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editor’s message

Does Productivity = Happiness? Like a lot of people, I’ve always wanted to be a productivity juggernaut. I want to produce an enormous amount of work and then sit back and marvel at its stunning quality—all while knowing that I got it done in a flash. You’d think that this desire would motivate me to get clear and organized about what I need to do, but often it does just the opposite. The self-inflicted pressure to get more done usually creates more anxiety, which slows me down and affects the quality of my work. And I’m not alone. According to the American Institute of Stress, 46 percent of adult Americans identify a heavy workload as the main cause of stress in their lives. Another 20 percent cite family/work balance as their…

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meet our writers

Todd Bernhard Founder, No Tie Software todd@toddbernhard.com Articles pages 70, 78 Adam Harvey Director of Technology at GLAD WORKS adam@gladworks.com Article page 38 Phyllis Khare Social Media Strategist phylliskhare@gmail.com Article page 92 Jacqui Lane Tech Journalist jacqui.frye@gmail.com Articles pages 36, 42 Aisha Langford Public Health Professional aishalangford@gmail.com Article page 46 Siva Om Web Designer and Writer siva@iphonelife.com Article page 74 Dan Rasmus Strategist and Industry Analyst dwrasmus@danielwrasmus.com Articles pages 49, 52, 90 Rebecca Santiago Editor in Chief Emeritus, The Tufts Daily santiago.rk@gmail.com Article page 66 Mike wewreka Founder of TechHog.commike@techhog.com Article page 59 iPhone Life Staff David Averbach Publisher and CEO david@iphonelife.com Articles pages 22, 82 Nina Benjamin Associate Editor nina@iphonelife.com Article page 62 Alex Cequea Editor in Chief alex@iphonelife.com Articles pages 16, 25, 56, 82, 84, 86 Hal Goldstein Senior Editor, Founder hal@thaddeus.com Article page 96 Jim Karpen Online Editor/Columnist jim_karpen@iphonelife.com Article page 28 Write for iPhone Life iphonelife.com/share…

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istats, news, and other tidbits

THE NUMBERS 84% According to in-flight Wi-Fi provider Gogo, iOS devices account for roughly 8 4% of all in-flight web surfing traffic. Apple’s iPhone accounted for 73% of all traffic coming from smartphones. As far as how people connect while in the air, Gogo reported that 35% of users connect from tablets, 33% from laptops, and 3 2% from smartphones. Apple’s 84% in-flight share is down from a couple of years ago, when they dominated 96.8% of all in-flight web traffic. Android has had the biggest gain, going from a 3.2% share in 2011 to 16% in 2013. #1 Apple topped Fortune magazine’s Top 50 World’s Most Admired Companies list for the sixth year in a row, beating out Google and Amazon, who came in second and third place, respectively. 3,800 company directors and…

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tips & tricks

TIPS FOR BEGINEERS 1 Scroll Like a Master Scrolling may seem like a simple skill—but did you know there are three ways to scroll up and down web pages and documents? You can tap the very top of the screen for an ultra-fast zip to the top of the page, you can drag the page up or down, or you can flick it and let the natural momentum of the flick continue until you’ve reached your destination. If you want to stop the natural scroll, simply tap anywhere on the screen. 2 Using Dictation The convenience of dictating a quick note, text message, or email really brings home how indispensable our mobile tools are. There are two ways to dictate a message: One is to double-click the home button to bring up Siri, and…

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nicole labonde

Location: Miami, FL One-line bio: Nicole is a choreographer, dancer, Pilates instructor, and musical theatre teacher for the Miami Children’s Theater. Evernote: I use this regularly for audition notes; I love to incorporate photos and videos. Google Drive: This works well for spreadsheets and presentations. I also use it to store official documents and cast lists with cast members’ email addresses. Twitter: I use my Twitter account for promoting my work and maintaining professional connections. Ballet Lite: This is a great free dictionary of ballet terms. Squarespace: I use this app to update my blog, nicoleiabonde.com. I write about dance, theatre, arts education, and Pilates. Facebook: I moved to Miami six months ago, so Facebook is great for keeping in touch with in friends. Pages: I use Pages to type up and promote my events and classes at…

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a brand new day

It seems like every day, a new tech writer publishes an article predicting the inevitable downfall of Apple. While, for the most part, these articles are written because tech pundits love the sound of their own voices, and because any article written about Apple is guaranteed to get read, it is undeniable that Apple has lost a little bit of its swagger recently. In the last 6 months, Apple’s stock has gone from just over $700 a share to under $450 a share. Apple is still one of the most successful companies in the world, and is poised to remain that way for the foreseeable future, but it’s clear that Apple is struggling to maintain its amazing growth. I think that most of Apple’s struggles stem from branding problems. I know,…