Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist Summer 2021

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the shoulders of goldsmiths

GOOGLE STANDS on the shoulders of a goldsmith. So do we all. One morning this spring, I went to google something. Noticing the day’s doodle featured Gutenberg, I uncharacteristically clicked on the link. “Known for the invention of the movable-type printing press,” Wikipedia told me what I already knew, Johannes Gutenberg was “a German goldsmith, inventor, printer, and publisher…” Wait, Gutenberg was a goldsmith? The Information Age we live in now, with all the internet’s power for enabling mass communication, innovation, and disruption, is a direct descendant of the revolution set off by the power of Gutenberg’s 15thcentury press. Once information could be shared widely and quickly, it was. Such historical shake-ups as the Reformation, the Renaissance, and all the idea-based eras and developments since are in part the result. The global…

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I recently lost my mom to a battle with ovarian cancer. This ring design is an ode to her. She was of French Canadian/Native American ethnicity. Growing up, she took pride in sharing cultural traditions and language from her Métis familial elders. Unfortunately, the Métis cultural group, which is officially recognized in Canada, is not recognized in the U.S. where she was a lifelong citizen. The ring includes the French Fleur de Lis, and the symbol of the Métis nation, the infinity symbol implied through the rounded loops on the sides across the four directions which then doubles as a compass symbol for wayfinding. The process of wayfinding is deeply rooted in Native American traditions, and it resonates with my mom’s way of finding herself through the revival of the…

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your settings

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next time

DEADLINES JUNE 30, 2021 Email digital scans at 300 DPI or send photocopies of no more than three sketches per challenge, indicating the design factor that is your starting point. Sketches will not be returned. WRITE TO US ANYTIME: What do you think about what you’ve seen and read in Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist? SEND SKETCHES & LETTERS for possible print or online publication to: Please include your name, city, and state, and indicate “Your Turn” on the subject line.…

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their turn

John Heusler’s Sterling and Jessite Cuff Sterling silver, 18K, jessite agate, carved moonstone, diamond ➔ “WELDED BLISS,” P.46 ➔ “WELDED ONLY,” P.52 Bill Fretz’s 3D Bracelet Brass, onyx beads ➔ “SPACERS WITH FLARE,” P. 68 John Dyer’s Twirling Trillion Flat and concave faceted 18.2 mm lime citrine ➔ NET PROFITS, P. 10 Jim Perkins’s Improved Simple Trillion Faceted 11.0 ct Brazilian amethyst ➔ “CLEAN CUTTING,” P. 24 Roger Halas’s Stingray Pendant Mokumé gane, sterling silver, faceted garnets ➔ “SUCCESS HINGES ON TOOLS,” P. 78 Paula Crevoshay’s Cecaelia Pendant 18K, black diamonds, moonstones ➔ TRENDS, P. 18 Celie Fago’s Triangle Box ➔ “TUMBLER TLC,” P. 34 ➔ “TUMBLING TRICKS,” P. 40 Become an LJJA Contributor! Contributors’ guidelines for print or online publication can be found at…

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make your mark

IF YOU’VE BEEN MAKING AND SELLING jewelry for a while, you may be wondering if you should mark it. The short answer? Yes! It’s not difficult or expensive to mark your initials in a piece, even if it’s a tiny stamp. At the very least, your mark will remind the buyer whose jewelry they purchased so they can find you if they want more. “Sadly, many customers forget the name of jewelry artists after just a few years,” says Hilary Halstead, owner of Halstead Bead, Inc. “They can’t return to you for repeat business or refer you to others if they don’t remember your name!” That’s the best reason to start marking your jewelry immediately. If you start selling it through shops that specialize in art jewelry, your signature becomes a selling…