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Good Health August 2018

Good Health - for people with a healthy attitude to life! Our aim is to make Good Health informative, up-to-date, relevant to women´s lives and entertaining. Every issue is packed with information - cutting edge medical advances, psychology, relationship, kids, food, beauty and much more. Above all, we want to empower our readers with a sense that they can do something POSITIVE to enjoy a long and healthy life.

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science of youth

Ask any beauty editor or dermatologist what their gold-standard anti-ageing secret is and the answer is kind of boring. Because its always the same: retinol. But there’s a reason for that. This magical little molecule is the gift that keeps on giving. Dark spots and discolouration? Fine lines and wrinkles? Dullness and sagginess? You name it, it helps it. How? Retinol (a form of Vitamin A) speeds up the skin’s cell renewal process to keep it looking younger. One of the latest standout stars to hit the market is Neutrogena’s Rapid Wrinkle Repair Regenerating Cream. It’s supercharged with a whopping 25 per cent more retinol than their Repair Night Moisturizer (the results of which we were already pretty happy with). The higher concentration of Accelerated Retinol SA (Sustained Action) and the…

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IN THE MOMENT It’s been a while since the slow movement sauntered onto the scene and encouraged us all to take things down a notch and while I can certainly see its merits, in all honesty, the only thing I’ve been slow at is applying it to my daily life. The weeks seem to whizz by until one morning you wake up horrified to find that it’s the middle of the year already! But if winter has anything to offer us (and I’m not fully convinced), then it’s the chance to hunker down and focus on the beauty in our daily rituals. This issue, writer Elli Jacobs explains why, when it comes to cooking, it’s all about the journey, not the destination (page 62). As well as the therapeutic benefits of getting…

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have your say

TRUE STRENGTH It was really inspirational to read about Kerri-Anne Kennerley. Staying positive in the face of tragedy is a sign of real inner strength, and I for one am not sure if I could do it if similar things happened to me. I do have some experience of having that jolt of realisation when something big puts things in perspective, and you realise that it’s so pointless to ‘sweat the small stuff.’ I also liked what she said about developing a positive mindset, and that while having a support network is great, we do live in our own minds, so mental strength is key. – Claire GET MOVING Thanks Good Health for the gym alternatives feature. For too long we have been told that fitness only means what you do on the…

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talking the talk

TIPS TO HELP YOU STAND UP AND SOUND CONFIDENT AS AN ORATOR Practise, practise, practise Rehearsing a speech or presentation before you give one is very important – winging it is not a recommended tactic. Practising multiple times will encourage you to relax, especially because you will start to feel confident about what you are saying, the words you are using and how you are presenting your speech. As you practise, you will start to ask yourself questions like: When is a good time to pause for effect? How is my vocal variety? Am I being engaging enough? All of these things will prepare you for the big day. Start with small groups Going from practising in front of the mirror to a large group of people can be too much for someone who…

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health now

NUT IT OUT Walnuts have a particularly positive effect on our gut microbiome say researchers from the University of Illinois. They assigned 18 healthy adults to a diet that included 42g of walnuts or none at all, for two, three-week periods. Among those who ate walnuts, they saw an increase in three types of bacteria, including Faecalibacterium, shown to reduce inflammation and increase insulin sensitivity in animals. Those who ate walnuts also showed a reduction in secondary bile acids which have been shown to be higher in those with an increased risk of colorectal cancer. The risk of developing dementia was lowered THINK AGAIN If you’re a bookworm or into board games, you could be doing your brain a world of good. A study, published in JAMA Psychiatry, followed 15,500 people from Hong Kong…

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steady as she goes

‘I GO TO BED, GET UP, TAKE A DEEP BREATH, AND THEN FACE THE DAY’ ‘From the minute I wake up I’m already thinking about when I’m going to get to sleep!’ Hilarious, warm, cheeky, and as straight talking as they come, Amanda Keller is the ultimate anti-diva. Despite decades at the top of her game as one of Australia’s most well-known media personalities, during which she’s conquered both the small screen and the notoriously cutthroat world of breakfast radio, the bubbly blonde remains decidedly unaffected. Add to this a loving husband and two healthy teenage sons, and the 56-year-old seemingly has it all. But the talented journalist is quick to affirm that her life hasn’t always been perfect. Amidst the highs, there have been epic lows, including health woes, childhood insecurities…