Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist January/February 2021

In every issue of Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist you’ll get hands-on expertise, illustrated demos, and projects loaded with valuable tips and design ideas to inspire your own metal jewelry designs. Plus our experts answer all your technical questions, and you’ll learn the pros’ favorite tools and how to use them.

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need anything? go abd!

THE PLACE TO FIND EVERYTHING related to gems, jewelry, beads, minerals, and fossils in the rock, so to speak, are the Tucson shows. There are ways to find things remotely and there are other shows, but Tucson is where some 50 or so in-person venues pop up each winter to serve this sprawling community. Collectors, artisans, wholesalers, retailers, dabblers, academics, artists, scientists, you name it — they come. People from around the world gather to offer their wares, check out what’s new, stock up on standards, learn about ongoing developments, make new contacts and acquaintances, and reunite with lifelong friends. Some even spark a romance now and then. But the uncertainties stemming from Covid-19 surrounding this multi-event make this year unlike any other, and it is unclear what will take place…

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design challenges

Your Design Riffs Designs based on projects and jewelry shown in previous issues of Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist. Your Settings…

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Re: “Net Profits: Social Distance Marketing,” September/October 2020 In regards to Jennifer Park’s comments regarding fitting rooms: “I mean, they’re saying you can’t have a clothing store open because you can’t let people use your dressing rooms,” Jennifer said, “Why? They’re not going to be in there with anyone else. Just wipe down the surfaces between customers.” As a Professional Costume Director, I can say the issue is not with the surfaces. The issue is with the clothing. Current guidelines call for disinfecting items after they have been tried on and then hanging them separately away from everything else for 24-48 hours after that. And whoever is cleaning the dressing room [must] have appropriate PPE and a secure receptacle to dispose of cleaning materials. All of that costs time and money that…

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next time

Sarah Cathcart’s Cuffin “Skin in the Game” Roger Halas's Bracelet in "Always In" Lexi Erickson’s Pendant in “The Lady of Ancient Sites” Riff on the design of any of these or other pieces within this issue, using a design feature such as color, texture, form, value, line, space, repetition, balance, contrast, unity, or variety for your sketch. Please indicate which piece your entry is based on. Sketch a setting for a 12mmX10mm amethyst, cut by Jim Perkins from “Diane’s Bright Oval,” page 72. DEADLINES: FEBRUARY 28, 2021 Email digital scans at 300 DPI or send photocopies of no more than three sketches per challenge, indicating the design factor that is your starting point. Sketches will not be returned. WRITE TO US ANYTIME: What do you think about what you’ve seen and read in Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist?…

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their turn

Lexi Erickson’s Pendant Parrot wing, orange sapphire, reticulation → “THE LADY OF ANCIENT SITES,” P.28 Francesca Watson’s Prudent Man Pendant Agate and sterling silver → “BOHO BOLO,” P.60 → DOER’S PROFILE, P.90 Debra Hoffmaster’s The Wave Pendant Sterling silver pendant, anodized titanium, amethyst → “READY, SET, MOVE,” P.32 Sarah Cathcart’s Wood Owl Mask Leather, bronze, gold leaf → “SKIN IN THE GAME,” P.42 → “TODAY’S ILLUMINATI,” P.50 Jeff Fulkerson’s Concho Belt Sterling silver, copper, turquoise, leather belt →“FIT FOR A KING,” P.38 Jim Perkins’s Megan’s Wedding Stone Cubic Zirconia → “DIANE’S BRIGHT OVAL,” P.72 → “DOP OPTIONS,” P.74 Become an LJJA Contributor! Contributors’ guidelines for print or online publication can be found at…

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your best newsletter

YOU CAN DO A LOT to increase brand awareness via Instagram posts and Facebook ads, but who will access those messages is hit or miss — likely not all the customers you want to reach. Where free marketing is concerned, many successful designers will tell you there’s nothing like good old-fashioned email. With so many jewelers and their customers stuck at home this year, effective direct marketing was vital. For many small business owners, the shutdown was the push they needed to improve their emails — and make them more of a newsletter. “The newsletter topic is so relevant right now,” says Kristen Baird. “I’m overhauling my process there and tightening up my branding and outreach. So this whole world of open rates, analytics, design and messaging is at the front of…