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December 2018

For mums who like style, pretty things and looking after themselves and their families. Kid Magazine is a place to discover all the latest and greatest products for the families, indulge in some me time and have a laugh along the way. Fashion, beauty, food and lifestyle finds, tips and hacks for mums.

Kid Magazine
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editor’s letter

Wow, can you believe that we are in 2019 already? This is a big year for us with my eldest starting big school. It feels like I blinked and the baby who I was just holding in my arms is now this grown up girl with opinions and ideas. So with a big change coming up for my family this year I have decided to move Kid Magazine to a quarterly publication schedule. You will still receive the same amount of quality content to help you in your mum life but it will now be condensed into four issues per year. On the subject of change and plans for the year ahead, this issue is packed with content to help you nail your goals for 2019 and create your best year yet.…

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interiors queen

Tell us a little bit about yourself I am a really busy Mum of three beautiful children and one extra lovely husband and two very cute dogs who also happens to run an Interior Decorating business in her spare time!! I love every bit of my day although my family and kids are my number one priority, so I work between the hours of 9 and 3 where I get to hear all the goss and important news from the day out of the kids! Whilst I’m anchored in the kid’s space, my expertise is regularly being applied to other living spaces where I work with clients to select soft furnishings and furniture, materials fixtures, fittings and floorplan layouts. Why do you love designing kid’s rooms? How is this different from adult…

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10 life admin tasks to tackle in january

1 SCHEDULE YOUR HEALTH APPOINTMENTS Whether you are due for a Pap Smear this year or have been putting off that dentist appointment, take some time in January to plan out what you can around your health for the year. by consumer guarantees. 2 CHECK SUBSCRIPTIONS AND MEMBERSHIPS Those cheeky little subscriptions and memberships can add up, especially for things like apps. Check your PayPal account for any recurring payments and cancel what you no longer need. You can also check payments and subscriptions in the App Store. While you are reviewing, note everything in a spreadsheet and add to it throughout the year so it makes your next review much simpler. 3 CATCH UP WITH YOUR FILING Bills can very easily start to pile up, especially towards the end of the year. In January,…

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organisation goals

One of the biggest gifts you can give yourself to get more organised in 2019 is to start to think about your Future Self – so doing anything that will help you later on in the day, the next morning or the following week. For me, that means planning meals a week in advance, picking out my outfits the night before, writing my to do list for the next day at the end of my work day, having a difficult conversation today instead of procrastinating on it, and so on. Making time to plan is another key one for me. I sit down on a Sunday afternoon and go through my calendar for the week ahead, and plan in childcare, my exercise, my business time and dates with my husband or…

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mindful moments

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how to use a paper planner

I’ve always loved planning, particularly list-making. Same? Creating a To Do list of everything I needed to get done has kept me organised at school, college and work throughout my whole life. I love the satisfaction of checking everything off as I complete my tasks and I’m motivated to do more to recreate that feeling time and time over. When I was expecting my first baby, I used a planner to journal my symptoms, plan my appointments and make lists of all of the things we needed to do and buy before the baby arrived. I continued planning to organise my new family – I’d really misjudged the leap from only having to keep myself organised to keeping the whole family on track! I also use my planner to stay focused, organised and hitting…