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readers voted! BLUE WINS BIG We did an poll about your favorite front door color and three shades of blue ruled. Sapphire came in at no. 1, followed by teal and sky blue. We get it, we get it! Blue is seriously versatile: It can be dramatic, energetic, or chill, and pretty much pairs with any hue.…

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10 reasons i love my job

1 It’s the biggest compliment when readers tell me the mag makes them feel inspired, energized, and just plain happy. And they adore all the bright colors. 2 I will forever know my petunias from my pansies. Curb Appeal features have been the best teacher. 3 Photo shoots! When you spend a day taking pictures of people in their home, they become your BFFs. It’s a bonding experience like no other. 4 The endless array of throw pillows—my fave mini makeover. You bet I shop these pages! 5 Meeting every kind of expert. From architects to plumbers, I’ve interviewed ’em all. I even did a Q&A with a paintbrush for a story. 6 LOLs with HGTV stars. They’re seriously smart, giving great advice to our millions of readers. They also ham it up—me too! I’ve…

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COVER Photograph by David Tsay. Styled by Catherine Dash.. GLASSES, PAPER DECORATIONS: PHILIP FRIEDMAN/STUDIO D…

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10 things to ask yourself before buying a fridge

IN PARTNERSHIP WITH 1 What do you not love about your current fridge? Make a list of stuff big and small that isn’t working for you—it’ll help narrow down your search by highlighting features you need. Maybe you wish that larger condiments and jugs of milk fit in the compartments on the fridge doors. Or perhaps you’re never able to find anything in your black hole of a freezer. Get your family’s input too. 2 Are you always tight on space? If so, look for a fridge with flexible shelving you can shift to fit your storage needs, like the adjustable FlexBar by Bosch. Snap a few photos of the inside of your current fridge and bring it with you when you shop to visualize your storage needs. 3 Is your freezer preference frozen in…

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happy 10 th birthday, hgtv magazine

I’m hooked on Front Door of the Month. You have a knack for picking the perfect green, the perfect blue, the perfect every shade, without fail. Another year older, another year wow-er!—Tiffany Brooks, $50K Three WaysFiguring out how to use color in a home can be overwhelming, but you make it easy. Raising a glass to your colorful past and future.—Grace Mitchell, Ty BreakerCarry on with the awesome work, especially anything with the beautiful woman on 100 Day Dream Home. You know, my wife.—Brian Kleinschmidt, 100 Day Dream HomeLounging on my sofa with the latest issue is the best! The High/Low List thrills me every time—spotting the subtle differences in a table or sofa that may be hundreds of dollars apart is a fun challenge. Happiest of birthdays to a…

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