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House & Home June 2017 – The Money Issue + Bathrooms

Each issue, you'll tour beautiful homes, discover exciting new stores and products and be inspired by decorating advice from design authority Lynda Reeves and a host of talented designers and stylists. Get House & Home digital magazine subscription today for DIY projects, recipes and tips on entertaining, and meet the hottest designers making news.

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CELEBRITY STYLE Gwyneth’s Tribeca penthouse has a romantic, breezy vibe. CLASSIC RECIPES Get grilling this summer with our best barbecue recipes, including H&H food editor Kristen Eppich’s Chai Tea–Smoked Flank Steak. DIY ARCHIVES This fun alphabet poster by Chalk Paint™ creator Annie Sloan is perfect for a kid’s room. NEW H&H TV EPISODES Erika Floysvik’s Toronto loft has a modern aesthetic that showcases her colourful art collection. DECORATING & DESIGN Get cottage decorating ideas from our best home tours, including country homes, lakeside retreats and more. Photography courtesy of Compass (Gwyneth’s home)/@gwynethpaltrow via Instagram (Gwyneth’s portrait)/by Stacey Brandford (Kristen’s portrait)/Ryan Szulc (steak)/Valerie Wilcox (Erika Floysvik loft)/Christopher Drake, Cico Books (DIY)/Donna Griffith (cottage)…

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money talk

I was raised never to discuss money. I don’t remember my parents telling me why, or that I shouldn’t; it just wasn’t done. That lesson stayed with me into my twenties. When a friend asked what my sofa cost, I’d lie and say I couldn’t remember. If another friend said she bought cute new shoes for “just 25 bucks — can you believe it?” I’d blush, fake a knowing expression and change the subject. Money talk felt like bragging — no matter if it was about spending saving — and that made me uncomfortable. I got over it once I started building my career and collecting paycheques. Finally, I understood the pride of saving up for something special or discovering a deal so sweet I wanted to shout it from the…

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MAXIME DESBIENS Photographer, “We Went All In to Renovate a Century Home” (page 70) Smart idea for budget decorating? I frame and hang my own images, especially ones I take on my travels. They remind me of the memories I’ve made. Best investment? My multijet shower. It’s so relaxing, and it feels like you’re being massaged. Greatest budget find? My espresso machine, because it makes the perfect café latte. I have no need to go to a coffee shop anymore! ALISON GARWOOD-JONES Writer, “We Totally Redesigned Our Cottage Without Renovating” (page 84) Smart idea for budget decorating? Furniture swaps with friends. They often evolve into clothing swaps. Best big-box find? My Home Depot glass-front bathroom cabinet. It houses family photos, bejewelled compacts and bright red Chanel lipsticks. Favourite vintage piece? A teak and…

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your letters

The quality of your magazine is excellent. The layouts, text and photography — even the thickness of the paper — add up to an excellent Canadian publication. I also really like that you include floor plans; this makes it so much easier to visualize things. Thanks for continuing to showcase beautiful, livable homes! — BARB O’BRIEN I wanted to say what a great idea it was to include the page from the Electrical Safety Authority in your April issue, reminding everyone that there’s more to a reno than looks. In a magazine like House & Home, with all its beautiful paint, furniture and accessories, it’s critical that we’re informed of important foundational matters that make our homes safe, too. — JACKIE KUEHL BY THE NUMBERS Lynda Reeves’ bathroom reno in the April issue (“Into the…

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style files

GOTTA HAVE IT In any colour, at any price, no matter the scale, stripes add summery cheer that never goes out of style. “ REAL LUXURY, TO ME, IS SURROUNDING YOURSELF WITH THE PEOPLE AND THINGS YOU LOVE, IN THE PLACE YOU WANT TO BE, AND NOTHING MORE” — Kate Schelter INSIDER TIPS FOREVER THINGS Kate Schelter is a professional hybrid of the coolest kind: artist, illustrator, creative director, stylist. With her justpublished book, Classic Style: Hand It Down, Dress It Up, Wear It Out, she adds author to the list. Illustrated in her coveted watercolours, it’s packed with advice about avoiding trends and whittling down your fashion and design styles to what really matters. In short, finding your classics. “With classics, you have to trust your instincts. I love deeply the objects that bring…

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style council

VINTAGE LANTERNS I snapped up two Moroccan ceiling fixtures at the Aberfoyle Antique Market near Guelph, Ont., for a total of $15. I spent another $250 having them rewired, but it was worth it! They add a touch of hipness to my traditional-leaning front hallway. SALE-PRICE CHAIRS I love the minimalist look of these dining chairs, which I scored on clearance at Elte Mkt for $115 each. The cost of multiple dining chairs can add up quickly, so I was thrilled to find four for an affordable price. REUSED KITCHEN CABINETS When I renovated my kitchen, I found solid maple cabinets in excellent condition at a Habitat for Humanity ReStore. The french doors and inset mullions were perfect for my 100-year-old house, but it was the $675 price tag that truly won me over. ESTATE PLANTERS Outdoor…