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Little Angel April 2018

Each month, Little Angel brings the coolest comps, the most awesome posters, the cutest cooking and DIY pages and the most giggle-worthy blush moments.

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Hi Angels! This is a super special issue of Little Angel because our friend Peter Rabbit has taken time out from his big screen adventure to hop into LA HQ and help us out. Peter Rabbit hits cinemas on March 22 and we just know that you’re going to love this adorable and adventurous film! Over to you, Peter… Amy and the LA Team xxx Hey Angels! I’m Peter and I’m SO excited to be guest editing this month’s Little Angel, especially since it’s the Farm themed issue. You may know me from Beatrix Potter’s wonderful stories and I can’t wait for you to join me on all of my mischievous adventures on the big screen. I’ve got a LOT of friends and family that you’ll meet, but there are a few that I’d…

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la scrapbook

Hi Little Angel, I’m Lucy and I am 7 years old. I love Trolls and I also love Zelfs! I have a baby sister named Jessica. She is so cute! I also have two dogs named Carlos and Dora. I have chickens as well but they’re not laying their eggs. I don’t know if they are sick or not – they might just be old. I love your magazines and am always inspired by you. I love you Little Angel! From Lucy Hi Lucy, Thanks for your lovely letter. We like your cute Poppy sticker! The LA team are also big Trolls fans and would love to be best friends with Poppy – she is so cheerful and adventurous! We hope your chickens are OK. Did you know that this is The Farm Issue…

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what’s happening?

APRIL FOOL’S DAY APRIL 1 Prepare your best pranks and jokes for this super silly day! Remember – you have to pull your prank before noon otherwise the joke is on you. April Fool’s Day is so much fun. WORLD PENGUIN DAY APRIL 25 We love penguins! This day is all about trying to help our feathered friends by raising awareness about . Sadly penguin , things like climate change, pollution conservation and overfishing are reducing the number of penguins in the wild, especially in Antarctica. Let’s make a change, starting today...…

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the art gallery

There’s nothing quite as fun as riding a horse! This pretty picture is perfect for our fabulous farm issue – thanks Tahlia (7). Powerpuff Girl Bliss is taking a break from saving the world in this lovely picture by Amanda (8). There’s no better way to spend a day than out in the sunshine! Wow! We are so impressed by this detailed Paddington artwork by Katisha (12). His fluffy fur is almost jumping right off the page! We LOVE the airbrush technique Alize used to create this little owl. It looks hootiful! Ha ha. Some of our favourite collectibles have joined together for a party! Can you spot the different Tsum Tsums, Num Noms and Shopkins in this colourful artwork by Ella (7)? Madison (6) got creative and drew herself into the world of Minecraft.…

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making music with brianna

Hi Brianna! Why does Grace inspire you? Grace inspires me because she writes her own songs and taught herself to play the ukulele. I saw her on America’s Got Talent and I even cut my long hair to be short like hers – she is the same age as me. What’s your favourite song by Grace? It would have to be ‘Just a Crush’. I love that it’s a happy and upbeat song. How are you finding learning the ukulele? Is it hard? I taught myself to play by watching YouTube videos, and my dad helped me too – he plays guitar. When I started playing, it was really hard to strum but I kept practising and eventually got it! My twin sister Amber taught herself to play the ukulele too, so we help each…

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giggle central!

reader joke Q: Where do cows love to go? A: A-moo-sement parks! a joke… Q: What would you do if you saw a blue banana? A: Try to cheer it up! a joke... Q: What do cheetahs like to eat? A: Fast food! a riddle... Q: How many tickles does it take to make an octopus laugh? A: Ten-Tickles! Silly Celeb Snaps! Ready to LOL? These famous faces will give you the giggles... Funny Facts • Did you know 80 million choccy Easter eggs are sold every year? Whoa! • To test out the first ever hot air balloon, a rooster, a duck and a sheep were sent off for a ride. Ha! • There’s a lake in Western Australia that’s bright pink! Beautiful Lake Hillier has had scientists scratching their heads since its discovery in 1802! Send in your favourite jokes and you could appear in Giggle…