finding gifts for loved ones. Oh, and I allow myself to eat any and all of the rich, indulgent dishes I want to at parties and other get-togethers. But now that the calendar has turned to January, it’s time to get both my budget and my eating habits back under control. If you could use some help in these areas, check out News Editor Jennifer Harris’s top five tips to save…

4 min.
5 tips to save time and money this year

The new year is here, bringing with it the natural inclination to make resolutions. Always made with good intentions, major lifestyle changes can be difficult to implement and often fall by the wayside. If I could make good on just two resolutions this year, it would be to save money on gluten-free products and eat better. If you have similar aspirations for 2019, check out these five tips to turn these two gluten-free resolutions into a reality. 1 COMPARISON SHOP Driving to multiple stores to shop for groceries takes up too much time. I comparison shop—just like my mom used to do—before leaving the house. Now that gluten-free products are available at all major grocery stores, check out the sale ads to determine which ones are offering the best deals. Then create…

3 min.
top 5 ways to color it red for valentine’s day—naturally

Red velvet cake, sprinkles and food coloring—oh my. Valentine’s Day isn’t the best holiday for anyone who is intolerant to artificial red color and dye, like my daughter. When she was 4, we discovered she is intolerant to Red Dye #40 after she consumed all the red goodies at a school party. The next two hours were a series of violent mood swings, aggressive behavior that turned into hysterical laughter and boomeranged back again, and a complete loss of coordination that ended with a mighty sugar crash that left her listless, groggy and with gastrointestinal issues. Our quest for products free from artificial colors and dyes started the next day. The search was difficult because Red Dye #40 is everywhere. In fact, it’s one of the most commonly used dyes in…

3 min.
say it with sugar cookies

Growing up, we always looked forward to a trip to the local bakery for sugar cookies topped with colored sugar or icing. Today, still fans of the sweet treats, we usually opt to make them ourselves. But not everyone has the time or inclination to shop, prepare and decorate roll-and-cut sugar cookies. So, maybe it’s time to call in the professionals. The talented pastry chefs at the more than 200 dedicated gluten-free bakeries in the U.S. create Instagram-worthy confections daily. Enlist their services this Valentine’s Day, allowing you to sit back and enjoy the glory—or send it to your loved ones. It took some detective work to find five bakeries that make—and ship!—gorgeously decorated sugar cookies. We found that some bakeries use a traditional sugar cookie base while others think shortbread cookies…

2 min.
2018 great american beer festival gluten-free beer winners

The 2018 Great American Beer Festival (GABF) in Denver saw a record number of entries in the gluten-free beer category, with several fresh faces and a perennial favorite atop the list. Though the world’s largest commercial beer competition in the world is now in its 37th year, the Gluten-Free Beer category was added only in 2007, when there were just eight entries. For the 2018 event, 38 gluten-free beers were considered by the judging panel. The festival’s Gluten-Free Beer category includes only beers made from fermentable sugars, grains and converted carbohydrates. Gluten-reduced beers are not considered part of this grouping because their gluten levels—derived from malted barley—have been reduced by enzymes or other processes. Here are the three award winners. GOLD High Hops Brewery’s Puckerberry Ale Windsor, Colorado A first-time category winner, High Hops Brewery impressed…