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March 2020

Good Health - for people with a healthy attitude to life! Our aim is to make Good Health informative, up-to-date, relevant to women´s lives and entertaining. Every issue is packed with information - cutting edge medical advances, psychology, relationship, kids, food, beauty and much more. Above all, we want to empower our readers with a sense that they can do something POSITIVE to enjoy a long and healthy life.

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I have never had much success with meditation. Believe me, I’ve tried. I know a lot of people who absolutely swear by it and I wanted to get in on the (in)action. Unfortunately, I’ve always found it a chore. I love Ashtanga yoga, but I’m the person who is squirming during Shavasana, mentally going through what I’ve got in the pantry to make for dinner and wondering why on earth the lying down part is taking so long. I was pleased to discover that I’m not alone! As Trudie McConnochie learned, between 17 and 53 percent of the population feel anxious about ‘relaxing’ activities such as meditation and/or getting a massage. Now I have no trouble enjoying a massage and after reading her article, I feel like I should just calm…

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good health

EDITORIAL Editor-in-Chief Nicky Dewe Editor Amy Prebble Creative Director Louise Thomson Feature Writers Erin Fisher, Monique McKenzie Beauty Editor Tracy Davis Senior Designer Bobby Saunders Designers Archie Blohm, Robyn Te Whata Chief Sub Editor Michelle Joe Sub Editor/Writer Cassie Birrer Editorial Assistant Simone Momberg Contributors Penny Adams, Amy Nelmes Bissett, Yasmin Boland, Jaala Brinsmead, Lisa Buckingham, Debbie Dale, Lizzy Dening, Debbie Duncan, Paul Ewart, Nicola Feeney, Simone Forte, Kirsty Gallagher, Jennifer Garth, Scott Gooding, Rachel Grunwell, Jo Hartley, Gillian Harvey, Luke Hines, Maria Hoyle, Angie Humphreys, Wendy Knight, Christina Leon, Heidi Lindahl, Lisa Matson, Trudie McConnochie, Linda Music, Helene Ravlich, Mike Rooke, Mark Roper, Julie Russell, Kristina Soljo MARKETING Marketing Director Louise Cankett Senior Marketing Manager Jillian Hogan Senior Subscriptions Campaign Manager Ellie Xuereb Subscriptions Campaign Manager Celia Chua PRODUCTION Title Controller Marsha Mursid Distribution Ovato Retail Distribution Australia ADVERTISING Head of Brands Anna Mistilis Brand Manager Simone Creighton Brand Implementation Executive Rachael…

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LIFE IS SHORT As a bowel cancer survivor of five years, my life has changed for the better, I must say. I never used to be able to relax and always felt the house had to be sparkling. Ten years ago I met my second husband after being on my own for many years and he has taught me to relax. Good Health & Wellbeing has been my go-to read when I feel like a sit-down and relax. Now I get a subscription for myself for Christmas every year. The dusting can wait – life is too short! – Sue Write in and WIN! The star letter featured in next month’s issue wins a book bundle with three fabulous recipe and wellness books to help guide you through to a nourishing year! This…

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being grateful

It happens to us all as women – menopause. Thanks so much for the hope and relief your article in the January issue provided. I’ve been reading your magazine for years and this article has been the most helpful to me, ever. At 62 I’ve been so frustrated that the running, swimming and walking I’ve been doing, and the constant dieting, isn’t working. I’m fit, healthy and happy and have decided that’s enough – I’m accepting myself as of right now. I’m going to be grateful that I can run, swim and walk. Your article really opened my eyes. I was putting unrealistic expectations on myself and I didn’t realise. I’ve never spoken about menopause to anyone. It was great to be so assured that I’m normal!…

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keeping track

There is an abundance of health and fitness apps at our fingertips now, from recipe and workout apps to calorie counters, sleep monitors and guided meditations. Something relatively new on the scene is fertility trackers. As more and more women are looking for natural methods of contraception as opposed to synthetic hormones, fertility trackers are rising in popularity, and many other women are also using them for the opposite reason – to try to maximise their chances of getting pregnant. The idea is that by tracking bodily changes such as temperature, fluid observations, periods and sometimes physical symptoms like sleep, skin and pain, you will be able to avoid or achieve pregnancy by knowing when your body is at different stages of your cycle and when you are fertile. While many people swear…

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health now

LIGHT NEWS Do you take precautions against blue light but still struggle to get to sleep? It might be the brightness of our screens – not the colour – that interferes with sleep. By studying the effects of different wavelength lights on mice, researchers at the University of Manchester found that those exposed to bright yellow lights had more difficulty falling asleep, compared to mice exposed to dim blue lights. When examining the S cones in the retina, which forms our perception of colour, it was found that blue colours did not affect the body clock as significantly because the colour blue is more naturally associated with night time. This means that, contradictory to what we’ve been previously told, using dim, cooler lights in the evening may be more beneficial to…