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here’s to knowing that again

Dear Reader, This column is about IT, not about politics. The names of politicians sometimes come up in this space – mostly because of something they did that is related to IT, but it is never my goal to descend into the political fray. In fact, I honestly believe the whole reason the political fray exists is because it is much easier to reduce everything to politics than it is to deal directly with the perplexing and often unsolvable issues that politicians face: social responsibility, economics, national security, personal liberty. A collection of opinions on these perplexing topics is often encapsulated into a convenient bundle plan that is associated with a particular politician, and when you say you like that politician, you imply some level of comfort with that politician’s opinion…

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on the dvd

THE COMPLETE raspberry pi ARCHIVE COMPLETE RASPBERRY PI GEEK ARCHIVE This month we bring you something special: an encyclopedic DVD with every issue of Raspberry Pi Geek magazine. You get more than 2,000 pages of practical Raspberry Pi Geek knowledge. This comprehensive collection includes awesome projects, in-depth programming tutorials, and product reviews – all in a convenient searchable format. On the disc, you’ll find more than 350 articles on Raspberry Pi and Arduino, from games you can play, to servers you can run, through detailed instructions on how to build your own hardware projects with components you scavenge from around the house. PLUS you get 2 bonus special editions: Raspberry Pi Handbook and Raspberry Pi Adventures! Keep the Complete Raspberry Pi Geek Archive DVD close to your workbench as a permanent reference of the world of…

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LibreOffice 6.4 Released LibreOffice 6.4 (https://wiki.documentfoundation.org/ReleaseNotes/6.4) has arrived for Linux (and other platforms) and is one all users will want on their desktops. Why? Two words: Productivity and compatibility. The developers have gone out of their way to make a number of tasks (such as saving spreadsheets and presentations) faster. Version 6.4 adds new features and tweaks, making the office suite considerably more efficient. For example, the LibreOffice Start Center now includes thumbnails of previously edited documents, making it much faster to locate the file you want to work on. One previous feature that has been drastically improved is the redaction tool (which was only recently introduced to LibreOffice). Prior to version 6.4, using the redaction tool was a bit of a challenge. Now, LibreOffice has a new automatic redaction mode that allows…

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casting pearls

A Chromecast [1] is a small USB dongle that lets you stream audio-visual content from a mobile device to your TV. Just attach Chromecast to your TV, and you can stream to the TV using an Android or other device that supports Google Cast technology. Google originally developed Chromecast to support streaming from Android phones, but the open source community has never been slow to grasp an opportunity. Cast to TV is a Gnome Shell extension that lets you send pictures, music, and video to a Chromecast-enabled TV from the Gnome desktop. And if you don’t happen to have a Chromecast device, use the Playercast app on a Raspberry Pi or other Linux computer to receive the stream and act as an interface to your TV. Cast to TV for Gnome You’ll find…

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media distributor

A media center is a computer or computer-like system that plays multimedia content to a playback device. Many media centers are configured to stream media files (music, video, or images) to a home television set, but you can also use a media center to stream to a game console, mobile device, or computer. The FOSS universe includes several Linux distributions that are designed to serve in the media center role – including Kodi and LibreELEC – but some users consider these tools too complicated for a casual home environment. The complex functions of the common media center can overwhelm many users and often require advanced knowledge. If you are looking for a media server for your home network that sets up quickly, is immediately ready for operation, and streams content to…

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retro charm

Spotify has offered an official client for the Linux desktop for years [1]. Although no major functional differences exist between the versions for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux, some in the FOSS community have criticized the Spotify desktop client – not just because it occupies more than 280MB on the hard disk, but also because of its license terms, which prohibit free distribution. The non-free license means that Spotify cannot be directly integrated into the package sources of the popular Linux distributions [2]. Some users who wish to avoid the Spotify client tune into the service via a web browser. The web browser must support the digital rights management (DRM) implemented in Spotify. However, the Linux environment does include some music players, such as Volumio, that support streaming of Spotify…