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domain drama

Dear Reader, Some dramatic stuff is going down right now for a few of the powerful organizations that run the Internet. The .org top-level domain, as you probably know, is home to many charities and nonprofit organizations. Traditionally, the price of a.org domain has been kept low to make it affordable for small-time community organizations and charities. But sometime last year, the Internet Society (ISOC) announced a plan to remove the price caps. They put the question up for public comment and received more than 3,000 comments opposing this idea and 6 in favor of it. In spite of the resounding level of disapproval, they went ahead with the plan. A new contract that removed the price caps was announced in July 2019. Before going on I should expand a few of…

1 min.
on the dvd

Knoppix 8.6.1 Knoppix is the quintessential Live Linux. Place this disc in your DVD drive, and boot to a full graphical interface with a vast collection of user applications and admin tools. Seasoned sysadmins use Knoppix to troubleshoot downed Linux and Windows systems. The latest version is based on Debian 10 “Buster” and comes with support for both 32-bit and 64-bit architectures. OpenMandriva Lx Plasma 4.1 OpenMandriva is a free community Linux that lives on as a descendant of the once-popular Mandriva commercial edition. The version included on this disc comes with KDE Plasma 5.17.5, Linux kernel 5.5.0, and the Calamares 3.2.17 distro-independent installer. Defective discs will be replaced. Please send an email to subs@linux-magazine.com. Although this Linux Magazine disc has been tested and is to the best of our knowledge free of malicious software…

8 min.

Nextcloud Partners with IONOS In times of crisis, open source projects step up big. That’s exactly what Nextcloud has done. In the current climate, companies have had to quickly migrate to cloud solutions, only to find themselves bumping up against serious privacy and security issues. Because of the 2018 CLOUD act, authorities could obtain data without prior judicial review for this request. With so many companies and employees having to migrate from their inhouse cloud platforms and turn to various third-party cloud services, Nextcloud and IONOS have come together to ensure sovereignty over customer data. Because both companies are housed in Germany, anyone using the Nextcloud platform on IONOS is guaranteed maximum protection against the US CLOUD Act. Achim Weiß, CEO of IONOS, had this to say about the partnership: “Our cooperation, therefore,…

11 min.
zack’s kernel news

Kernel Gatherings Canceled Due to COVID-19 There are normally many Linux and open source conferences throughout the year. These have started to see some disruption due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In mid-March, Josef Bacik announced that one of the storage, memory, and networking summits would not be happening in April as planned. He said: “We currently do not have concrete plans about how we will reschedule; the Linux Foundation is working very hard at getting us alternative dates as we speak. Once the new plans are concretely made, we will notify everyone again with the new plans. “The tentative plan is to keep the attendees as they are if we reschedule within 2020. This includes anybody that declined for travel-related concerns. We will re-send all invitations again to the original invitees so it’s…

14 min.
the big picture

There’s nothing like someone’s passing to get one to reflect on the fickle nature of life. The Xen Project’s [1] very lively chairperson, Lars Kurth, sadly passed away not long after our interview at the Open Source Summit in November 2019. Lars had been with the project for almost a decade and was instrumental in several pivotal moments in Xen’s history, including its move to the Linux Foundation. He conceptualized and executed several key decisions and supervised the significant architectural changes that helped the project go beyond the realm of server virtualization and cloud computing. In his last interview, Lars talked about the project’s various threads of development and how Xen is all set to disrupt the auto industry. Linux Magazine: What’s happening with the Xen Project? Lars Kurth: The big picture,…

9 min.
new kid

Systemd [1] was originally released on March 30, 2010 as a replacement for System V (SvsV) and BSD init. SysV init had been part of Linux for many years. The name System V, in fact, invokes memories of an early version of the Unix operating system that predated the Linux era. The init system is the first service that starts after the system boot, and it is responsible for starting all the other services. The term “init” is short for “initialize,” and the role of the init system is to start everything that needs to be started when the OS springs to life. SysV init was stable and predictable, but many developers believed it was past its prime. Perhaps the biggest issue with SysV init was that it was designed before the…