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Lion's Roar January 2020

The Lion's Roar celebrates the spirit of wakefulness wherever it appears - in the arts, relationships, politics, livelihood, popular culture, and all the challenges of modern life. It offers a Buddhist view for people of all spiritual traditions who are open, inquisitive, passionate and committed.

Shambhala Sun Foundation
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more from lion’s roar

COURSES | EVENTS | PARTNERSHIPS | NEWS TWO NEW PUBLICATIONS TO SAVOR Hot on the heels of The Buddhist Guide to Mindfulness, Lion’s Roar is prepping two more special-interest publications. One is a re-release of our newsstand hit, How to Meditate—a perfect gift for anyone you know who might benefit from meditation and would love to have a colorful, friendly (but by no means lightweight!) introduction to it. The other brings us, along with a robust roster of contributors, to the Food and Cooking section of the newsstand for the first time. Titled The Mindful Kitchen: Recipes & Inspiration for Savoring Each Moment and Every Bite, this gorgeous publication brings together 30 recipes, plus profiles and teachings on taking a contemplative approach to food from the likes of the famed chef Eric…

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we’re made for this moment

I’M SO EXCITED ABOUT THE MOMENT Buddhism is in right now. More and more people are turning to Buddhist wisdom and meditation techniques for help in their personal lives. Buddhist activists are contributing their insight and commitment to meet the great challenges the world faces. And Buddhism itself is in a moment of historic change, one I believe is very positive. These are perilous times, but they’re also full of promise and potential. This is a moment Buddhism is made for, when its profound insights, powerful methods, and fundamental hopefulness can be of great benefit. I feel real joy about the role Lion’s Roar can play. I’ve just returned from an inspiring meeting of the Lion’s Roar Foundation board of directors. It’s a fantastic group of Buddhist leaders from many different traditions, people…

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our house is on fire

THE BUDDHA IS OFTEN PRAISED as the embodiment of peace, tolerance, good will, and compassion. However, while he certainly exemplifies these qualities, in no way do they exhaust his role or the content of his message. The Buddha was not merely a benevolent sage, but was above all an astute analyst of the human condition, one whose insight is perhaps unrivaled in the history of human thought. The ancient discourses of the Buddha speak of the causal origins of suffering primarily in the framework of the quest for individual emancipation. They show how the mental afflictions—the twin vices of ignorance and craving and the three stains of greed, hatred, and delusion—ravage our personal lives and lay down a path that enables us to free ourselves from inner bondage. Today, in a world…

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buddhism is never apart from who i am

Eight percent of Hawaiians are Buddhists, which is the highest percentage of any state. What does it mean to you to be a Hawaiian Buddhist? For those of us who grew up Buddhist in Hawaii, it’s not something that’s ever apart from who we are. When I was growing up, we had a sense of family and community around Buddhist traditions, like celebrating Obon. There was language school to learn Japanese and Buddhist school to learn about religion. In many instances, Buddhist temples were the heart of the community, so Buddhist values were pervasive in everything we did. When I speak with Japanese Americans who emigrated to other parts of the country, it’s interesting that in virtually every instance the primary motivation is to forget where you came from and try to…

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oh, hello there, body

IN A BODY SCAN, we systematically focus our attention on different parts of our body, from our feet to the muscles in our face. This creates a rare opportunity for us to experience our body as it is, without judging or trying to change it. This exercise is designed to help us develop a mindful awareness of our bodily sensations, and to relieve tension wherever it is found. Research suggests that this mindfulness practice can help reduce stress, improve well-being, and decrease aches and pains. How to Do It The body scan can be performed while lying down, sitting, or in other postures. The steps below are a guided meditation designed to be done while sitting, but can be adapted for the posture you choose. The time required is twenty to forty-five minutes, three…

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don’t pull the trigger

Sometimes all it takes is a word or simple event and our thoughts and emotions are off to the races. DAVID RICHO on the fear that’s behind our triggers—and the antidote to it. SOMEONE SAYS SOMETHING to us, and we are suddenly struck with a sinking feeling in our stomach. Someone does something, and we become instantly enraged or alarmed. Someone comes at us with a certain attitude, and we go to pieces. We hear mention of a person, place, or thing that is associated with an unresolved issue or a past trauma, and we immediately feel ourselves seize up with sadness, anger, fear, or shame. When any of this happens, we can be sure a trigger has been activated. All of us, no matter what our level of Buddhist practice,…