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home all day

Dear Reader, I don’t know what world you are living in as you read this, but the world that I’m living in while I write this (three to eight weeks earlier than your world, depending on where you live) is busy with reinventing itself to contend with the coronavirus pandemic. Stores and restaurants are closed, schools are canceled, and offices are shutting their doors as employees make plans to “shelter in place.” It seems a triumph of our 21st century civilization that so much of our life can move so suddenly and gracefully online. Community groups, book clubs, yoga classes, university classes, churches, and therapy sessions are all transitioning to online only. Still more significant are the millions of office jobs that are suddenly relocating. As a society, we have been working on…

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on the dvd

TWO TERRIFIC DISTROS DOUBLE-SIDED DVD! Manjaro 19.02 Gnome Edition Manjaro is a full-featured Linux for those who love the simplicity and independence of Arch but prefer a user-friendly desktop. The Arch-based Manjaro on this month’s DVD comes with a complete Gnome desktop environment. The developers have also seen to many of the details that are left undone in the minimal yet mighty Arch, resulting in a system that offers ease for beginners yet provides support for key Arch components and packages. SystemRescueCd 6.1 This steady system rescue disc includes a useful collection of utilities for fixing impaired Linux and Windows computers. Onboard you’ll find tools for repairing partitions and filesystems, archiving data, and editing broken config files. SystemRescueCd boots from the DVD and comes with support for all major filesystems (ext3/​ext4, xfs, btrfs, reiserfs,…

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Zorin OS 15.2 Now Available The latest iteration of Zorin OS has arrived. Version 15.2 is now available, which focuses on software bugs, security, and expanded hardware compatibility. This newest version might also serve as the last release until the developers of Zorin OS unleash their upcoming Zorin Grid, which gives admins the ability to manage massive desktop rollouts from a web-based dashboard. Since the last release of Zorin OS (Summer of 2019), the OS has been down-loaded over 900,000 times and has been included in numerous “best of” lists for desktop distributions. So this latest version should be seen as yet another step forward for the open source operating system. Zorin OS 15.2 is based on Ubuntu 18.04.4, so it includes the 5.3 version of the Linux kernel. The .2 release also…

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scale 18x

SCaLE 18x, in Pasadena, California, from March 5-8, 2020, offered over 150 exhibitors and nearly 130 workshops, tutorials, and events. The event kicked off on Thursday morning with workshops, including tracks on embedded, PostgreSQL, and sponsored topics. Probably the best workshop on Thursday was the introduction to containers and Kubernetes. After being reorganized into a full day event, demand for this workshop was greater than the presenters could have anticipated. In the sponsored track a workshop on working with Jenkins and continuous delivery was offered. On Friday, topics like Kubernetes, Git-Lab, PostgreSQL, and related issues were presented throughout the day. At 2pm, the exhibition hall opened to a large crowd who grabbed any GNU/​Linux swag that wasn’t nailed down. Aleksey Tsalolikhin, from the Linux Professional Institute, gave a presentation entitled “DevOps Tools…

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going places

There’s more to open source than Linux. FreeBSD, a free and open source Unix-based operating system, also plays an important role in the open source ecosystem. We talked to the FreeBSD Foundations’s [1] executive director Deb Goodkin and director of project development Ed Maste at the recent Open Source Summit in Lyon. Linux Magazine: Tell us about FreeBSD and the FreeBSD Foundation’s long history. Deb Goodkin: The foundation was founded in March 2000, so we’re actually going to be celebrating our 20th anniversary March 2020. The original goal was to be sort of a legal entity that could hold any type of FreeBSD IP, and, at that time, it was the trademarks that we were given, so we’ve had ownership of trademarks and other IP since then. LM: What is the FreeBSD Foundation’s…

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edge computing today

Edge Computing is a popular term in the high tech media, and, like many buzzwords that rise to claim a place in the limelight, the term “Edge” appears to have emerged fully formed before the industry settled on a clear definition for what it is. So what is Edge computing, and how does it differ from other approaches? How is Edge computing related to IoT or other contemporary technologies? We decided it was time for a visit to the Edge. Beyond the Cloud For years now, large cloud providers have attempted to entice customers with the benefits of managing their data and infrastructure from a central, cloud-based location. For many companies, the cloud means abandoning their own on-premises data center and instead trusting their data to AWS, Azure, or another cloud company.…