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November 2020

The House Beautiful reader is someone whose home is her bedrock. She is always improving it because the process – and result – delights her. Happiness in her home comes from easy luxury and highly personal style. Her home is a gift to share with family and friends.

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4 steps to a decluttered kitchen

Whether you value a minimalist, slick cooking space or lean more into a cozy, more-is-more, shabby-chic beach house vibe, kitchen clutter is a no-no. Endless jars of spices, leaning towers of dishes, sinks crammed with all manner of brushes, sponges, and cloths—it’s gotta go. Here are four steps that’ll keep things streamlined, with help from Scotch-Brite™ Brand’s hardworking, multipurpose cleaning tools. 1 Go Vertical Open shelving is having a moment, but no one wants to stare at a precarious tower of dishware. Slotted organizers, which hold everything from your prized ceramics to baking sheets, can help you prioritize the pieces you use the most and keep them close at hand. 2 Everything but the Kitchen Sink Rid yourself of the various bottles and single-purpose scrubbers perched along your sink’s rim. Scotch-Brite™ Advanced Soap Control…

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build a better bedroom

The Rest Is Easy Follow these simple principles to prep your room for maximum zzz’s. 1. Invest in a Quality Mattress When it comes to getting a good night’s sleep, “the mattress is the most important element,” says Kraiem. “My key recommendation is to source one from a company with a good, long-lasting reputation, like Stearns & Foster.” 2. Layer Your Lighting Kraiem favors a mix, from table lamps and reading sconces to recessed lights and chandeliers. Try bulbs with lower wattages and dimmers to control the mood. To block outside light, Kraiem suggests lightweight curtains or Roman shades with blackout lining. 3. Pick a Peaceful Palette A bedroom’s color scheme can affect your mood and routine. Kraiem tends toward soothing hues, like shades of blue, ivory, mauve, and gray, with light bedding to…

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up in the air

IN PARTNERSHIP WITH BOOMER SUITE When Grammy and Poppy (or boomerang kids) visit, roll out the red carpet. Trane lets you provide a personalized experience, from its smart thermostats to its Envirowise humidifiers, so guests can control their own heating and cooling experience just as they would at a five-star resort. Warning: Your in-laws may never leave. ARTISAN KITCHEN Burn the buckwheat pancakes again? Trane’s CleanEffects Air Cleaner filters out smoke and bad scents from the air, while HVAC zoning keeps the cooking space cool (even when your oven is hot, hot, hot). Plus, Trane’s Envirowise humidifiers maintain a healthy humidity zone of 30 to 60 percent for the best possible air quality. THE HUB TV watching is way cozier with the Trane smart thermostat, which allows you to warm up from your perch on the…

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all hands on deck

BEING A DESIGNER and having a builder as a husband, we can adapt things,” says Sarah Rogers. Her own Nashville kitchen was an example of such adaptation. “Working in design for so long, we have gotten to experience all these different things for clients and then bring in the perfect culmination,” says her boss, April Tomlin. In a true collaboration, it was Tomlin who had the lightbulb when Rogers asked her opinion of the vision—an all-white space with a wood ceiling. “I said, ‘Why don’t you wrap this whole wall in wood?’” Tomlin recalls. “Do something different!” The update set a tone for the entire space. “I have a very clean, California style, but I wanted to add warmth without it being old-fashioned looking,” Rogers says. The result, they agree, is an…

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a well-designed recipe

IN PARTNERSHIP WITH NOTHING WOWS YOUR GUESTS LIKE AN incredible kitchen packed with the newest appliances, stunning marble counters, and cool design touches. But at the end of the day, the room is the heart of your home and has to fit your unique style. That’s why we love the latest offerings from Signature Kitchen Suite (SKS), which make planning your perfect kitchen a breeze. Whether you’re craving something sleek and modern, timelessly traditional, or ultra-glamorous and Instagram-ready, creating an amazing cooking space is just a matter of picking top-notch ingredients, mixing them like a master, and then enjoying the delectable outcome. Make It Yours: Like a classic tuxedo, the black and white color scheme in this kitchen by Texas-based designer Suzanne Felber has megawatt charm, especially paired with gold accessories and…

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western exposure

WHEN BROOKLYNITES talk about “getting a place in the country,” they usually mean a weekend house in the Hudson Valley, the Catskills, or maybe, if they’re pushing it, Connecticut. But when Stephanie Housley and her husband, tech executive Chris Lacinak, decided to decamp from their Williamsburg apartment in favor of a quieter lifestyle, they set their sights on somewhere significantly more remote—as in, two-hours-from-the-nearest-convenience-store, no-Amazon-Prime-available, snowshoe-to-town-for-supplies remote. “We were both aching for more access to open spaces, fresh air, and wildlife,” says Housley, who owns decor-and-textile brand Coral & Tusk. She and Lacinak considered buying a house in one of the usual spots near the city but couldn’t help but imagine themselves out west—in Wyoming, specifically. Housley had always loved it there (“my parents took me to Grand Teton and Yellowstone…