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K-Zone September 2020

It’s jam-packed with fun including movie news, gaming goss, comics and stacks of puzzles, quizzes, activities and posters. Every issue is themed around something special, be it superheroes, videogames or even K-Zoner favourites like pranks and jokes.

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september what's on

GET INTO 5th Be Late For Something Day 6th Fight Procrastination Day 6th Read a Book Day 8th International Literacy Day 10th Swap Ideas Day 13th Positive Thinking Day 15th Make a Hat Day 16th Collect Rocks Day 19th International Talk Like A Pirate Day 21st World Gratitude Day 22nd Elephant Appreciation Day 22nd Hobbit Day SPORT 3rd Broncos vs Panthers in NRL 6th 2020 Italian Grand Prix 27th Warriors vs Sea Eagles in NRL HAPPY BIRTHDAY 1st Zendaya, AKA MJ 6th Asher Angel, AKA Billy Batson 10th K-Zoner Connor 15th Ben Schwartz, AKA Sonic 23rd Anthony Mackie, AKA Sam Wilson 25th Mark Hamill, AKA Luke Skywalker 26th Serena Williams 29th Zachary Levi, AKA Shazam SCHOOL 18th Last day of school in Qld and Vic 25th Last day of school in ACT, NSW, NT, SA, Tas and WA OH AND... 14th October issue of K-Zone out in Australia (October 5 in New Zealand) CONTINUE CREATING BEING EXTREMELY GOOD SOLVING MYSTERIES CREATING A RIP…

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SPEEDY STAR Name: Conor Heroic feat: He is a speedcuber, and holds the National Single and Average record for the Skewb event! FAST FIVE WITH CONOR K-Z: Hi Conor! Why did you start speedcubing? C: I got a Rubik’s Cube for Christmas in 2016 and I was immediately fascinated by the challenge of solving the world’s most difficult puzzle. I found a tutorial online and could solve the cube in a couple of months. Soon my times started dropping and I learned to solve other puzzles, like the 2x2 and 4x4 cubes. From there I just fell down the rabbit hole. K-Z: When did you start competing? C: My first competition was on December 8-9 in Altona. I competed in 3x3, 4x4, 7x7, 3x3 Blindfolded and 3x3 One-handed. I went with a friend and we both had…

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yo collecta!

HECTIC HOARDER OF THE MONTH Name: Brodi Collects: WWE merch Superstar fan: Brodi loves WWE and has been collecting WWE merch since 2018! His first item was a John Cena action figure, and his favourite item is his wrestling ring! Brodi’s favourite WWE Superstar is Daniel Bryan! THIS MONTH’S COOL COLLECTABLE GIFT! Get ready Brodi, because we’re sending a WWE Championship Scarf, Tech Pouch, UNO Card Game and Lunch Cooler to you, plus autographed photos of Xavier Woods, Shinsuke Nakamura and Carmella! Collect something cool? Consider yourself a mega fan? Tell us all about it at…

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news feed

GAMING NEWS An original sealed copy of Super Mario Bros. from 1985 holds the new record for highest selling videogame at an auction. The item sold for $162,000 at a Heritage Auctions’ Comics and Comic Art online event in July. The game was packaged in a box with a cardboard hang tab underneath the plastic, making it part of a limited production run and one of the first variants produced after Nintendo started using shrink-wrap to seal games. Wow! SPACE NEWS NASA, working with the University of Southern Queensland (USQ), has found a baby planet called ‘AU Mic b’! The planet is 32 light years from Earth, and was found orbiting the young star AU Microscopii (‘AU Mic’). AU Mic b orbits close to the star and is about 8% larger than Neptune,…

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you rate it!

NAME: Kaelin LOCATION: NZ WHAT DID YOU PLAY? Monopoly Voice Banking! HOW DOES IT COMPARE TO THE ORIGINAL GAME? It is electronically advanced and a lot quicker. It’s just as fun as the original! WHAT DID YOU LIKE? You don’t have to use any notes, Chance cards or Community Chest cards, which means no more devastating spills! WHAT WOULD YOU CHANGE? It sometimes doesn’t pick up on your voice, but that’s nothing compared to how easy it is! RATING: 4.5 OUT OF 5 TOP HATS YOU GET IT! As the You Rate It! star this month, Kaelin has scored the Rubik’s Battle Card Game! Images: Heritage Auctions/HA.com, iStock, NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center/Chris Smith (USRA)…

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deadly science

As the founder of DeadlyScience, Corey Tutt loves sharing cool science facts. He’s also the 2020 NSW Young Australian of the Year. Wow! DeadlyScience provides science books and equipment to remote schools in Australia. For more information, you can visit www.deadlyscience.icu! INTRODUCING THE SPIDER WASP The spider wasp (Pompilidae) actively hunts spiders and is the only known predator of redback spiders. The spider wasp injects unsuspecting spiders with a paralytic venom, leaving their prey defenceless. Using their super strength, the wasp carries the spider back to a hollow or nest. The wasp then lays eggs inside the spider’s brain, while the spider is still alive and motionless. Ewww! Once the eggs have hatched, the baby wasps devour the spider. Spider wasps are found all over mainland Australia and Tasmania. The insects come…