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Ladybug Stories, Poems, and Songs Magazine for Young Kids and Children

Ladybug Stories, Poems, and Songs Magazine for Young Kids and Children

April 2021
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Bring the magic of LADYBUG to pre-schoolers and early readers. Each issue offers a mix of enchanting stories at appropriate reading levels, with colorful illustrations that draw children into the text. Ear-pleasing poems, lively songs, and a 4-page craft insert round out this delightful reading experience. Pre-K-Grade 1

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United States
Cricket Media, Inc.
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1 min.
max and kate

Kate is planting zucchini in a raised garden bed. Charlie and Max help dig holes for the baby plants. “I see three garden heroes,” says Kate's daddy. Kate’s mommy points out some wriggly worms. “These are heroes, too. They turn over the soil to let in air and moisture.” A lovely ladybug lands on Kate’s sweater. “That little hero helps us by eating the tiny green aphids that chew up our veggies!” says Kate’s daddy. “Look!” Kate’s mommy points at nearby flowers. “Bees are heroes! Once our plants have flowers, they'll spread the flowers' pollen so our zucchini can grow.” “Bees are my heroes!” says Max with a laugh. “I love zucchini. And I really love the honey that bees make!”…

2 min.
pill bugs

Turn over a rotting log or look under some dead leaves. Do you see little balls that look like hard seeds? Keep watching! They may not be seeds at all. The balls may uncurl and scurry away. Some people call them roly-polies, or tiggy hogs, or potato bugs. But most people call them pill bugs. Pill bugs often live in forests. But they can also be found on beaches, in basements, or in the cracks of city buildings—anywhere they can find a dark, damp spot to hide from the sun. Pill bugs are not “bugs” at all—they are related to shrimp and lobsters. They also have gills, like fish. These gills take oxygen from water for pill bugs to breathe. If pill bugs get too dry, they will die. Like a tiny tank,…

3 min.
a proper party

Owl opened one eye, then the other. He poked his head out of his home in a tall beech tree. “Spring is almost here,” he said to himself. He clapped his wings together. “I shall have a party to celebrate. And a proper party requires plenty of planning.” He picked up a notepad and wrote: “Fern salad. Nettle leaf punch. No party hats.” Just then—vvm! Hummingbird zoomed into Owl’s home. “Hi,” said Hummingbird. “Whatcha doing? Writing? Lemme see. A party? I love parties! Let’s have a party now!” “The party is next week,” replied Owl. “And a proper party requires plenty of planning. For decorations, I shall choose the perfect pine cones, the best bark strips . . .” “And flowers!” said Hummingbird. “I love flowers. Got any? You need flowers. Lots of flowers, right?…