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Interior Interior Jun/Aug 2018

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Interior features New Zealand interior architecture and design across workplace, corporate, retail, hospitality, education, public, and other interior commercial environments.

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Many of you will be receiving this magazine, hot off the press at our annual Interior Awards ceremony. You’ll be, most likely, balancing a drink or, if lucky, a trophy in one hand and this issue in the other. There might be some anticipation as you thumb through the pages to find the project you designed, worked on, own, supplied product for or, simply, have an interest in. We hope you find our coverage of the Awards (on p. 55) enjoyable and, if your project didn’t go through to the final stages of the competition, please rest assured that the jury pursued a very thorough process in which some amazing interiors missed out by the smallest of margins. For this issue, we also had the chance to explore the very impressive…

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GRANT GIBSON Writer Grant is a UK-based design, craft and architecture writer whose work has appeared in The Observer, The Guardian and Frame. He has edited Crafts for the past 10 years. FOR THIS ISSUE, YOU VISITED TOM DIXON’S HEADQUARTERS IN LONDON. WHAT WAS THE MOST STRIKING THING ABOUT THAT SPACE FOR YOU? I guess it was the combination of his pieces set against the backdrop of the Victorian architecture. Dixon’s arrival is another sign of King’s Cross’ regeneration. WHAT WAS IT LIKE MEETING TOM DIXON? We’ve known each other for quite a long time but I’d never had the opportunity to stick a tape recorder under his nose. So, it was a bit of a joy actually. WHAT HAS BEEN KEEPING YOU BUSY LATELY? Right now, I’m about to leave the magazine I’ve edited for the past…

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corenet symposium

The theme of each annual CoreNet symposium is always topical and on point. In 2018, it was about ‘Creating experiences to get ahead’, looking at the ways in which successful companies create experiences for their customers and questioning how buildings can become experiences in themselves, which attract people and add value to a company. With a range of different speakers from New Zealand and around the globe, this year’s event was as poignant as ever, with the take-home message being around creative thinking, and being aware of and keeping ahead of corporate real estate trends. Stella Green of Be Confident Change Consulting has been on the other side of the microphone many times over the years, presenting at previous CoreNet events. This year, she was able to relax and take in…

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sensory delight

A brand-new Aēsop store has opened in Wellington’s historic Change House on Featherston Street. Designed by Rufus Knight, the store references the character and history of both the city and the art-deco building in which it is housed. Freestanding oiled-timber washstands with rounded edges, aged brass tops and lusciously curved Vola taps invite touch. One of these counters is graced with a pair of luminescent textured glass vases by German designer Fabio Vogel. Cabinetry with brass detailing snakes through the store, displaying the array of Aēsop products with their understated, medicinal style packaging. New timber parquet flooring has been given an aged look to fit with the history of the building, while the original windows were restored and fill the space with a soft abundance of natural light. Knight was influenced…

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greg farrell

Federico Monsalve: A lot of your experience has been in Asia but you studied here in New Zealand. Greg Farrell: Yes, I grew up here and started my design career here in commercial design. Since then, I have spent much of the past 28 years overseas, with the last 12 years in Asia. I also spent 12 years in Australia, and a bit of time here and in London, so it’s been a very global thing. And we have projects all over the world so I have the opportunity to be seeing what’s happening in different markets. What does your role entail? My primary focus is hotel, F&B and residential design based out of Hong Kong, with more time spent on design direction these days, as opposed to hands-on designing. It’s a little…

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a new learning environment caters to future needs

“Of all the projects an architect can be asked to design, none can be more interesting and challenging than a school.” The words of University of Sheffield Professor Emeritus of Architecture, Bryan Lawson, no doubt resonated with architects from Warren and Mahoney when they were tasked with designing the new Centennial Building for King’s School in Auckland. Located at the heart of the school’s campus on the corner of Remuera and Portland Roads, the $30-million project needed to fulfil multiple requirements but core to the brief was the importance of human relationships within a school environment, particularly those between students and teachers. On the face of it, the new 5000m facility provides large, light-filled classrooms, music studios and discussion areas, with wide, soundproofed corridors easing the transition of large throngs of students…