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Interior features New Zealand interior architecture and design across workplace, corporate, retail, hospitality, education, public, and other interior commercial environments.

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In a slightly lateral way, this issue of Interior concerns itself with projects and ideas that are towing the line between the old and the new. One of my favourite new interiors and one that best encapsulates this delightful tension is the newly erected Bishop Selwyn Chapel in Auckland’s Parnell (p. 22). The chapel, which sits within a larger and architecturally mixed compound, is an inspired, glass-clad space that almost poetically acknowledges its context. We also explore how facilities management (p. 72) and a factory in Hamilton (p. 44) are being changed by the pull of new technologies, and hear from an expert at Te Papa on an exciting new initiative aiming to disrupt exhibition design and how culture is communicated (p. 76). While putting this issue together, it was also refreshing…

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CHRIS MACMILLAN Motion graphics artist Chris works at motion and visual graphics firm Mulk. He was involved with this year’s Interior Awards. See pages 24 and 25. HOW MANY INTERIOR AWARDS EVENTS HAVE YOU WORKED ON AND HOW HAVE YOUR PIECES THERE CHANGED THROUGH THE YEARS? This year was our fifth Interior Awards. We started with some basic projection mapping in 2012, and since then the awards graphics have had to shift to fit strange surfaces and unconventional screens each time. WHAT WAS YOUR PROCESS TO THIS YEAR’S PROJECTION? This year was our second in St Matthewin-the-City, so there was naturally some pressure to change things up. Happily, the print art direction for the awards had a bright refresh this year, which inspired us to create some 3D animation that was colourful and fun. ANY HIGHLIGHTS FROM…

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inside fest

Inside Festival is considered one of the leading fixtures in the global interior design calendar. Co-located with the World Architecture Festival, the three-day series of conferences, events and exhibitions is scheduled to take place in Berlin, Germany, from 16–18 November. Inside also selects some of the top interiors in various categories, including: bars and restaurants, civic, culture and transport, creative reuse, display, health and education, hotels, offices, residential and retail. All nominees are expected to present their projects to an international jury during the festival to compete for one of the nine category awards. Open to all festival attendees, the presentations are followed by a live exchange between the designers and jurors. Some of the finalists include a stunning hotel in Sydney by Hassell, a delicate and sophisticated retail offering by…

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david jones

The former Kirkcaldie & Stains store in Wellington’s Lambton Quay is now home to New Zealand’s first-ever David Jones. Tennent Brown Architects were tasked with transforming the heritage building. “The interior of the original building was significantly altered in the 1980s, so our task was to remove the existing fit-out and start from scratch,” says lead architect Ewan Brown. “Works on the exterior heritage-façade were minor.” The existing staircase from the 1980s’ rebuild was removed and escalators introduced. “We infilled those floor areas and took the opportunity to create a larger atrium so there were more views from floor to floor and to create a more vertical connection throughout,” says Brown. One of the biggest challenges was coordinating the fit-out of the various brands housed within David Jones. Some brands designed…

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interior tour

In celebration of World Green Building Week and Architecture Week in September, The New Zealand Institute of Architects and the New Zealand Green Building Council are hosting a free tour of some of Auckland’s Green Star-rated buildings on 25 September. Join them for a stroll around buildings such as Fonterra headquarters, ASB North Wharf, and the newly opened ASB Waterfront Theatre for an insider look and to hear expert commentary about the sustainable features. For more information and to register, visit nzgbc.org.nz AUSTRALIS BUILDING Two heritage buildings are stitched into one. Two of Britomart’s well-known heritage buildings – Australis House and The Nathan Building – have recently been refurbished and combined into one: The Australis Nathan Building. Built in 1904 and 1903 respectively, the buildings were originally used as warehouses and shopfronts by Auckland…

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olivia smith

How did you come to work with textiles? I initially moved to Milan to learn Italian and cruise around Europe. I did that for a year and then I didn’t want to leave; so I found a university and studied textiles. I then spent a year being an intern for three different people. The first was with an American woman, who was doing block-printed textiles out of India. She was collaborating with a big Italian company that do sheets and bedlinen; they had this old museum set up and I went and did printing with them using these old blocks. Did that have a long-lasting influence? That opened my mind, I guess, to handmade and to what traditional textiles were being created out of India. While I was an intern I was also…