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Little Angel April 2017

Each month, Little Angel brings the coolest comps, the most awesome posters, the cutest cooking and DIY pages and the most giggle-worthy blush moments.

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Hi Angels! Pop on your tutu and prepare your jazz hands for our super special Dance Issue! This month we’re taking a giant ballet leap into the world of dancing, with interesting facts, fun puzzles and other dance-tastic delights. We also get the goss on our favourite dance movies and TV shows like Dance Academy and Ballerina! This issue, we’re also celebrating the cutest movie of the year, Smurfs: The Lost Village, which hits cinema screens from March 30! Flip to p.50 now for stacks of Smurfy fun! Amy and the LA Team xxx Boogie Fever! The LA team spill on their favourite way to shimmy and shake… Ange “As a kid, I used to pretend to be a ballerina around the house. I also thought that it’d be cool to learn hip-hop – the way…

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game on !

WIN! Barbie has been a secret agent, champion gymnast and even searched for buried treasure, but her latest adventure may just be the coolest one yet! In Barbie: Video Game Hero, the super talented Barbie is magically transported into her favourite video game where she becomes an awesome rollerskating character and meets the adorable cloud-shaped Cutie and roller-skating princess Bella. When a mischievous emoji tries to take control of the game, Barbie must use her awesome gaming skills and out-of-the-box thinking to save her new friends and win the game! BARBIE: VIDEO GAME HERO IS OUT NOW ON DVD AND TO CELEBRATE, WE’VE GOT 60 COPIES TO GIVE AWAY! HOW TO ENTER Tell us, what your amazing skill is! Send your entry, along with your full name, age, address and phone number to: Little Angel…

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the quick question

“Ariana Grande because she sings one of my favourite songs and she is the best.” Mia (6) “I would like to meet Poppy from Trolls. She saved her friends and she is kind and brave.” Majella (4) “Taylor Swift! Her voice is amazing and she is so kind and generous!” Alice (10) “Justin Timberlake because he is the voice of Branch in Trolls and Branch is funny!” Isabella (7) “I would like to meet Bindi Irwin because I love her passion and dedication to all animals.” Lucy (10) “Ed Sheeran because I love his songs and I’m a humungous fan of his.” Maisson (8)…

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la scrapbook

Dear Little Angel, I love your magazines! I don’t have a subscription but I buy them a lot. My fave celebs are Emma Watson, Olivia Holt and Taylor Swift. I have the two best friends EVER: Estelle and Evie. Evie gets your mag as well and we both agree it’s the best! I love, love, LOVE Shopkins – they’re just so cool! So are cats. I have two cats called Alfie and Scout. I used to have two other cats called Delilah and Romeo. This is a picture of me and my new cuddly cat, Smokey. Keep up the amazing work LA! From your biggest fan, Scarlett Hi Scarlett! It’s so nice to hear from you. Delilah, Romeo, Alfie and Scout sound like awesome cats, you’re so lucky to have had so many furry…

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the art gallery

Woo hoo! Let’s give Erika (10) a round of applause for her spectacular SING artwork. We can’t wait to snag the DVD and relive the awesomeness of this flick! We’re dancing with delight over Georgia (9) ’s pretty ballerina drawing. It fits perfectly with our Dance themed issue this month! Wow, we’re so impressed with this fantastic unicorn drawing by Stella (10) . Keep up the amazing work! It looks like Ella loves all things baby animals just like us. Your artwork is so sweet, Ella! Mackenzie (8) sent us this fabulous artwork of the Shopkins Shoppies Dolls. Look at Peppa Mint’s amazing long locks! Aww Rebecca (11) , your lovely LA themed masterpiece has made our day. We love the cute cats and all the happy emojis! Sienna (8) has sent us this majestic drawing…

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words of wisdom

Dear Little Angel, I really want a dog but my parents don’t think that I’m old enough to have one. How can I prove to them that I can handle the responsibility? ★ Olivia ISAAK SAYS: “The best way to prove you’re responsible enough for a puppy is to talk it over with yourself. Make sure that you really are responsible and aren’t just saying so because you want a dog. Do you expect someone else to take care of it while you just cuddle and play with it? After that, if you feel that you are willing to be responsible, talk to your parents and tell them that you will prove you’re responsible. Do things like clean up after yourself, wipe down the kitchen counters if they’re dirty, take out the trash…