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Lion's Roar September 2020

The Lion's Roar celebrates the spirit of wakefulness wherever it appears - in the arts, relationships, politics, livelihood, popular culture, and all the challenges of modern life. It offers a Buddhist view for people of all spiritual traditions who are open, inquisitive, passionate and committed.

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CELEBRATE THE DALAI LAMA’S LIFE AND WISDOM In recognition of His Holiness’s 85th birthday, we’re re-releasing our special Collector’s Edition publication, The Dalai Lama. (Previously planned for release in May, it was postponed due to the coronavirus crisis.) It features a gorgeous and in-depth photobiography; Lion’s Roar editor-in-chief Melvin McLeod’s exclusive interview with the Dalai Lama; reflections on his impact from Pico Iyer, Daniel Goleman, Dianne Feinstein, and more; and—of course–teachings by His Holiness himself. Look for it on newsstands now or order directly from store.lionsroar.com. INVITE A BUDDHA HOME Just added to the Lion’s Roar store: six new, gorgeous prints from our “Buddhas and Bodhisattvas” collection. Featured are two statues of Shakyamuni Buddha: a twelfth-century Tibetan work and another from eighteenth-century Burma; and four bodhisattvas, including Guan Yin. All are from the…

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lion's roar us

EDITORIAL MELVIN MCLEOD Editor-in-Chief ANDREA MILLER Deputy Editor MEGUMI YOSHIDA Art Director ANDREW GLENCROSS Deputy Art Director & Production Coordinator LIZA MATTHEWS Senior Designer LION'S ROAR DIGITAL ROD MEADE SPERRY Editorial Director LILLY GREENBLATT Digital Editor ROSS NERVIG Audience Engagement Editor SANDRA HANNEBOHM Editorial Assistant PUBLISHING BEN MOORE Publisher DAN SCOTT Associate Publisher, Consumer Marketing BETH WALLACE Finance & Operations Manager CINDY LITTLEFAIR Operations & Human Resources BAKES MITCHELL Development & Partnerships PAMELA BOYCE Digital Designer REBECCA PEARSON Circulation Associate ALEXANDRA STEWART Advertising & Marketing Coordinator DON CONNORS Acting Controller CONNIE JONES Administrative Assistant Founder CHÖGYAM TRUNGPA RINPOCHE (1940–1987) ADVERTISING INQUIRIES SHARON DAVIS Account Representative Toll-free: 1-877-422-8404, ext. 327 sharon.davis@lionsroar.com…

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love is not all we need

IT starts with love. Pretty much everything that’s good and decent in us—generosity, kindness, connection, respect, morality, openness, responsibility—is a form of love. It’s almost a tautology: what is love is good; what is good is love. But love is not enough. It’s not enough if we really want to help others—to ease suffering, to bring happiness, to build a just, sustainable, and caring society. In Buddhism, people who want to do that are given a fancy name: bodhisattvas. That just means they want to benefit other beings. If that’s what you want—and I’m sure you do—then you’re a bodhisattva. If love were enough, there would only be one kind of bodhisattva. But in Mahayana Buddhism there is a trinity of bodhisattva archetypes who represent the three things we need if we’re really going…

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erased no more

THIS TIME IT HAPPENED at the silent retreat. Even the know-it-all didn’t know it all. Even the big people falter. Even the teachers. It is so easy to surrender my intelligence to them, my own knowing to theirs. Smile and say, yeah, like I don’t know. Just like when I was a kid. Smile, and drop the grammatically correct English that newly arrived immigrants speak. If I want to fit in, if I want to be American, I gotta drop the intelligence. Pretend I don’t know. Numb the mind and learn to say I don’t know. Forty years ago that felt demeaning, and it is happening again at this class for experienced meditators. A student just commented in front of the whole class that we have much to thank the community’s founder for,…

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caregivers for the spirit

“We are all vulnerable and afraid, including me. None of us is exempt from this vulnerability, even those with professional name tags.” REV. JOANNE LAURENCE: Connection in Isolation When I called the family of a new hospice patient, a woman dying of end stage dementia, I spoke with her daughter, Rosie. I told her I planned to visit her mother in the assisted living facility. “That means the world to me. That makes my day,” she said, thanking me. Family were restricted from visiting the facility due to the coronavirus pandemic. Rosie’s mother was declining rapidly, and she was afraid she wouldn’t be able to be with her through her dying process. The truth is, she likely won’t. We expect the virus to outlive her mother’s prognosis. I could hear her choke up as she…

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finding a better balance

“GO PLACIDLY AMID THE NOISE and the haste and remember what peace there may be in silence.” With this sentence the German-American writer Max Ehrmann began “Desiderata.” My mother appreciated this poem so much that she hung a framed copy across from the toilet in our bathroom, and for years I found myself reflecting on it several times a day in a contemplative position. Was this the origin of my quest for equanimity? The idea makes me smile. What is equanimity, and how can we invite more of it into our lives? Equanimity is being willing and able to accept things as they are in this moment—whether they’re challenging, boring, exciting, disappointing, painful, or exactly what we want. Equanimity brings calmness and balance to moments of joy as well as difficulty. It…