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southern charmed

AUGUSTA NATIONAL IS A SPECIAL PLACE. The Masters is a special tournament. If you haven’t been, you’ll get a taste for what I mean starting on page 69, the beginning of a 43-page celebration of what is, at the very least, the most unique major in golf. Outside of Christmas with the fam, prepping GOLF’s annual Masters Preview package is my favorite time of year. The storylines are endless, from the quirky and heroic wins throughout the decades, the vibe of, say, hanging in Amen Corner on Moving Day, to the sights and sounds you can only find among the pines in this heaven-on-earth parcel in northeast Georgia. In planning the preview, our editorial team debated the significance of Tiger Woods’ come-from-behind victory a single April ago. Two camps emerged:…

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a down good time

What a captivating article by Alan Shipnuck on his golf trip to Australia and New Zealand (“Upside Down Under,” February). I can’t believe that I was not invited! Is it possible for GOLF to ask Mr. Shipnuck to share his list of expenses and logistics so your readers can all plan a similar amazing adventure? —Alan Bush, West Palm Beach, Fla. Finding Netherlands I was delighted to see the Dutch course, De Pan, in your World Top 100 (December 2019). From 1989 to 1991, my husband and I played there. We were stationed at the now closed Soesterberg Air Base nearby. For many years, De Pan allowed a few Americans to play as thanks for our country’s efforts in World War II. We felt privileged to play there and were grateful for it.…

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TaylorMade’s SIM ($550; three different models) is the golf club version of Santa Claus. Since its release in January, the driver has gifted every TaylorMade staffer with bountiful ball speed gains—our cover subject, Tiger Woods, included. Ultra-thin titanium faces remain the engine behind these eye-popping distance numbers, but in recent years, designers have found new ways to capture yards. With SIM (Shape In Motion), its asymmetric sole design and Inertia Generator reduce drag to bump up head speed. Throw in a Speed Injected Twist Face that brings the power while also minimizing mishits, and you’ll swear it’s Christmas in April. If TaylorMade’s SIM driver is good enough for Tiger Woods, there’s a good chance you could benefit from the same groundbreaking technology he’s using on the course.…

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in the beginning

DURING LAST YEAR’S Masters Sunday, Tiger Woods was stalking another green jacket and you could feel it in your gut. The golf world came to a standstill… except on the driving range at Chalk Mountain Golf Course, in the sleepy town of Atascadero in central California. For Rudy Duran, Masters Sunday was business as usual, as he gave a string of lessons to golfers of varying age and ability. “I heard a few shouts here and there, and a few people told me Tiger did this, Tiger did that,” says Duran with a chuckle. “It’s not that I don’t care, because I do. But I’ve been watching Tiger do amazing things since he was four and a half. I guess I’m not easily amazed anymore.” Duran is now 70 and shoots his…

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on the number

$56.50 The cost for one of everything on the menu (including sandwiches, breakfast, beverages and snacks) at the ridiculously inexpensive Augusta National concession stands. Classic chicken sandwich $3 $12,000 The nightly rate for the highest-priced Airbnb listing in the Augusta area for Masters Week (as of mid-February). $94,836 The total cost for the week (Monday to Monday) at the property, including a whopping $10,836 service fee. 289 289: Highest number of strokes ever recorded by a Masters champion (an overall score of +1). 3 Number of golfers to win a green jacket with a 289 (Sam Snead, 1954; Jack Burke, 1956; Zach Johnson, 2007). 32.6 Average age of all Masters champions in the tournament’s 83-year history. 700 The length (in feet) of Magnolia Lane, according to Google Earth.…

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pressure your lead thumb

A COMMON FAULT I SEE among the recreational ranks is a loss of control at the top, the result of players trying to lengthen their backswing. See the gap between my lead thumb and trail palm in the photo above? That’ll lead to a poor transition, wayward shots and a loss of power. Here’s the fix: Add a little pressure to your lead thumb with your trail palm, making sure there are no gaps between your hands, both at address and at the top. You’ll feel more connected to the club and force yourself to make bigger shoulder and hip turns and add width without losing control. Now you’ve lengthened your swing properly for more consistent and powerful shots.…