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Interior Interior Dec/Feb 2019

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Interior features New Zealand interior architecture and design across workplace, corporate, retail, hospitality, education, public, and other interior commercial environments.

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In this issue, there is a small, aerial photo of central Christchurch (p. 50) which shows the cathedral – the lower end of its cruciform ruptured and cordoned off – with the imposing, rectangular new central library to its left. The beauty of this image is not just that it captures the architectural difference and the spatial relationship between the buildings but that it also shows the flow of history and a sense of temporal tension between the two structures. The Gothic Revivalist cathedral is all symbol. Its crucifixion metaphor is capped by a massive plane tree above the cross’ head; is it a halo, a crown of thorns or an approximation of the text on the tablet that, according to the Gospels, read ‘I.N.R.I.’? This cathedral and library are separated, first, by…

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AARON PATERSON Writer WHAT DID YOU THINK ABOUT THE ROCKET LAB SPACE (P.58)? Two things I love are big sheds for making cool stuff in and science fiction. The combination here was heaven for me – I was enthralled. IS IT DIFFICULT GIVING BIG, OPEN SPACES LIKE THIS A PERSONALITY? Not if you fill it with 17m-high rockets! The open plan of mission control will come alive when it is full of people watching a launch. HAS YOUR FIRM WORKED ON A PROJECT SIMILAR TO DGSE’S ROCKET LAB? We recently designed a wedding venue in a warehouse full of wine. The key was to make the open space feel more intimate – in this instance, by designing a light canopy and curtain to surround a dining table. It was very industrial chic. ADAM MØRK Photographer Adam trained as an architect…

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2019 interior awards jury

Richard Harris Richard is an architect and an idiosyncratic collector of books, art, chairs and old ceramic tiles inspired by Islam. He is passionate about design, watercolours and land yachting. Following a career leading one of New Zealand’s major design practices, he recently established Richard Harris Architect to provide clients with individual design and advisory services. In addition to his day job, Richard has held several leadership roles across the wider design sector. He is a Distinguished Fellow of the New Zealand Institute of Architects. Deidre Brown Deidre is a professor and the Head of the School of Architecture and Planning at the University of Auckland, where she has worked for the last 15 years, teaching New Zealand, Oceanic and Indigenous architecture and studio design. She believes that the stories, ecologies and topography…

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the room

Located in the heart of Vinh, a city in North Vietnam, Nocenco Café by Vo Trong Nghia Architects is the result of a quest to create something new and iconic in a town populated by post-war, colonial-style buildings. Without changing the envelope of the existing seven-storeyed-building, the architects used bamboo, a lightweight, traditional material, to create a dynamic interior structure that has a sense of true authenticity relating to its location. The bamboo was able to be easily transported to the top floor and installed by a few workers without needing additional structural support. From within the enveloping structure, café patrons can enjoy extensive views across the rooftops towards the river and forests where the bamboo grows. The café was a short-listed finalist in the Creative Re-use category of the…

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melanie mcdaid

Amanda Harkness: What took you to London? Melanie McDaid: I studied architecture at the University of Auckland and then spent four years working here in Auckland with Scarlet Architects under Jane Aimer and Lindley Naismith. I worked on residential additions and alterations as well as commercial hospitality projects, like Soul Bar down at the viaduct. But I had always been drawn to London and my husband and I both wanted to head there for our careers. I was fortunate to walk straight into a job at PDP London, where I later became an associate. PDP is known for its integration of contemporary architecture within historic environments. Can you tell us about some of your projects? My first project was for the somewhat eccentric international fashion brand Opening Ceremony. It required permanent and pop-up…

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2018 eat drink design awards

A restaurant in Melbourne inspired by temporary scaffolding, a tiny caravan for crêpes and a luxury winery hotel in a quaint country town – these are among the projects that were vying for the 2018 Eat Drink Design Awards. In this special issue, we celebrate this year’s winners, commendations and short-listed projects – an impressive collection of Australia’s best-designed bars, restaurants, cafés, retail spaces for food and drink, temporary environments, hotels and visual identities for all. Visit eat-drink-design.com for more.…