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Little Angel August 2017

Each month, Little Angel brings the coolest comps, the most awesome posters, the cutest cooking and DIY pages and the most giggle-worthy blush moments.

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this month at little angel hq

Hi Angels! This month we’re all about sparkles and pretty petite things as we celebrate our fairy-themed issue. We have a fabulous guide on how to host your own fairy tea party, lovely style finds, delicate crafts and more! There are also lots of cool things airing on the small screen at the moment, from our sweet cover star Nella the Princess Knight, to the much anticipated Descendants 2 to the slime-tacular new season of SLIME CUP – you’ll find all of them and more in our Entertainment Angel section. Now we’re off to find some fairy dust, we hope that you enjoy this issue! Ange and the LA Team xxx…

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la scrapbook

Dear Little Angel, Hi, I’m Angie and I am 9 years old. I really, really, really love Little Angel. I think the magazine is run by amazing people. I got a subscription last year for Christmas and I was really happy when I got my first one! I play hockey every Saturday and I normally play Defence or Wing positions. I have two best player awards and one medal. I also have two pet guinea pigs: Hannah and Rosie. Keep up the amazing work! From your biggest fan, Angie Hi Angie We’re so happy to hear that you’re enjoying Little Angel. What an awesome Christmas present! We are pretty excited that the Hockeyroos and Kookaburras are going to be a part of the Hockey Pro League international series in 2019 and think that it’s…

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what’s happening?

BOOK WEEK AUGUST 18-25 Celebrate books, authors and illustrators in a special week! Schools and local libraries get involved by hosting cool events like book character parades and author talks, so be on the lookout for events near you. This year’s theme is Escape to Everywhere! RSPCA CUPCAKE DA Y AUGUST 21 Whether it’s a cupcake party with friends or a bake sale at school, this special day is all about baking treats so that you can raise money to help the RSPCA fight animal cruelty, as well as rehabilitate and rehome thousands of animals every year. Learn more over at www.rspcacupcakeday.com.au !…

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the art gallery

We can’t stop this feeling, because Bailey (6) has instantly brightened our day with this colourful and happy Trolls artwork! Mariah has drawn one of our favourite famous fairies – Tinker Bell! Is it just us or does Tink look like she might be ready to cause some mischief? Hee hee! How brave and lovely does this Moana artwork by Alicia (11) look? Moana looks like she is ready to protect Motunui! Holly loves fairies and so do we! This great artwork fits perfectly with our fairy-themed issue this month. Susannah (11) is celebrating winter with this adorable artwork of furry friends enjoying being out in the cold! Dakota (12) has sent in this fabulous artwork of Shopkins Shoppie, Sara Sushi. We’re having so much fun following the Shoppies around the world at the moment! We…

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words of wisdom

Dear Little Angel, Last term my friend moved to a different school and they don’t contact me anymore, which makes me sad. I’m afraid that they’ve forgotten all about me. Please help! ★ Khloe, WA SEAN SAYS: “I’m sorry to hear that. The best thing I can advise is to try your best to at least keep in touch to let them know you’re still thinking about them and cherish the friendship you two had. If it doesn’t work out, I can tell you from experience that friends will sadly come and go but you will make more friends as long as you be yourself. I myself have been trying to keep in touch with a friend who kind of ignores my calls but what you can’t do is let that get you…

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flipping out with skye!

Hi Skye! How did you get into gymnastics? I was 5 years old when I fi rst started gymnastics. I wanted to lear n how to do the splits and flips so I joined a local club. What do you like most about gymnastics? I like EVERYTHING about gymnastics. It’s fun! What’s your favourite move? I love doing fr ont handsprings. A fr ont handspring is wher e you kind of fl ip onto your hands and then take them of f the ground while you’r e in the air and land on your feet. What type of things do you get to do in level five? In level five you get to learn new routines and tricks. There is also a competition every year. What is a challenging move that you would love to learn how to…