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short ride

Dear Reader, This month, we who follow such things marked the passing of Unicorn Rides, a scooter vendor that billed itself as “the magical electric scooter to get where you’re going.” Their slogan needed some work (“get where you’re going” being both tautological and overused), but the concept had some promise. Unicorn didn’t actually make the scooters but, instead, sold a modified version of the popular ES2 electric scooter made by Segway. The Unicorn scooters were intended for single-owner scenarios (as opposed to on-street rental), and they were modified to include special software features. The scooter was designed to recognize the user’s cell phone and unlock itself automatically when the user was near. The Unicorn app also let you authorize other users to operate the scooter, and it provided integration with…

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on the dvd

MX Linux MX-19 (64-bit) The popular MX Linux bills itself as “…a midweight OS designed to combine an elegant and efficient desktop with simple configuration, high stability, solid performance, and medium-sized footprint.” MX is a joint venture of the antiX and former MEPIS communities. Like its predecessor MEPIS, MX has the goal of providing a simple and stable desktop with a best-in-class selection of practical tools. Zorin OS 15 Core (64-bit) Zorin OS Core is a Linux distro focused on serving as a drop-in replacement to Windows or macOS. Their stated hope is to let newcomers transition to Linux so you “…won’t need to learn anything to get started.” Defective discs will be replaced. Please send an email to subs@linux-magazine.com. Although this Linux Magazine disc has been tested and is to the best of our…

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Elementary OS 5.1 Has Arrived If you’ve not heard of Elementary OS, chances are you don’t know what Linux is. If, on the other hand, you have heard of Elementary OS, and you’ve yet to give it a try, now’s a great time. Why? The latest release, 5.1 (aka “Hera”) is available and it promises to be the best release yet. Elementary 5.1 brings a number of new and exciting changes to what is often considered the most elegant desktop operating system on the market. Some of the new changes to the platform include: • A new first-run experience that makes onboarding seamless and simple. The app is modular and includes introductions to Location services, Night Light, Housekeeping, and the AppCenter.• A brand new login window that looks more refined and includes numerous…

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linux kernel 5.4 released

Linux founder Linus Torvalds has announced the release of kernel 5.4 (http://lkml.iu.edu/hypermail/linux/kernel/1911.3/00186.html). Included in this latest release are a number of additions and improvements that will certainly benefit desktop linux. What are the top features? Read on. The most important addition to the Linux kernel 5.4 iteration is the new kernel lockdown mode. The goal of this new feature is a heightened level of security via the separation of UID 0 (also known as the root user) and the kernel. This feature includes both integrity and confidentiality modes. Integrity mode does not allow userland applications and services to modify the running kernel, while confidentiality mode does not allow the extraction of confidential information by userland applications and services. As for graphics? Other important new features include support for AMD Navi 12 and…

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system76 to design and build laptops in-house

System76 (https://system76.com) has been selling laptops and desktops, preinstalled with Linux, since 2005. But up until recently, their desktop machines were designed by third-party OEMs. That all changed in 2018 when System76 began selling their in-house designed and built desktops, the Thelio (https://system76.com/desktops). The Thelio machines have been met by glowing reviews around the globe, and can be specced high enough to accommodate serious loads. As for laptops? System76 has been depending on Sager and Clevo to design their hardware. These laptops have served the company (and consumers) well. But once System76 proved they could build one of the finest Linux-powered desktops on the market, they set out to discover if it was possible to also produce laptops in house. Starting in 2020, the company will begin the journey to make this…

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