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Good Health December 2017

Good Health - for people with a healthy attitude to life! Our aim is to make Good Health informative, up-to-date, relevant to women´s lives and entertaining. Every issue is packed with information - cutting edge medical advances, psychology, relationship, kids, food, beauty and much more. Above all, we want to empower our readers with a sense that they can do something POSITIVE to enjoy a long and healthy life.

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time out

Do you ever long for a little more simplicity in life, and worry that you’ve become too bogged down in things that don’t really matter? Maybe you feel trapped in a job you don’t love or simply wish you didn’t spend so long each day staring at a screen or lost down the rabbit hole of social media. Acknowledging these feelings is an important first step, for sure. But then what? How do we decide what is a worthwhile way to spend our days? To answer that question you need to take a little time to tune in to what truly matters to you. On page 104, our feature The Desire Map is designed to help you do just that. There are some key questions to ponder and some great advice…

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your say

IN THE NOW There it was, right at the back of the November issue – ‘Happiness NOW!’, with wise words and strategies to help us focus on what is really important in life. All too often we rush about and miss out on the gems that bring real contentment. Happiness doesn’t come from ‘things’ but from the small moments we fail to notice because we’re too busy chasing more ‘things’. I was also delighted to read how Jessica Rowe makes mindfulness work for her, and your article on being a mindful eater. When it comes to finding happiness, it’s a powerful tool to help clear away the mental clutter and focus on the ‘now’ for that is all we have: not next week, not the big holiday or anything else we…

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in pod we trust

» HEALTH NUT? TED Talks Health takes the TED Talk mantra of ‘ideas worth spreading’ and applies it to health. Every topic is covered by the best and the brightest in an entertaining, accessible way. DNA, mental illness, nanotechnology, disease, laughter… it’s all there! » NEED SOME ADVICE? Dear Sugar: Wild author Cheryl Strayed and advice columnist Steve Almond answer reader questions about life problems in their wonderful and wise ways. From anxiety and learning to say no, to navigating family or relationship issues, these two provide the sage advice you didn’t know you needed. Plus, they have amazing guest stars like Elizabeth Gilbert and Oprah! » CRAVING SOUL INSPIRATION? Oprah’s SuperSoul Sundays: You can always hear from the glorious O herself with her weekly podcasts where she sits down for some spiritual chats with…

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health now

SUNNIES SIDE UP If, like the Kardashian sisters, you’ve been following the latest sunglasses trend, then you’re probably wearing a very small 90s-inspired style on the bridge of your nose. They might look good, but according to Optometry Australia they don’t offer your eyes much protection from harmful UV rays. The best way to keep your eyes safe? Choose close-fitting sunglasses with a wide arm or a wrap-around style, along with a broad-brimmed hat. Testing TIMES With approximately one person diagnosed with cancer every four minutes in Australia, chances are you or someone close to you has been affected by the disease. For those with breast and/ or ovarian cancer, genetic testing is now available on the Medicare Benefits Schedule. If you have been considering having this test, speak to your doctor to…

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going au naturel

‘WE’RE PUTTING OURSELVES IN AN ANXIOUS SPACE BY RUNNING FROM ONE THING TO THE NEXT’ ‘The most surprising responses have been from fathers’ She’s well known for her stance on sugar, she’s spoken out about commercialism, and she can’t stand toxic cosmetics. But for author and wellness expert Sarah Wilson, it was her recent book on life with anxiety that led to her being identified with one of today’s biggest health issues. In First, We Make the Beast Beautiful, Sarah wasn’t afraid to get personal, opening up about grappling with her innermost thoughts, why we shouldn’t see anxiety as a disability, and why we should all feel okay talking about it. Since it hit the shelves this year, the response has been overwhelming. So why are so many of us identifying as having…

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sarah’s tips for surviving the holiday season

» Choose cheese If you’re at a party and the snack table is calling, head for the cheese platter, and avoid any foods covered in unidentifiable (and potentially sugar-laden) sauces. » Bring a plate When you’re planning holiday get-togethers, offer to take charge of the dessert. There are plenty of tricks to make things taste like the usual festive favourites, but with far less sugar. » Forgo the fizz Champagne is simply a huge dumping of sugar. Go for a dry spirit mixed with soda, a red wine, or beer. Also, watch your intake – at this time of the year it’s usually not ‘just one drink’, and even if it’s just one each night, it all adds up. » Load up on the good stuff As often as you can, try to densely load your meals…