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Little Angel August 2018

Each month, Little Angel brings the coolest comps, the most awesome posters, the cutest cooking and DIY pages and the most giggle-worthy blush moments.

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our photo album

Do you love Owlette, Catboy and Gekko, AKA The PJ Masks? Now you can see your fave superheroes live on stage when PJ Masks: Time To Be A Hero Live tours Australia in September and October. For all the details and to book your tickets, head to www.pjmaskslive.com.au…

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la scrapbook

Hi Little Angel, I’m Nicola, I’m 11, and I am from the Philippines. I just moved here to Australia but I’ve been reading LA since I was 7. I used to purchase issues online with an app. My mum bought me four issues while she was in Australia, and when I moved here I got to read them! I really enjoy your magazine, especially Blush, because it’s VERY interesting. I also colour and do all the activities. Some of my favourite bits are Prize Angel and all the animal pictures. My dad and I really want a dog, but they are just too expensive! XOXO Nicola Hi Nicola, Welcome to Australia! We hope you’re settling in nicely to your new house. We’re so glad you’re a fan of LA and we really hope you…

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what’s happening?

MS READATHON AUGUST 1-31 Do you love to read? This month your favourite hobby can also help save lives! Throughout August, read books and raise money for Multiple Sclerosis Australia by finding sponsors. Head msreadathon.org.au for all the details or to register. RSPCA CUPCAKE DAY AUGUST 20 Put on your aprons and get ready to bake! Host a cupcake party or a bake sale and raise stacks of cash for a super special cause – cute puppies and kittens in need! We love supporting the RSPCA because they fight animal cruelty and support homeless pets, with over , animals coming through their shelters each year. Go to www.rspcacupcakeday.com.au for all the info.…

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the art gallery

We are totally in holiday mode ready to relax on an island or swim with dolphins thanks to Amy , s bright drawing! We’re buzzing over this cool crayon art by Cassandra (8). Look at all the colourful flowers and different insects! Wow, check out this drawing of Belle from Beauty and the Beast that Maya (12) sent in! Isn’t it fantastic? Cuuuute! Hannah (7) has shared with us an adorable puppy and unicorn tea party artwork. We want to join in! Girl Power! Raya (9) has drawn herself and her sister with their favourite DC Super Hero Girls. What a cool team up! Check out that cheeky grin on Tia , s (9) Cheshire Cat – he looks like he’s up to something sneaky! LOL. Holly (6) has sent us this amazing picture of Peter…

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what an angel

Tilly (10) For my birthday, I asked my friends to donate to the Dogs’ Home of Tasmania instead of giving me presents. I also donated some of my pocket money to Guide Dogs Tasmania! I love animals and always help my sister take care of her puppy. Helper Hint August 20 marks the start of Keep Australia Beautiful Week! Set aside some time this week to pick up litter in your street, school or local park. If we all pitch in and help out we can make a huge difference. Olivia (13) I was at the shops when I saw a toddler fall over. I helped him get up! Celeb Angels Our favourite stars love to give back! The sublime singer works with the UK charity War Child, a group that helps kids affected by wars. Sam travelled…

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words of wisdom

Dear Little Angel, We have a new girl at our school, and my BFF and I like her, but she always goes off with my BFF and tells her stuff. When I go over to them, she always says it’s a private talk and I’m not allowed to listen. Do you have any advice that you could give me? ★ Guneev COCO SAYS: “When the new girl is alone, maybe go up to her and ask why you aren’t included in the private conversations. If she doesn’t give you a good answer, ask your BFF. If she is your true friend, she will be honest and won’t keep something from you when it’s making you upset. Hope that helps!” Dear Little Angel, I’m a shy person and I struggle at school or whenever I’m surrounded…