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September 2019

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from the editor: let’s get real

In her very candid interview with us, the inspiring Kate Upton shared that she has been shamed for her curvy shape, and it took time for her to get to a healthy mind-set regarding her body. I know what you’re thinking: If Kate Upton isn’t always 100 percent body-confident, what hope is there for the rest of us?! But that’s exactly the point. No one is immune to feelings of insecurity, to the unkind words of others (and ourselves), to the pressure in our society to conform to a single standard of “beauty”—being thin. Admittedly, magazines have long been criticized for promoting this unrealistic ideal. Even this magazine, not too long ago, put a big emphasis on stories about weight loss. Have you noticed how we’ve changed? Being truly healthy is…

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EDITOR IN CHIEF Amy Conway Executive Editor BETHANY HEITMAN — “…I treat my body with compassion. If a workout doesn’t go well, I congratulate myself on getting it in. Focusing on the positive, or at least staying neutral, keeps me in a strong headspace.” Creative Director MICHAEL MCCORMICK Editorial General Manager MEESHA DIAZ HADDAD EDITORIAL Beauty Director HEATHER MUIR MAFFEI — “…my body helps me conquer a physical challenge (big or small!)—hiking to the top of a mountain; toning up for my wedding; and, most recently, watching my baby bump grow.” Features Director CATHERINE DIBENEDETTO Food Director JENNA HELWIG Senior Fitness Editor ROZALYNN S. FRAZIER Copy Chief TONI RUMORE Beauty Editor LISA DESANTIS Assistant Beauty Editor ANNEKE KNOT Contributing Copy Editor BETSY STURGES Contributing Research Editors SABRINA MCFARLAND, MAGGIE PUNIEWSKA Editorial Assistant HANNAH HARPER ART + PHOTO Photo Director DAVID COOPER Contributing Art Director BAREE FEHRENBACH Deputy Managing…

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the share

Walk This Way According to a new study out of the National Institute for Health Research, people who report that they have a slower walking pace have a lower life expectancy than fast walkers. The research used data from nearly half a million people within the U.K. and found that those with a habitually fast walking pace have a longer life expectancy across all levels of weight— from underweight to morbidly obese. On the flip side, underweight individuals with a slow walking pace had a lower life expectancy. THIS JUST IN A Fresh Take on Quelling Anxiety You likely know just how important gut health is. But did you know it may also be tied to anxiety? A new review of studies published in General Psychiatry found that people who experience anxiety symptoms may…

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5 tricks top stylists want you to know

TRICK 1 Mix Things Up “If you’re creating a certain style regularly—like wearing a tight ponytail or using a straightener—it can stress out your tresses. So I advise my clients to put their normal routine on the back burner at least one day a week.”—ANDREW FITZSIMONS, CELEBRITY HAIRSTYLIST IN L.A. WHOSE CLIENTS INCLUDE KIM KARDASHIAN WEST AND SHAY MITCHELL Style Savers TRICK 2 Go Easy on Wet Strands “It may sound silly, but I give my clients a demo on how to brush wet hair, which becomes elastic and can actually stretch up to two times its length. The more damaged your hair is, the more stretchy it becomes, making it prone to breakage. So if you’re harsh with your hair after showering, it’s likely to snap.”—JUSTINE MARJAN, CELEBRITY HAIRSTYLIST IN L.A. WHO WORKS WITH OLIVIA…

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ingredient spotlight: retinol

What Is It? Retinol is a derivative of vitamin A, which is naturally found in beta-carotene-rich foods like carrots and tomatoes, and is essential to healthy vision and immunity. It’s part of a group of skin-care ingredients called retinoids, which speed up cell turnover and increase collagen production—two things that help give your skin a younger look and feel. Other ingredients like retinyl palmitate, retinaldehyde, and adapalene are also retinoids, explains Lily Talakoub, MD, a dermatologist in McLean, Virginia. Both over-the-counter and prescription retinoids are available. In general, your local beauty retailer will offer the kinds that are on the gentler side while your doctor will provide you with more potent formulas that often work faster but can be more aggressive. What Does It Do? Collagen is responsible for your skin’s plumpness. As…

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find your running sole mate

Know Before You Shop Don’t let endless options overwhelm you. A little info goes a long way toward helping you choose a pair that will feel good, mile after mile. BEST SNEAKER GUIDE 2019 For years, the thinking was that you should select a shoe based on your foot movement. Neutral? Go for neutral runners. Overpronator (feet roll inward)? Look for stability or motion control. Supinator (feet roll outward)? Seek cushion. But new thinking is that you shouldn’t lock yourself into these boxes—it really just comes down to comfort. Pair that notion with the tips below to find what works best for you. Go to an Actual Store Online shopping is easy, but when you need a shoe that truly performs, hit a specialty running store. This way, “a trained employee can ensure the shoes…