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Good Health January 2020

Good Health - for people with a healthy attitude to life! Our aim is to make Good Health informative, up-to-date, relevant to women´s lives and entertaining. Every issue is packed with information - cutting edge medical advances, psychology, relationship, kids, food, beauty and much more. Above all, we want to empower our readers with a sense that they can do something POSITIVE to enjoy a long and healthy life.

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exciting times

The start of a new year always brings fresh hope, excitement and the opportunity to change. This time around, we’re also beginning a brand new decade! The 1920s, dubbed the ‘roaring twenties’, was a time of massive social and political change as people shook off the horror and deprivation of the Great War, and celebrated peace and prosperity. Who knows what the 2020s will bring? The possibilities seem limitless and honestly it really doesn’t feel like 20 years since I partied like it was 1999! For many of us, we’ll be seeking out more time in nature and taking the chance to relax. In our hyperconnected world, taking a break is becoming more important for our health than ever. In this issue, we look at health retreats and what they offer. I…

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good health

EDITORIAL Editor-in-Chief Nicky Dewe Editor Amy Prebble Creative Director Louise Thomson Feature Writers Erin Fisher, Monique McKenzie Beauty Editor Tracy Davis Senior Designer Bobby Saunders Designers Archie Blohm, Robyn Te Whata Chief Sub Editor Michelle Joe Sub Editor/Writer Cassie Birrer Editorial Assistant Simone Momberg Contributors Penny Adams, Sophia Auld, Yasmin Boland, Lizzy Denning, Debbie Duncan, Pete Evans, Paul Ewart, Jennifer Garth, Eva Gisowska, Rachel Grunwell, Carolyn Haslett, Angie Humphreys, Elli Jacobs, Alana Landsberry, Christina Leon, Heidi Lindahl, Melanie McGrice, William Meppem, Chris Middleton, Jonquil Westwood Pinto, Matt Preston, Sarah Rodrigues, Mark Roper, Julie Russell, Renee Sayed, Carolyn Tate MARKETING Marketing Director Louise Cankett Senior Marketing Manager Jillian Hogan Senior Subscriptions Campaign Manager Ellie Xuereb Subscriptions Campaign Manager Celia Chua PRODUCTION Title Controller Marsha Mursid Distribution Ovato Retail Distribution Australia ADVERTISING Head of Brands Anna Mistilis Brand Manager Simone Creighton Brand Implementation Executive Rachael Potter SYNDICATION Sydney Email syndication@bauer-media.com.au BAUER MEDIA CEO Brendon Hill Editorial Director Sarah Henry Commercial Director…

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have your say

READ & RECHARGE I just wanted to say what a wonderful magazine you have produced. I discovered your magazine for the first time this week when I purchased it while on my way to a relaxing, much-needed weekend away by the river to recharge my body and mind. And wow, I was not disappointed – I couldn’t put your magazine down! It is such a refreshing magazine with wonderful, helpful articles for all. – Jodie Write in and WIN! The star letter featured in our February issue wins a stunning Linden Leaves pamper pack, worth more than $230. This wonderful prize includes a cream cleanser, regenerating night cream, facial moisturiser, toner and more! Using only the best natural ingredients and handmade with care, these products will nourish the skin and soothe the soul.…

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star letter

CROSS CHECKING I have been reading your amazing Good Health & Wellbeing magazine for years and the knowledge I’ve gained has been amazing. The October issue was one of the best. I have been an epileptic since birth and reading your Bone Health Handbook and the section on Mind Your Meds made me look up the medication I have taken on the computer. I found that three out of the four types of medication can take its toll on my bones. I have been aching for a long time but put it down to age and over-exercising, and your magazine has made me look into it to see if it could be related to osteoporosis. I recommend your magazine to every single woman, and have said this to my friends who…

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travel troubles

Expert advice and new what in ’s health and wellbeing There are two types of people. One can happily whip out a magazine, tablet or book on any form of moving transport – bus, train, ferry, you name it – and have no problem reading throughout the journey. The rest of us are made queasy at the mere thought of it. Summer is the season of holidays, festivals, family gatherings and road trips, which can often mean long and sometimes windy journeys that aren’t exactly ideal for finishing off last night’s chapter. So what can you do to boost you or your children’s chances of arriving at your destination without feeling too queasy? » Taking the driver’s seat of a car can provide a lot of relief from motion sickness; otherwise the second-best…

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health now

TEAR TESTER We re all familiar with blood tests and stool samples, but tear samples may be the next screening method to enter your doctor’s office, a new study from UNSW Sydney suggests. Tear-testing may be used in the future to screen for diabetic peripheral neuropathy, a condition that affects people with diabetes. The study is the first to show that peripheral nerve damage, which is often the earliest sign of the condition, can be traced in tear film. NEW BOOK Following his international bestseller Ketotarian, Dr Will Cole has released another book to help you discover the foods that your unique body thrives on and what doesn’t work for you. The Inflammation Spectrum (Hachette, $32.99) delves into why inflammation is at the core of many health issues. In his view, every bite…