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K-Zone March 2020

It’s jam-packed with fun including movie news, gaming goss, comics and stacks of puzzles, quizzes, activities and posters. Every issue is themed around something special, be it superheroes, videogames or even K-Zoner favourites like pranks and jokes.

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GET INTO 2nd Old Stuff Day 3rd World Wildlife Day 3rd If Pets Had Thumbs Day 6th Dentist’s Day 9th Panic Day 10th Middle Name Pride Day 12th Plant a Flower Day 15th Everything You Think Is Wrong Day 16th Everything You Do Is Right Day 20th International Day of Happiness 21st International Day of Forests 29th Moonlight Cinema ends in Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney 30th Take A Walk In The Park Day SPORT 12th Eels vs Bulldogs in NRL 15th 2020 Australian Grand Prix 19th Richmond vs Carlton in AFL 27th Sydney vs Essendon in AFL 29th Titans vs Broncos in NRL HAPPY BIRTHDAY 1st Lupita Nyong’o, AKA Nakia in Black Panther 9th Oscar Isaac, AKA Poe in Star Wars 17th John Boyega, AKA Finn in Star Wars 31st K-Zoner Ted SCHOOL 2nd Public holiday in WA 9th Public holiday in ACT, SA and Vic OH AND... 9th April issue of K-Zone out in Australia (March 30…

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GREAT GAMER Name: Alec Heroic feat: His videogame, Super Ear to the Rescue, won the Screen It 2019 Junior Videogame category! FAST FIVE WITH ALEC K-Z: How did you find out about Screen It? A: I saw Screen It online and decided it would be fun to enter a competition. We were doing a unit called Exploration at school and had to try something new. I hadn’t entered a competition before but I had made a game. The theme was ‘Listen’ and I'd just learned that snakes have bad hearing. I decided to make a snake that was jealous of other creatures hearing, who tried to steal all the sounds. In the game, you are an ear that has to collect all the sounds without getting bitten by Jake the Snake, and save the world…

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Balin, NZ This is a level in Geometry Dash that took me three weeks to make. It is really long and has cool effects and music. Stefan, Qld I made this amazing bridge in Minecraft! It is a replica of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. It took me two days. Ethan, NSW I made this game called ‘Comet’ using Scratch. You dodge asteroids, collect coins and grab power ups! There are lots of skins and jetpacks as well as upgrades. Lexi, NSW This is my Periodic Table in Minecraft: Education Edition! It took an hour and a half because I labelled it all on the back! GET YOUR BUILD ON THIS PAGE! Congrats to this month’s ScreenSpace artists! You’ve scored a copy of Elastic Island Adventures: Port Mugaloo! We Want YOU! Have you made something AMAZING on your computer, console, tablet or…

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GAMING NEWS Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 will be released later this year! Previously known as Xbox Project Scarlett, the new Series X console will be four times as powerful as the Xbox One X. It will have a new controller and be able to play all Xbox game generations. No deets on PlayStation 5 from our spies – yet! TECH NEWS At the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in January, Toyota announced plans to build a futuristic city at the base of Mt Fuji in Japan! A place for researchers to live, test and develop technology, Woven City will be a connected ecosystem powered by hydrogen fuel cells. The buildings will mainly use wood and vehicles will be fully autonomous with zero-emissions. The city will start with 2000 people and…

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Meet Dr Rebecca Johnson, Chief Scientist of the Australian Museum, Director of the Australian Museum Research Institute, co-chief investigator of the Koala Genome Consortium, co-founder of the Oz Mammals Genome Initiative, and the new Chief Scientist at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History in Washington DC! K-Z: Hi Rebecca! Tell us about your job! R: I manage close to 100 people working in science as Director at the Australian Museum. As Chief Scientist, I’m expected to keep up with the current science. My research focus is wildlife forensics and conservation genetics. K-Z: What experience did you have before being Director and Chief Scientist? R: I studied science at the University of Sydney, and then did my PhD at La Trobe University in Melbourne. I studied Queensland fruit flies (a pest that damages fruit…

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POKÉMON SWORD AND SHIELD EXPANSION PASSES The Pokémon Sword Expansion Pass and Pokémon Shield Expansion Pass will bring new downloadable adventures this year. There's The Isle of Armor, which will be released by the end of June, and The Crown Tundra, which will be released between September and November. Both adventures have new characters, Pokémon and areas to explore in the Galar region. You can even meet a new rival trainer and add a Galarian Slowpoke to your team – just update your game and head to Wedgehurst Station. If you haven’t purchased an Expansion Pass, you will still be able to receive this update. Score! POKÉ-MORE Disappointed your fave Pokémon didn’t make the cut when Pokémon Sword and Shield were released? There’s still hope! Some familiar and new regional Pokémon, along with…