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economies of ink

Dear Reader, The “paperless office” was once the dazzling vision of futurists and keynote speakers. Tech blogs and efficiency gurus have been talking about eliminating printers for at least 20 years, but it never really happened – or at least, not yet. Despite the predictions, contracts, school compositions, tax forms, and other essential documents sometimes require the corporeal manifestation that comes with a printer. In other cases, printing is just easier. I often print the articles I’m editing just because I like to make notes in the margins and draw lines and arrows to sketch out changes. Printers are still around, but they are subject to the same forces that are affecting the rest of the industry. So even though they look the same, the business arrangements surrounding them are rapidly changing.…

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on the dvd

Kali Linux (64-bit) Kali Linux is a popular distro dedicated to the craft of penetration testing. Kali comes with hundreds of practical tools for information gathering, vulnerability analysis, wireless attacks, and stress testing. A bootable Forensics mode leaves the drives unmounted and provides a powerful collection of forensics utilities. GParted (64-bit) The GParted Live DVD is the easiest and best way to access the GParted partition editor. Use GParted to create space for new operating systems, grow or shrink existing partitions, and rescue data from lost partitions. Although this Linux Magazine disc has been tested and is to the best of our knowledge free of malicious software and defects, Linux Magazine cannot be held responsible, and is not liable for any disruption, loss, or damage to data and computer systems related to the use…

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kubuntu focus laptop now ready for preorder

The Kubuntu Focus is a new Linux laptop effort set to marry the Kubuntu Linux distro (https://kubuntu.org/) and a laptop aimed specifically for gamers, power users, developers, video editors, and anyone who seeks performance and seamless Linux compatibility. This brand new laptop is ready for preorder (https://kubuntufocus.myshopify.com/). The laptop was born from a collaboration between Kubuntu, TUXEDO Computers, and MindShareManagement Inc. The Kubuntu Focus will not only highlight the KDE desktop environment, but it will be the first officially recognized laptop created specifically for the Kubuntu Linux distribution. But before you visit the site for preorder, understand this is a premium piece of hardware with a premium price tag. The hardware specs alone should clue you in on the price. The base model includes: • Display – Full HD 16.1-inch matte 1080p IPS…

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dell adds a much-requested feature to the new xps developer edition laptop

To anyone who has spent any time researching companies that offer hardware with Linux preinstalled, chances are you know about the Dell XPS Developer edition. This began as Project Sputnik in 2011, when Dell’s Barton George realized that no major original equipment manufacturer (OEM) was building a fully-supported Linux laptop that included drivers and provided a great out-of-the-box experience. Fast forward nine years later, and the project is still going strong. In fact, the Dell XPS Developer Edition has been declared a best in show Linux laptop by numerous reviewers and outlets. Dell knows this and understands the audience for which this hardware is targeted. Dell also listens to the communities they serve. Case in point, the Linux community. One thing that has been sorely missing from Linux laptops is support for the…

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bonsai promises to make syncing gnome devices easier

If you’re a GNOME user with multiple devices and have longed for the day when those devices could easily be synced with one another, that wish may be coming true. Red Hat developer Christian Hergert has started developing a project called Bonsai, which will serve as a sort of personal cloud for all of your Gnome-based devices. On his blog, Hergert stated, “I want access to my files and application data on all my computing devices but I don’t want to store that data on other peoples computers.” This idea led Hergert to create Bonsai. Although this tool is very much in the experimental phase (which means it’s not an official Gnome project), it is being hosted on Hergert’s Gnome GitLab repository. The gist of Bonsai is simple – a daemon and…

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huawei releases centos-based openeuler as open source

With the US ban on Huawei, the company has opted to focus some of their efforts on their own server solution. To prevent a continued dependence on US software, the Chinese company has released an open source version of EulerOS, a server platform based on CentOS. Geared for IoT and cloud infrastructure, openEuler (https://openeuler.org/en/) has been released for ARM64 architecture and is compatible with the Open Containers Initiative (OCI). Huawei claims it has made changes to CentOS to give it a performance boost and reliability. OpenEuler currently has more than 50 contributors and 600 commits. The openEuler repositories include two new projects: iSulad, a lightweight container runtime daemon created specifically for IoT and the cloud (https://gitee.com/openeuler/iSulad), and A-Tune, an OS-tuning software (https://gitee.com/openeuler/A-Tune). At the moment, there is very little information about openEuler, and…