November/December 2020

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South Africa
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3 min.
festive flourish

QUIET CORNER Create a corner in your home where you can sit quietly and read or do what your heart desires. Here we simply threw a vintage tablecloth over the daybed and made cushion covers from floral fabrics to make it cosy and welcoming. Play with mirrors and chandeliers; they are like jewels for a house. And let the children build a cute book tree for that Christmas feeling - it costs nothing. Arrange old encyclopedias and books from big to small in a pyramid shape and finish off with a paper star, brightened up with a little gold leaf, right at the top. And in keeping with the book-tree and reading-corner theme, make personalised bookmarks as gifts or place cards for the Christmas table (see overleaf). CHRISTMAS TABLE Simple, but very beautiful. Create…

3 min.
the art of gifting

The decorations are up, the lights are twinkling and Christmas songs are blaring out from every speaker. Still out of breath from your long search for a parking space, you throw yourself into the crowds to look for presents. And paper. And don’t forget the gift tags! Sound familiar? Probably yes, but it doesn’t have to be like this. The art of successful gifting is all about the attention with which we listen to our friends’ and family’s needs, the quick notes we can refer to and the time and love we devote to getting it just exactly right. And if you have not been able to earn an income for months, thoughtful gifts that don’t necessarily cost money are a win-win situation for everyone. The first prize is if the family…

11 min.
treats to eat

CHOC-NUT BISCUITS Freshly baked biscuits are always a favourite and make a good gift, especially when they are jam-packed full of chocolate and nuts. Makes: about 50 Preparation time: 45 minutes, plus refrigeration time Baking time: 10-12 minutes Oven temperature: 175°C ♥ 1 x 80g slab dark chocolate♥ 1 x 80g slab white chocolate♥ 50g (125ml) mixed nuts, chopped♥ 225g (265ml) butter, at room temperature♥ 110g (130ml) white sugar♥ 60g (70ml) brown sugar♥ grated zest of one orange♥ 380g (700ml) cake flour♥ 1 large egg, lightly beaten♥ 85g (100ml) extra sugar, for rolling 1 Chop the chocolate into chunks. Mix with the nuts and set aside. 2 Beat the butter until creamy. Add the sugars and orange zest and beat well for 5 minutes. 3 Reduce the speed of the mixer to low and add the flour and a…

2 min.
forthelove of novels

HOW TO RAISE AN ELEPHANT BY ALEXANDER MCCALL SMITH (LITTLE, BROWN, R355) As the temperature rises in Gaborone, Precious Ramotswe, founder of the No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency, wonders if the heat is the reason business is particularly slow. When a cousin of hers comes to the agency with a plea for help, she and her associate Mma Makutsi proceed with confidence and open hearts. What, after all, could be more simple than a family matter? Meanwhile, their colleague Charlie is behaving oddly. In the end, Precious is reminded of the need to view a picture from every angle, to accept the imperfections in people and situations, and then find a solution - preferably over a slice of fruit cake. EIGHT DETECTIVES BY ALEX PAVESI (MICHAEL JOSEPH, R310) All murder mysteries follow a simple set…

1 min.
sew special

DIFFICULTY: medium TIME: 2-3 hours Use leftover scrap paper, photos, sketches, wax paper, images from magazines and even a few pages from a damaged book - all things you can find in your own home - and sew them together to create your own unique wrapping paper. Add twigs that have been spray painted gold, a vintage measuring tape, decorative pins and needles, ribbons and stitched designs to add even more of a personal touch. Play around with layering images under wax paper and sewing different patterns or pictures, but try to keep it all in one colour scheme so that you have a theme. NOTES Set your stitch tension a bit looser so you don’t damage the paper as you stitch. Your needle will be blunt after stitching paper, so replace it…

1 min.
wrap yourself serene

Set aside some special time to wrap your gifts undisturbed. Sit quietly, focus on your breathing and remind yourself why you are there - to wrap your loved ones’ gifts mindfully and to make up parcels that will bring them joy. Take the gift, wish the person health, happiness and love, and then wrap it with those thoughts in your head. Take your time with every fold and decoration. If you wish, you can also write your wishes for them on their gift tag. Make time for yourself - perhaps pour yourself a cup of tea - before you start with the next present. Make each gift special. When you are finished, tidy up and end your session with a relaxing bath and your favourite essential oils.…