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Linux User & Developer No. 195

Linux User and Developer is the UK’s only magazine aimed solely at Linux professionals and IT decision makers. Every month, Linux User and Developer provides the best in tutorials, features, hardware reviews, information and inspiration to help GNU/Linux professionals expand their knowledge base and perform more effectively in the workplace. Written by experts in the field, the magazine also features informative interviews with leading figures from the GNU/Linux scene and high-profile companies that have built their businesses using OpenSource software. Please note: Digital versions of the magazines do not include the covermount items or supplements that you would find on printed editions.

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welcome to issue 195 of linux user & developer

Welcome to the UK and North America’s No.1 Linux and open source magazine. Data and who controls it is a vital issue. This issue we’re covering how to open source the way you store your own or your company’s data (p18). These days, it’s easy enough to let the cloud slurp it all up, but if you want to be in the driving seat, we highlight some excellent network storage distro options. We’ve also taken a look at three of the open source mobile OSes that will be supported by Purism’s Librem 5 phone due early next year (p58). It’s an early look – dev kits go out in September – but it’s exciting to see a diverse range that will be on offer. In the tutorial sections, we’ve some entry-level guides…

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lower saxony tax office dumps linux

Following news earlier this year that the city of Munich, Germany, is to abandon Linux after 15 years at a cost of over €100 million, the state of Lower Saxony (capital Hanover) is following suit, dumping Linux usage in its tax department after five years. The preferred solution for the 13,000 workstations running an outdated version of openSUSE is, unsurprisingly, Windows 10. Online publication Heise reports a budget of €5.9million for the transition, although a further €7 million has been set aside. As noted by Heise, the official line is that alternatives are being investigated. “For this purpose, the framework conditions and possible alternative solutions are currently being worked out in the State Taxation Office of Lower Saxony,” says the Hanover Ministry of Finance. Citing compatibility issues between workstations, personal PCs and laptops…

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father of python, guido van rossum, quits

Almost 30 years after creating the Python development language, Guido van Rossum has stepped down following some difficulty surrounding the signing off of PEP 572. Posting to the Python mailing list, van Rossum explained. “Now that PEP 572 is done, I don’t ever want to have to fight so hard for a PEP and find that so many people despise my decisions.” PEP (Python Enhancement Proposal) is the process used to add features and standards to the Python language. While other languages might approve evolution and inclusion of new features with a vote, Python was developed by van Rossum personally signing off every approved proposal. In standing down, van Rossum has also refused to name a successor (or, indeed, an outline for any future system of leadership), leaving the Python community in some…

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distro feed

Top 10 (Average hits per day, 30 days to 29 June 2018) This month Highlights Slax Minimalising continues to be popular, with the Debian-based Slax employing the Fluxbox window manager to present a selection of apps. Neptune Based on Debian, Neptune aims to provide a smart desktop (KDE Plasma) with pre-configured media playback support. AryaLinux Created in India and intended for desktops and laptops, this distro uses Linux from Scratch as a guide, with a package manager called alps. Latest distros available: filesilo.co.uk…

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openmw v0.44.0 released and classic morrowind given extra life

First released in 2002, Bethesda Softworks’ The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind remains a popular RPG for the deep level of investment it required from the player and its vast open world environment. In recent years, the original game has become increasingly difficult to run on Windows, and no official Linux or Mac version was released, prompting the development of the multi-platform OpenMW. OpenMW v0.44.0 is the latest stage in a project that commenced in 2008, under original lead developer Nicolay Korslund, and is the first version to be released under new lead Marc Zinnschlag. An open source, free game engine that effectively replaces the engine that ships with Morrowind, OpenMW nevertheless requires the original game files to run, as re-distributing them would be illegal. This means that you could own the original…

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linux boots on india’s risc-v shakti cpu

Indian microprocessor builder Shakti has revealed the arrival of its first RISC-V chip, a low-power prototype that could revolutionise mobile computing. At this stage it’s limited to running at 400MHz, but it does successfully boot Linux. An open source initiative from the government-funded Indian Institute of Technology Madras, the Shakti project aims to develop industrial-grade processors using the RISC-V instruction set. Announcing the development on Twitter (“First silicon success on the first tapeout!! Linux boots on Shakti processor, India’s first @risc_v based silicon chip!”), the @ShaktiProcessors account confirmed that the code for the project is open source. RISC-V is an open ISA (Instruction Set Architecture) developed by the University of California, Berkeley, in 2010. As a potential successor to ARM, RISC-V is intended as a low-power, fast and compact CPU. As revealed on the…