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Dear Reader, The Internet Archive (IA) [1] is a nonprofit founded with the lofty goal of providing “universal access to all knowledge.” Their archive of websites lets historians and journalists step back into time to view past states of the Internet. They also archive audio recordings, news programs, and digital images, making high-quality historical information available to users who might not otherwise have access. The laudable work on the IA has received funding and accolades from leading nonprofits, such as the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, the Democracy Fund, the National Endowment for the Humanities, and the Institute of Museum and Library Services. But the IA also sometimes receives less-glowing attention – like on June 1, for instance, when they were sued by four major book publishers in a legal challenge that could,…

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ubuntu studio 20.04 and kubuntu 20.04

Ubuntu Studio 20.04 LTS 64-bit Ubuntu Studio is a version of Ubuntu that is outfitted and tuned for creative artists. Onboard the default configuration, you’ll find tools for photographers, graphic artists, video production specialists, and audio engineers. Although most of these applications are also available for other Linux systems, Ubuntu Studio ties them neatly into a complete package and manages configuration settings for seamless access. For audiophiles, Ubuntu Studio boots up with the Jack low-latency audio and midi server, the Ardour digital audio workstation, the Carla virtual patchbay, and a variety of sequencers and synthesizers. Graphic artists will find the Blender 3D creation suite and the PikoPixel pixel art studio. Photographers will appreciate the Darktable virtual light table and darkroom app, and video makers will find a ready-made collection of useful tools for…

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linux mint drops snap

In a move that surprised many within the Linux landscape, Linux Mint (one of the most popular desktop distributions) has decided to drop support for the universal snap package system (https://snapcraft.io/). What are snap packages? Simply put, they are a way to combine an application and all of its dependencies into a single package. By doing this, an application can be installed on any supporting operating system, regardless of desktop or default package manager. The idea of leaving behind snap packages began in 2019, when Clement “Clem” Lefebvre said, “When Snap was announced it was supposed to be a solution, not a problem.” Clem continues, “It was supposed to make it possible to run newer apps on top of older libraries and to let third-party editors publish their software easily towards multiple…

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lenovo upping their linux support

PC giant Lenovo is bringing serious support to Linux … big support. The entire line of Lenovo workstations (minus the IdeaPad) will now be fully certified to work with Linux. That’s not all. Lenovo will also start selling the entire line of ThinkStation PCs and ThinkPad P series laptops with either Ubuntu LTS or Red Hat Enterprise Linux pre-installed. Lenovo will also include full web support (https://techtoday.lenovo.com/ww/en/workstations/linux) and add dedicated Linux forums (https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/Linux-Operating-Systems/ct-p/lx_en#link=%7B) into the mix. For many within the Linux community, this could be the biggest piece of news to develop for the open source operating system. Lenovo adding their support behind Linux not only gives consumers far more options for Linux hardware, it could easily help companies to realize the open source operating system is a viable option for the…

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lpi launches fosslife website

Linux Professional Institute (LPI) has launched FOSSlife, a website for those “who care about the FOSS community and want to follow the trends, tools, projects, programs, and people who define the FOSS experience.” The new website will offer recent news and articles on FOSS technology and advocacy (https://www.lpi.org/articles/welcome-fosslife-new-web-magazine-born). FOSSlife is intended to be a destination and resource for experts as well as those just starting out on their open source journey. “It is our mission to promote the use of free and open source by elevating the people who work with it. FOSSlife fits perfectly into this mission, as it helps us share, bundle, and disseminate knowledge about free and open source software and inspire people who are searching for their own approach in gaining this expertise,” said G. Matthew Rice, Executive…

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support for linux apps on windows is coming

At the 2020 Microsoft Build conference, it was announced that GUI applications from Linux will be available to run on WSL. This eye-opening feature comes by way of Wayland and RDP, which will draw the apps on the Windows desktop. It was also announced that access to GPUs from Linux is on the way. As of Windows 10 20H1, insiders are able to test the feature. However, testing availability for the general public has been delayed. Back in 2018, Whitewater Foundry created a Debian-based distribution, named WLinux, which used a Windows X server to do this very thing. Now, according to Microsoft, “support for Linux graphical user interface (GUI) apps will enable you to open a WSL instance and run a Linux GUI app directly without the need for a thirdparty X…