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Lion's Roar March 2019

The Lion's Roar celebrates the spirit of wakefulness wherever it appears - in the arts, relationships, politics, livelihood, popular culture, and all the challenges of modern life. It offers a Buddhist view for people of all spiritual traditions who are open, inquisitive, passionate and committed.

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shambhala publications celebrates 50 years

Timeless • Authentic • Transformational From its humble beginnings in 1969 on Telegraph Avenue in Berkeley, California, Shambhala Publications has been at the epicenter of the proliferation of dharma teachings and Eastern wisdom throughout the West for five decades. This year, as we mark 50 years of independent publishing, we look back at the milestones of our company’s bright history and its evolution from bookseller to cultural institution. We celebrate the next generation of leadership, authors, and talent with us now in our new home in Boulder, Colorado, that will ensure our vibrant presence for years to come. 1969 Bookstore owner Sam Bercholz decides to venture into publishing and prints 1,000 copies of Chögyam Trungpa’s Meditation in Action, and Shambhala Publications was born. At a time of growing interest in mystical paths of…

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what shambhala book has changed your life?

Right view is the foundation of the eightfold path, and no book so clearly outlines what constitutes right view as What Makes You Not a Buddhist. Dzongsar Jamyang Khyentse’s humorous and direct style subverted my expectations of an introductory book on Buddhism. His words slice away delusion with surgical skill; this is a must-read for anyone interested in being Buddhist. —Stephan Downes, Contracts and Royalties Manager Thondup is a living treasure in our midst, and I think his books are some of the most important Buddhist works in English. The Heart of Unconditional Love offers a method for anyone—Buddhist or not—to apply loving-kindness and actually perfect it to its ultimate form, unconditional love. He told me that he thinks this is his most important work. That speaks volumes. —Nikko Odiseos, President Luminous Emptiness was…

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more from lion’s roar

THE NEXT 40 YEARS 2019 marks 40 years of continuous publishing at Lion’s Roar. We’re maturing, and Buddhism in the West is maturing too, but it’s still early days by any standard. We see a landscape rich with diverse voices, traditions, teachings, and practices; societal and individual challenges that are more urgent than ever; and evermore opportunities for Buddhism to have a positive impact. We’ll be marking the occasion in print, online, and with live events (see “Lion’s Roar at the Rubin”) exploring some of the themes we think matter most for the next 40 years of Buddhism in the West. TAKING REFUGE IN YOUR BODY Our latest online course features the incomparable Cyndi Lee, offering thoughtful and practical instructions on developing a practice of self-care. Rooted in Cyndi’s decades of experience as…

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40 more years of benefit

IN 2019, WE MARK FORTY YEARS of publishing at Lion’s Roar. Over these past four decades, we’ve been remarkably blessed with excellent editors, designers, and business people who’ve come together every day to deliver the very best Buddhist teachings, practice guides and explanations, personal journeys, and observations about the intersections of Buddhism and Western culture. We do this, inspired by our mission, because we believe that Buddhism—whether practiced as a religion or philosophical worldview—represents some of the most profound wisdom about the human experience and how to navigate it. Not only is this particular distillation of our shared human inheritance of great potential benefit to its students and adherents; it deserves to be more accessible in the broader culture too. It deserves to be of even greater benefit. What will Buddhism look…

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will we open the door or close it?

THE NOVEMBER MIDTERM elections made two things abundantly clear to me. First, change is afoot. Deep change. Desperately needed change. Life-giving change. Real change. Change led by a new generation of national and local leaders committed to truly representing the many voices that comprise our collective American life. And it’s thrilling! Newly elected leaders such as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, Sharice Davids, Antonio Delgado, Ayanna Pressley, and so many others stand on the front edge of this great wave of change. They represent more than demographic diversity; they seal sweeping change—proudly championing their support for universal health care, a radically envisioned educational system, wholesale immigration and criminal justice reform, curbing the influence of money in politics, and the serious environmental policy that’s desperately needed to confront climate change. These…

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time to say goodbye

Question: We have many ups and downs in life, particularly in relationships. Buddhism seems to teach that we should keep trying through all relationship challenges no matter what. But is there a point at which I can say the relationship is over? Answer: It’s true that Buddhism offers us immeasurable spiritual riches and practical skills for meeting all our fellow humans with loving-kindness, compassion, joy, and equanimity—no matter what. Yet, when we’re mindful in a relationship, we see how difficult it is to stay open-hearted and sensitive to each other and ourselves. Yes, it’s essential to have a conscious commitment to staying connected even through the inevitable disconnections that happen, for without overarching loving awareness and intention, as soon as there’s a big disappointment, all of the love and trust we’ve…