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August/September 2021

Italia! is the award-winning magazine for everyone who has a passion for Italy. Each month, you¹ll find a wide variety of beautifully photographed and intelligently written articles to inspire and inform you. Covering every aspect of Italian life, from travel, holidays and property to food, wine and culture, we bring Italy closer to English-speaking readers across the world.

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A warm welcome to the new issue of Italia! magazine – I hope you’ve all been keeping well since we last met. There’s a distinctly summery theme to this issue, celebrating the season in true Italian style with evocative features and photography to transport you right to Italy’s shores. From hours of indulgent armchair travelling in the comfort of your own home to ideas and inspiration to help you plan future trips, you’ll find it all here in these pages. We begin in Calabria, a land of heat and fire, with a celebration of the region’s passion for chilli peppers, and with a detour to nearby volcano island Stromboli on the way. If you’re a bit of a thrill seeker or just longing for a getaway in the Italian great outdoors,…

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power of attorney

Q Given the travel restrictions at the moment, would you be able to clarify the current situation in Italian law regarding allowing someone in the country to act on your behalf? A With the current covid-related requirements on passengers entering Italy, most people decide to postpone property transactions and, generally, activities that require their presence in Italy. However, in cases where it is advisable not to postpone, you can appoint someone you trust or a professional in Italy to carry out urgent activities on your behalf. In some cases, a simple Letter of Authority (Delega) may be sufficient to enable someone you trust in Italy to liaise with local authorities. In some cases, however, a formal Power of Attorney signed “as a deed” before a Public Notary may be required. A Power…

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editor’s choice

From Garofalo www.pastagarofalo.com Price £2.50 for 125g Slice into this tender ball of pearly white cheese and you can immediately see how fresh and creamy the curds are. Wonderfully soft and delicate, this buffalo milk mozzarella has a thin, slightly firm rind and a moist, oozy centre. Milky and sweet, this cheese’s flavour and freshness takes you right back to Naples and fond foodie encounters with that local, truly authentic, red, green and white insalata caprese. Very mild in flavour, it tastes dairy-fresh, despite being transported all the way from Capua, north of Naples, to arrive on our supermarket shelves in plastic tubs. The premium quality is reflected in the price of course, but is well worth it in our opinion. Definitely not a mozzarella you should cook with – its delicate flavour…

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homes for retirement

It’s no surprise that many people from chilly northern European nations dream of retiring to Italy. We’ve all noticed what a great quality of life Italian senior citizens seem to enjoy. Far from having to stay shuttered away indoors out of the cold, unvisited and lonely, older people in Italy are visibly at the heart of community life. They’re out chatting with friends and neighbours, involved in all local activities and known to everyone in town. Respect for older people, and the inclusion of them in all aspects of community life, is a big part of Italian culture. Then there’s the Italian climate and cuisine, which could almost have been purposely designed to combat the typical ills of ageing. Warm, dry weather minimises rheumatic problems and allows an active, outdoor lifestyle…

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the real san marco

Of course we all know San Marco. This area of Venice has the best of the Grand Canal, the Rialto and Accademia Bridges, and Piazza San Marco itself. And it has the Mercerie, that long sequence of shopping streets that links the Rialto to the Basilica di San Marco. Over the centuries every tourist who fancied they could write stayed in this central district, or sestiere – and penned an opinion on it. Yet San Marco is also complex and labyrinthine. Like a metaphor for Venice itself, it is glamorous and instantly recognisable on the surface, and yet obscure and unknowable once you step beyond the obvious. FIRST ENCOUNTERS The way most of us first encounter Venice’s oldest sestiere is on the vaporetto, the water bus, down from Piazzale Roma or Ferrovia. It’s…

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can you feel the heat?

Of the colours of the Tricolore, red is the one that best sums up Calabria. Not through any political bent, but because of the glossy red of the peperoncino calabrese. Long, thin, sinuous – this chilli pepper is the dominant flavour of this sun-baked southern Italian region. It’s found everywhere, this so-called droga dei poveri (drug of the poor). In lean times – and these were quite frequent in Calabria’s long history – chilli peppers worked as an appetite suppressant when food was scarce. Nowadays, of course, they leave you wanting more, especially as the Calabrese also call peperoncini the Viagra dei poveri (tongue slightly in cheek). Go anywhere in Italy’s toe and you find peperoncini everywhere, even in gelato. Unlike other chillies, however, these peperoncini bring a delicious warmth rather…