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the new mall

Dear Reader, Walmart purchased Jet.com in 2016 with the usual fanfare that comes from a $3.3 billion corporate purchase. Jet.com was an up-and-coming online company, only a year old, that was trying to get an edge on the retail market by offering an innovative discount system and improving the distribution chain. These billion-dollar assimilations happen all the time in the high-tech industry. The most common scenario is a big high-tech company like Facebook or Amazon buying a startup, but another scenario that is also churning out there in the IT space is the phenomenon of old-school brick-and-mortar companies buying online startups in order to gain a foothold on the future and inject some high-tech juju into their doddering corporate culture. The Jet.com purchase was widely seen as Walmart’s effort to get some leverage…

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ubuntu 20.04 desktop and fedora 32

Ubuntu 20.04 [1] “Focal Fossa” is a Long Term Support (LTS) release. LTS releases happen every two years, for the benefit of businesses that do not care to update every six months, as well as any users who value stability. Until 2025, Ubuntu 20.04 will receive updates, security fixes, and support. Enterprise clients can also receive an additional five years Extended Security Maintenance (ESM) releases. As an LTS release, Ubuntu 20.04 does not introduce many new features. Instead, its emphasis is on stability, which means that some new features are not obvious to users. Existing Ubuntu users may notice a dark version of the default theme – and the inclusion of Gnome 3.36, which includes improved font support and fixes to Gnome Web, Gnome’s web browser. Another new feature is Linux…

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Linux Usage Is on the Rise The COVID-19 pandemic has had some severe effects on the economy and consumer spending habits. Businesses have shuttered, unsure if they’ll survive the months-long closure. And although it’s hard to find a silver lining in all the market data, one positive outcome is that the Linux operating system has witnessed a large surge in usage. Before you get too excited, it’s not as though Linux all of a sudden surged past either Windows or macOS. In fact, Linux desktop usage is still in the single digits. However, in comparison, Linux actually bested both Windows and macOS for growth in April. The numbers paint an interesting picture, one that points directly to Ubuntu. During the month of April, Ubuntu gained 1.61 percent (from 0.27 percent to 1.88 percent)…

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lenovo is jumping on the linux laptop bandwagon

One issue Linux has faced over the years is that there was never enough off-theshelf hardware that included the open source operating system. Things started to change when System76 came into existence. Since then a number of hardware makers have jumped onto the bandwagon. You can now count Lenovo among those numbers. In his latest blog, Matthew Miller, Fedora project leader, announced, “Fedora Workstation will be available on Lenovo ThinkPad laptops!” Miller continues, “Yes, I know, many of us already run a Fedora operating system on a Lenovo system, but this is different. You’ll soon be able to get Fedora preinstalled by selecting it as you customize your purchase.” The Fedora-powered ThinkPad is a pilot of the Lenovo Community Series and will include the ThinkPad P1 Gen 2, ThinkPad P53, and the…

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more online

Linux Magazine www.linux-magazine.com ADMIN HPC http://www.admin-magazine.com/HPC/ Tips and Tricks for Containers • Jeff Layton Various aspects of containers make them more useful to you. Pymp – OpenMP-like Python Programming • Jeff Layton Ever since Python was created, users have been looking for ways to achieve multiprocessing with threads, which the Python global interpreter lock (GIL) prevents. ADMIN Online http://www.admin-magazine.com/ Serverless run times with custom Bash AWS Lambda layers • Chris Binnie A piece of old-meets-new functionality lets you run Bash scripts in an AWS Lambda layer. Cloud-native application bundles for easy container deployment • Martin Loschwitz Cloud-native application bundles are an easy option for distributing applications in a microservice architecture. Use PowerShell to manage Exchange Online • Thomas Joos Exchange Online in Office 365 can be managed just like its local counterpart with similar, sometimes identical, PowerShell cmdlets.…

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a new linux laptop is in the making

TUXEDO Computers is working in conjunction with the team behind Manjaro Linux to create a new Manjaro-based 15" laptop, called the InfinityBook Manjaro. The Manjaro team will provide the software and TUXEDO Computers will provide the hardware. This symbiosis will result in a laptop that can be configured with up to 64GB of DDR RAM, a 10th generation four-core Core i7 processor, and up to 2TB of internal storage. Other unique features for this Linux-powered laptop include an aluminum cover and inner side, 12 hour battery life, Mini-DisplayPort and HDMI connection, GB LAN port, USB type C with Thunderbolt 3 support, several standard USB ports, headphone/microphone jacks, the Super-Tux key (in place of the Windows key), the ability to change the keyboard’s backlight color, a laser engraved Manjaro logo on the…