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Good Health March 2018

Good Health - for people with a healthy attitude to life! Our aim is to make Good Health informative, up-to-date, relevant to women´s lives and entertaining. Every issue is packed with information - cutting edge medical advances, psychology, relationship, kids, food, beauty and much more. Above all, we want to empower our readers with a sense that they can do something POSITIVE to enjoy a long and healthy life.

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‘It’s not just about being smart, it’s about being nice too’ There’s a lot of talk about self-care these days (just search the hashtag), and how it’s a trend we should be embracing. And given how much time we spend catering to the needs of everyone else in our lives, a bit of encouragement to address our own certainly doesn’t go astray! But this doesn t mean that we should be trying curb our caring ways. Neuroscience tells us that not only are we hard-wired to want to connect with each other, helping people out has big benefits for our mental health too. In her article on empathy (page 102) Trudie McConnochie finds that when we’re able to take a walk in someone else’s shoes it’s not just good for them, it’s…

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RELEVANT AND INSPIRATIONAL I picked up your February issue at the supermarket, and I wanted to write in to let you know how inspired I felt after reading it. I have been going through a rough time lately with a divorce, a family bereavement, and a range of other life challenges. The articles about how to be more in tune with gut feelings, and how to navigate change, were so relevant and really resonated with me. I decided to follow the suggestions in one of the articles, and have been reflecting on my core values, beliefs and goals. I think it has really impacted positively on my outlook for this new phase of my life, and I’ll be sharing the magazine with a friend who also needs a boost. Thanks for…

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how to handle confrontation

‘If you avoid conflict to keep the peace, you start a war inside yourself’ YOUR TOOL KIT You can’t change what you don’t confront We’ve all been there – allowed problems to be swept under the rug in order not to ruffle any feathers. It’s been said that a fear of confrontation is at the root of many people’s distress. Engaging in healthy confrontation challenges the status quo, which is essential to thrive both in our lives and work so we can advance, succeed and grow. According to the 2015 Harvard Business Review, the most confrontational nationalities are Russia, France, Spain, Italy, and Israel, and the least confrontational nationalities are the UK, Sweden, Korea, and Japan. By getting to know what triggers your anger, and not getting sucked into unnecessary arguments, you’re taking…

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health now

PERSONALITY PREFERENCE You likely have your favourite way to exercise, whether that’s hitting the gym or walking in nature. But it turns out your personality has a lot of influence on the type of workout you favour. Research from the British Psychological Society found extroverts were more likely to favour the gym while those who were creative-minded were more suited to outdoor activities like cycling or running. People who valued objective logic over feelings were also more likely to stick to an exercise plan. STAYING STRONG Older adults can reduce their risk of becoming frail by following the Mediterranean diet. British researchers analysed almost 5800 adults from four countries and found that participants who closely followed the diet were half as likely to become frail compared to those who followed it the least. Shedding…

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rise and shine

We’ve been waking up to her wide-eyed grin and witty banter for the best part of a decade. Whether as Sunrise’s roving, go-getting weather presenter, or in her current role as in-studio presenter, there’s no denying that Channel 7’s ‘brekky central’ just wouldn’t be the same without Edwina ‘Eddy’ Bartholomew. Of course, looking from the outside in she has an enviable gig: daily professional hair and makeup, star-studded red carpet events and an entire wardrobe department at her disposal. Because TV is all glamour… right? Well, try telling her that when her alarm goes off at 3.30 every weekday morning. While the rest of the nation is tucked up in bed, she’s beginning a day of unsocial hours and a high pressure, ever-changing schedule. And as a consequence of this, Edwina…

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edwina’s favourite things

BEAUTY PRODUCT La Prairie Skin Caviar Cream. “It’s an indulgence, but it’s like sticking your face in a vat of moisture.” BAND Buena Vista Social Club PERFUME Jo Malone Peony. “Neil bought this for me a few years ago and I’ve just stuck with it. Hopefully it reminds him of me!” TV SHOW The Crown – “Sunrise aside, this is my favourite show, but I love any period drama.” HOLIDAY SPOT The Kimberley, WA “It’s so beautiful – you feel like you’re in the middle of nowhere. Yes, it’s expensive, but it’s a place that every Australian should try to get to. It’s truly extraordinary.” PHOTOGRAPHY YIANNI ASPRADAKIS AND SUPPLIED STYLING JULIE RUSSELL HAIR AND MAKEUP CRAIG BEAGLEHOLE EDWINA WEARS PAGE 19 TOP WITCHERY PANTS CARLA ZAMPATTI EARRINGS SEED HERITAGE PAGE 20 DRESS SHEIKE EARRINGS SEED HERITAGE SHOES SAMBAG…