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come on in! front door of the month


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8 things i can’t stop talking about this month

1 These tapers don’t even need a holder—never seen anything like ’em! We’ve got a bunch more candles that’ll spark your interest. PAGE 18 2 Cook, bake, and look great. A polka-dot apron elevates Thanksgiving prep. PAGE 89 3 Pairing patterned pillows is one of my favorite hobbies. Bring in a fluffy dog and…beyond. PAGE 83 4 I have a whole new perspective on styling shelves. Wait till you see how this little bugle steals the scene. PAGE 32 5 Trendy but also totally timeless: hexagon tiles, in black-and-white stripes, no less. PAGE 64 6 Colorful wine glasses make me want to mix things up on a holiday table—such simple pops. PAGE 96 7 Windows that match the front door give a porch sweet symmetry. PAGE 76 8 I’m seeing chunky furniture everywhere! This wood coffee table…

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a legacy of design in every stitch

Designer Spotlight The nationally acclaimed designer shares how to make the most of your bedroom. What are the elements of a perfect sleep sanctuary? The proper color palette is essential. It’s important to know whether visual movement inhibits you from calming down. If so, stick to the monochromatic and avoid pattern play on pillows, wall coverings, and rugs. Tips for finding the best bedding? I help my clients create their dream beds through a series of discussions, and ultimately, it comes down to taste and budget. Choose brands committed to quality and timeless design, and you’ll never go wrong. What are some easy ways to refresh a bedroom? For a quick update, switch out the table lamps on your nightstands, or hang a fantastic mural or wallpaper behind the bed to serve as an accent wall. How can…

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how to choose the perfect mattress

MAKE IT PERSONAL Scale the size to your space and match the firmness to your sleep style. Map out your bedroom to determine whether a king or a queen would be the best fit. If you sleep with a partner (or pets!), it may be worth sizing up. Find the right feel—Firm, Plush, or Ultra Plush—based on your usual sleep position. THINK LONG TERM A high-quality mattress should last up to 10 years, so invest in comfort, durability, and support. Research how it’s made—the materials used for the interior and the exterior can have a major impact on comfort and durability over time. TRUST THE LEGACY Seek out a brand with a proven track record. Stearns & Foster mattresses are crafted by hand, not massproduced. So much care is put into them that each mattress…

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candle faqs

Q: Why do candles smoke? A: Think of the wick as a bridge between the flame and the wax. When it’s long, it’s harder to draw wax up, which means the flame burns the string instead and you get (harmless) black smoke. Q: OK, so how short should I snip? A: Using a clean pair of scissors or a wick trimmer for chic points, cut the string so it’s about ¼ inch above the wax. Q: Is it always necessary to display a pair of tapers? A: Nope! While a duo on a dining table is a forever classic, we also love a mantel lineup of various lights. Stagger heights, alternate textures, and mix colors and finishes for the perfect unfussy look. Q: How do I get my candle to stay put in the holder? A: Hold…

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mini updates with major impact

bring in vintage pieces They boost character in any room. “I once saw a salvaged fireplace mantel mounted onto a wall,” says Carmeon. “It was a great focal point!” Little touches—a ceramic bowl from a flea market full of fruit or an antique vase on a bathroom shelf—do the trick too (without heavy lifting). switch out light fixtures A different pendant over your dining room table is a budget-friendly refresher; choose a whole other style, shape, or material. If you’re renting your place, says Carmeon, “hold on to the old fixtures so you can put them back when you leave and happily take yours with you.” put plants in unexpected places “I like to elevate plants by placing them high on shelves or suspending them from the ceiling,” says Carmeon. Equally interesting: planters dangling from…