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home safe home

Uh-oh, H20 In the event that disaster strikes and water damage ruins your carefully designed kitchen, Chubb’s insurance coverage will help you get everything back the way it was. CABINETS AND COUNTERTOPS replaced to match — if you had marble, you get marble. MORE THAN just the damaged portion: if the entire floor needs to be replaced to match the grain, quality or colour of the wood, carpet or tiles, you’ve got it! APPLIANCES beyond repair are replaced with the exact or latest model available. WATCH H&H’S REIKO CARON TOUR A BEAUTIFULLY RENOVATED HOME AT HOUSEANDHOME.COM/CHUBB. PLUS, GET MORE WATER DAMAGE PREVENTION TIPS AT CHUBB.COM/CA/HH. Chubb is the marketing name used to refer to subsidiaries of Chubb Limited providing insurance and related services. For a list of these subsidiaries, please visit our website at www.chubb.com. Insurance…

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staying in

AS I WRITE THIS LETTER and the team finishes up the final details of this issue, the world is cocooning. Staying home is a vital part of getting through this health emergency — making it clearer than ever how important our living spaces are. I hope by the time you read this that the worst will be over. In my family, we’re taking this opportunity to teach our kids some simple recipes that will go with them when they leave the nest. Last night, we ate a gorgeous spaghetti pomodoro and green salad, followed by a chocolate cake — all made by my 13-year-old daughter, Esme! Spending extra days at home has reminded me of the importance of both smart and good-looking design. I learned so much about creating great kitchens and…

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fresh start

SHOPPING • LOOKS • TRENDS • APPLIANCES DARK DRAMA To create dramatic effects in kitchens and bathrooms, designers are turning to the dark side. Dark surfaces, to be precise. Whether they’re veined with white, flecked with metallics or solid black, dark surfaces add sophistication to a room. PULL UP A SEAT The kitchen island is a magnet for people, so why not make perching there a bit more stylish and comfortable? You might be tempted by the space-saving appearance of a backless stool, but they can be tricky for small children and don’t encourage the same lingering when high-backed upholstered and woven stools are on hand. BRAND NEW BATH Love the look of a Scavolini bathroom for the way every element works together? The brand’s newest collection, Tratto, takes a cool yet sexy approach. It’s a…

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in the kitchen with…

Founded in 1978, Goemans embodies family-friendly appliance shopping. Its eight locations boast spacious showrooms with designer kitchen vignettes so you can get an idea of how appliances will look in your home. With options to suit any budget, it’s easy to get the right appliances for your family’s needs. Photography by Jeremy Fokkens (Julie’s portrait)/Graydon Herriott (charcuterie, chicken)/Donna Griffith (brownies)/…

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small space big style

HOUSE & HOME: What were the key challenges of the existing bathroom? ALANA FIRESTONE: The owners felt the principal bath was the worst part of the house, so we wanted to improve it in terms of functionality. Bathing their son was impossible in the old tub; it was in the corner, had jets and was up a few steps. Adding a private toilet room was important, too. They also had a dark corner shower and preferred something lighter and brighter. H&H: What was the clients’ vision for the space? JORDY FAGAN: The homeowners are a young couple with a two-year-old son. It’s a big house that had been renovated in the ’90s, so it needed tons of updates. They wanted a casual, California-cool vibe. Storage was also a big factor; we were able…

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designers share their top paint picks for kitchens and baths

“WHILE EXPERIMENTING WITH COLOUR THAT’S OUTSIDE YOUR NORMAL SPECTRUM, JUST REMEMBER THAT A LITTLE GOES A LONG WAY. I PAINTED MY COUNTRY BATHROOM IN A BARELY-THERE LAVENDER HUE THAT NEVER LOOKS LIKE GRAPE BUBBLEGUM, BUT IT DOES LOOK SURPRISINGLY DELIGHTFUL AGAINST WHITE MILLWORK AND MARBLE.”— SARAH RICHARDSON“We’re currently crushing on green-black cabinet colours and are proposing Essex Green to a client whose kitchen we’re designing.”— EMILY GRIFFINChantilly Lace is one of my top picks. I like covering the walls in either an eggshell or matte finish (depending on who lives in the home for traffic and wear and tear), and I have my millworker use it in a 20-degree sheen for the cabinets. I love the tone-on-tone impact and how light works with the different finishes. While the colour is…