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Little Angel December 2017

Each month, Little Angel brings the coolest comps, the most awesome posters, the cutest cooking and DIY pages and the most giggle-worthy blush moments.

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Hi Angels! Can you feel the excitement in the air? The festive season is upon us and we’re totally getting into the spirit this month! Not only do we learn about some traditions from around the world, but we’ve also put together some cool things that you’ll want to have on your wish list AND are giving you the chance to win them. Woo hoo! Another one of our favourite things about this time of the year is all the awesome movies hitting the cinemas. There are so many options this year including our adorable cover star Ferdinand and his friends. We give you a sneak peek of them all this issue – you can check them out from p.50 onwards! Ange and the LA Team xxx…

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la loves...

Bush Baby World Welcome to Bush Baby World, a place full of different cute characters who are the guardians of dreams. These magical and cuddly friends even come alive in your hands with their ability to wiggle their eyes and waggle their ears. Whoa! This new range of toys includes individual characters, special Shimmies, Sleep Pod sets and an epic Dream Tree Playset, with more cool products on the way. D-Bot Squad Looking for an adventurous read? This cool series is set in a world where dinosaurs are on the loose and it’s up to a young boy named Hunter and his friends to catch them! To do this, they create robotic dinosaurs aka d-bots to help them. Books Five and Six have just been released and keep your eyes out for the…

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gentle giant prize fest!

Welcome to the fabulous and colourful world of modern day Spain where you’ll meet Ferdinand, a gentle giant who is nothing like what you’d expect! Ferdinand has a great life on his family’s farm until he’s sent away to a school that train bulls. Some of the characters there aren’t impressed by Ferdinand’s kind and peaceful ways, but luckily he has some new friends on his side – a neurotic goat named Lupe and a team of kooky hedgehogs. They help Ferdinand have the courage to stay true to himself while he also mounts a “great escape” to bring them back with him to the home he loves. To celebrate the release of this adventurous comedy with heart, we’re giving away some fabulous prizes… 25 LUCKY WINNERS WILL SCORE A: • Ferdinand…

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la scrapbook

Dear Little Angel, My name is Charli and I am 8. It is my birthday soon and I am going to the Gold Coast. I love Little Angel sooo much! My favourite pages are Blush and all the prizes. I got my first issue when I was sick and have loved it ever since. I love using my imagination and writing. I also love looking at the amazing pictures in The Art Gallery. Your biggest fan, Charli Hi Charli, Happy Birthday! We hope you have a wonderful time celebrating and enjoy your trip to the Gold Coast. There are so many fun things to do there! We’re so happy to hear that Little Angel was able to cheer you up while you were sick too. We’re pretty sure that you’re going to LOVE this…

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what’s happening?

SYDNEY SANTA SPECTACULAR DECEMBER 7-27 Sydney’s Rosehill Gardens Racecourse is being transformed into the ultimate Christmas extravaganza! With an Enchanted Snow Forest, ice skating rink, rides, live entertainment, face painting, caroling, craft workshops, Santa meet-and-greets and much more, there’s something for everyone in the family. For more details or to purchase tickets, go to www.sydneysantaspectacular.com! THE WIZARD OF OZ MUSICAL - NOW UNTIL 2018 Follow Dorothy, Toto, Scarecrow, Tin Man and Lion on the yellow brick road to Oz in this fun musical! It’s currently playing in Brisbane until late November before moving to Sydney for a limited season from late December and then Adelaide and Melbourne in 2018. For dates, more info and tickets, check out wizardofozthemusical.com! CELEB IMAGES: GETTY IMAGES THE WIZARD OF OZ IMAGE: BRIAN GEACH…

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the art gallery

How fabulous is this My Little Pony masterpiece by Lillyarna (8)? We are loving the pretty colours! Rapunzel from Tangled is ready to leap into adventure in this excellent artwork by Roxy (6)! Wow Sarskia (10) , we can feel the magic of your Fantasia Beanie Boo all the way from LA HQ. What a cool artwork! Summer is here and we can’t wait to hang out at the beach building sandcastles. Maybe we’ll even see cute puppies just like the one in this beautiful artwork by Ava (12)! Maddison (7) has sent us this awesome drawing of what the festive season is like at LA HQ, which of course includes plenty of adorable creatures. Happy Holidays everyone! Amalia (9) brings a serene sunset to life with an amazing super sparkly 3D artwork! We’re just chillin’…