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K-Zone June 2020

It’s jam-packed with fun including movie news, gaming goss, comics and stacks of puzzles, quizzes, activities and posters. Every issue is themed around something special, be it superheroes, videogames or even K-Zoner favourites like pranks and jokes.

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GET INTO 1st Dare Day 3rd Repeat Day 3rd Repeat Day 4th Hug Your Cat Day 5th Hot Air Balloon Day 5th World Environment Day 8th World Oceans Day 8th Best Friend Day 15th Smile Power Day 18th International Panic Day 18th International Picnic Day 27th Sunglasses Day 30th Meteor Day HAPPY BIRTHDAY 1st Tom Holland, AKA Peter Parker/Spider-Man 2nd Anh Do 12th K-Zoner Ben 13th Chris Evans, AKA Captain America 21st Chris Pratt, AKA Peter Quill/Star-Lord SCHOOL 1st Public holiday in ACT and WA 8th Public holiday in ACT, NSW, NT, SA, Tas and Vic OH AND... 15th July issue of K-Zone out in Australia (July 13 in New Zealand) CONTINUE PRANKING READING NEW BOOKS SUNNY DAYS BAD LUCK FROWNING QUIT! Images: Getty, iStock, Walt Disney Pictures/Marvel Studios, Warner Bros. Pictures…

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AMAZING ARCHIE VEMENT Name: Matthew Heroic feat: He won the Young Archie 2019 competition in the 5-8 year olds category, and his portrait was displayed at the Art Gallery of New South Wales. FAST FOUR WITH MATTHEW KZ : Hey Matthew! How did you find out about the Young Archie competition? M: When I was five, I visited the Art Gallery of NSW with my parents and enjoyed the art, so I hoped my art could be displayed there one day. In 2016, I drew my mother and entered the competition. It received an honourable mention and was displayed at SH Ervin Gallery. In 2017, I drew myself. I was surprised it was selected as a finalist and my dream had come true. I decided to draw my father and entered the competition again in…

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Eoghan, WA I made a giant Pikachu in Minecraft. It took a whole month! Emma, Vic My castle fort took two days to build in Minecraft. It has two guard towers, a throne room, guest rooms, a master bedroom and a secret dungeon! Simon, SA This is my viking longship in Minecraft. I made it on a Norse Texture Pack to make it look more realistic. It took three hours to build. There is a lower deck with beds and other things, and a dragon head on the front. Declan, Vic This is my auto sugarcane farm in my Minecraft redstone world, which I’ve spent hours in designing contraptions.…

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ANIMAL NEWS Blue-tongue lizards are known for blue tongues, but this lizard has defied their own name! The female lizard with a pink tongue was found in January and is the result of a genetic mutation. The lizard’s albino colourings are also different from the darker tone of her species. Blue-tongue lizards use their tongue to startle predators, so the Australian Reptile Park took in the rare lizard! CREATIVE NEWS Rita Ebel is a 62-year-old LEGO legend, who has received global praise for building LEGO ramps for stores. By April, Rita had made 20 ramps for Hanau and other nearby towns in Germany! Nicknamed the ‘LEGO Grandma’, Rita has used a wheelchair for 25 years and wanted to raise awareness for the needs of wheelchair users. She spends up to three hours a…

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HEIST A quickfire co-op game where you and your friends work together to get that sweet cash money. There are five stages, ranging in difficulty level, with a bonus round for those who make it that far! Assemble a team of two to five experts and get ready to take on the heist of a lifetime! Choose between Money Man, Explosives Expert, Hacker, or Lookout. Your boss will shout instructions at you from the electronic safe. Listen closely; one false move will ruin your chances of taking home $50,000,000! Exchange tools with your squad and press buttons in time to stay in the game. FINAL VERDICT You will have no problem working through the first few stages, but after that, it gets tricky. Heist is best experienced with all four players. As you level…

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minions forever

MINION MUST HAVES Wanna channel your inner Minion? Here are the essentials... Wardrobe: Goggles, yellow shirt, denim overalls and black shoes. Accessories: Banana/s, and your gadget of choice – ours is a blaster! Personality: Cheeky, creative and mischievous. Must love pranks and bananas! Special skill: You have to stand out from the pack! Kevin plays golf, Phil enjoys housework and Stuart rocks the guitar – what’s your talent? GREATEST HITS Our fave Minions moments... Despicable Me: Ah yes, the movie that introduced Minions to the world. Watching them help Gru steal a shrink ray will always be a classic! Despicable Me 2: When Gru finds himself recruited by the Anti-Villain League, we meet purple Evil Minions, AKA the mutated Minions that were affected by the PX-41 mutagen! There was also a lot of eating in this movie, which is…