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iCreate is the creative magazine for Apple computer users. Made for Mac users by Mac users, it provides sumptuously designed, essential content for Apple aficionados and switchers alike. Featuring in-depth tutorials in iMovie, iPhoto and the rest of the iLife applications as well as iTunes and Mac OS X, it is the magazine no Apple addict can be without. If Apple made a magazine, it would be iCreate. Please note: Digital versions of the magazines do not include the covermount items or supplements that you would find on printed editions.

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icreate 233

What’s the oldest functioning piece of Apple tech that you still use? Until very recently, my only iPad was a fourth-generation model that could run nothing beyond iOS 10.3.3. It was knocked off a kitchen unit by a cat several years ago and, as a result, the screen was cracked, severely splintered around the edges and had bits of speaker and indeterminate circuitry exposed around the Home button. Crucially, many of the apps that I enjoyed on the iPad had since been updated well beyond my knackered old tablet’s capabilities, rendering it almost completely redundant. I was also guilty of hanging onto my blue iPhone 5C for too long (eventually ditching it when callers could no longer hear my voice), and relied on my fourth-gen iPod Classic for a good…

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meet the experts

David Crookes Our iOS expert will show you how to exploit more of the lesser-known features of iOS 15, including how to change the text size in apps and how to master SharePlay. Shaun McGill Our tech expert will show you how to get the most out of your new iPhone 13 with a roundup of all of the secret features and settings every iOS user needs to know about. George Cairns Our creative genius will show you how to edit Cinematic mode footage in iMovie, utilise auto-tracking in Final Cut Pro and take greater control over your camera with Halide Mk II.…

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Download available Tutorial project files All the assets you’ll need to get creative with our projects. Look out for the above icon to see if there are downloads available. Exclusive video tutorials Discover how to get more out of your devices with a selection of iOS and macOS video guides from MacMost. Loads of other cool stuff! Customise your Mac with stunning wallpapers, grab some royalty-free fonts and watch more how-to guides. Log in to www.filesilo.co.uk/icreate Register to get instant access to this pack of must-have creative resources, how-to videos and tutorial assets Free for digital readers too! Read on your tablet, download on your computer The home of great downloads – exclusive to your favourite magazines from Future Publishing Secure and safe online access, from anywhere Free access for every reader, print and digital Download only the files you want, when you want All…

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apple’s best apps & games of 2021

To finish off 2021, Apple has unveiled its App Store Award winners, recognising the best apps and games across all of its App Stores. These apps helped people tap into personal passions, discover creative outlets, connect with new people and experiences, and simply have fun. This year’s winners include developers from around the world whose apps and games were selected by Apple’s global App Store editorial team for delivering exceptional quality, innovative technology, creative design, and positive cultural impact. “The developers who won App Store Awards harnessed their own drive and vision to deliver the best apps and games of the year – sparking the creativity and passion of millions of users around the world,” said Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO. THE BEST GAMES OF 2021 iPhone Game of the Year: League of Legends:…

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5 things we learned this month

Apple news Prince William is Apple guest His Royal Highness Prince William can no be found as a guest on Apple’s Time to Walk. Prince William closes out the second season of the series wit special holiday episode. Time to Walk is an inspiring audio experience on Apple Watch for Fitness subscribers designed to encourage people to walk more often and reap the benefits from one of life’s healthiest activities. In his Time to Walk episode, Prince William talks about the importance of keeping mentally fit. He also reflects on lighthearted moment when he was draw out of his comfort zone, the value of listening as a way to empower others, and an experience that led him to prioritise mental health. Throughout the two seasons, featured guests on Time to Walk have included Dolly Parton,…

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master your new iphone 13

The iPhone is what it is, and for most that means it is a reliable companion that will help you get through your day, keep you entertained and help you capture special memories. It does so many things very well and it is easy to get into the habit of using what you need and not exploring further, but there are many hidden gems in the iPhone and iOS 15 that may make you look differently at the possibilities. Some of them are truly hidden behind layers in Settings and some will be useful for a small group of people, but many of the others can be used by anyone and simply need discovering to be of benefit to you over and over again. We will highlight some of the…