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Interior features New Zealand interior architecture and design across workplace, corporate, retail, hospitality, education, public, and other interior commercial environments.

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If anything, this has been a year of great conversations and, as the end of the year excuses a certain amount of reminiscence, here are a few of the chats that have fuelled the last four magazines and made our job so enjoyable. ¶ There was that night in Dunedin’s Doon Bar talking about the influence – or lack – of the built environment on the city’s legendary music scene. It is hard to separate certain types of music from the cities in which they were born: Detroit’s techno, soul and its African American urban roots, the Vienna sound, etc. There’ve been moves to define a “hip hop architecture”; perhaps it is not so far-fetched to seek its Flying Nun equivalent. ¶ There was many a discussion of the importance…

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faces to names

HELEN FRANCES Writer HELEN IS A LONG-TIME CONTRIBUTOR TO INTERIOR AND IN THIS ISSUE, SHE EXAMINES THE NEW ZEALAND POST HOUSE PROJECT, P.50 WHERE ARE YOU RIGHT NOW, AND WHAT DO YOU HAVE PLANNED FOR THE DAY? I work from my home in Whanganui. Today’s plan: work (writing careers information), walk along the river and coffee with a friend. WHAT WAS THE STANDOUT FEATURE FOR YOU IN THE NEW ZEALAND POST FIT-OUT? The overall amalgam of elements – the balance of the industrial look with natural timber and bright splashes of colour; the variety of spaces and comfortable furnishings (moving around and communication is encouraged) – also the great views of the harbour and plenty of daylight. TELL US ABOUT YOUR OWN WORKSPACE… WHAT’S THE STANDOUT FEATURE THERE? My workspace has a lot of natural light, an adjustable…

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daniel lewis

“I was acutely aware that, being in London, I was amongst some of the best architecture firms in the world and that I wouldn’t be living there forever. I wanted to gain experience at a scale, budget and typology applicable in New Zealand.”Daniel Lewis FM: First of all, congratulations on your win. Where were you when you found out Burntwood had been selected for the Stirling Prize? DL: I was lucky enough to be in London at the ceremony – after I heard the first sound of ‘B’ for Burntwood, everything was a-buzz for at least a few minutes – certainly lots of whooping and hugs! FM: What was your role in the project? DL: I was the project architect, working with director Paul Monaghan and associate director Ben Gibson, leading the AHMM team.…

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2015 eat drink design awards

This issue celebrates the winning, highly commended and shortlisted projects in the 2015 Eat Drink Design Awards. We present Australasia's best designed restaurants, cafés, bars, temporary environments, retail spaces for food and drink and visual identities for all. Enjoy the following fourteen pages of awards coverage. For more, visit eat-drink-design.com. WINNER BEST BAR DESIGN Smalls DESIGNER — FIONA LYNCH OFFICE LOCATION — SOUTH MELBOURNE, VICTORIA JURY COMMENT Smalls by Fiona Lynch Office is a very welcome addition to the local bar scene. Rather than screaming its presence, it whispers in a husky Belgian accent of its European aesthetic roots. This is partly achieved through the colour and materials palette – moody, muted putties, flat blues and concrete greys offset by the occasional glimmer of glassware and brass – but also by the artisanal aspect of the installation. Handmade…

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I RECENTLY heard the story of a mother telling her young daughter that mobile phones had not been around when she was a child. The daughter replied incredulously: how did you google? Indeed, mobile phones are no longer just for calling people, and telecommunication companies are no longer dealing simply with calling plans and dollar-perminute deals. Telecom realised this and saw the need for a change from its more staid, traditional, corporate image to a youthful brand that comprehends the latest technology – hence the launch of Spark. Spaceworks was contracted to bring the new brand’s image into its stores. Christy Ormand, Head of Retail Design at Spaceworks, said the first step was to look at where the company was as Telecom and where it wanted to be as Spark. “The Telecom…

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spark queen street

A LARGER FLOOR AREA MEANT SPACEWORKS was able to incorporate a café into the design of the Queen Street store, which is Spark’s only street-side store. “Developing the coffee offer was a secondary brief in the design process. The café needed to have its own identity but to merge, to a degree, with the rest of the store. We have taken the steel framing elements from the joinery used in the store as a framework to create the café zone. Darker, moodier timbers and blacks are used to work in with the Flight Coffee brand,” says designer Christy Ormand. The concrete and timber ceiling in the Queen Street store differs from ceilings in Spark stores in the malls, which all have plasterboard. After removing the low grid and tile ceiling, the designers…