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Little Angel June 2017

Each month, Little Angel brings the coolest comps, the most awesome posters, the cutest cooking and DIY pages and the most giggle-worthy blush moments.

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this month at little angel hq

Hi Angels! Winter is here and we are ready! This issue is filled with fun activities that you can try this season without totally freezing outside. We also look at the unique ways winter is celebrated around the world and have cool winter-themed puzzles and quizzes for you. This month we’re also going crazy for Gru, his adorable family and those hilarious Minions in the new Despicable Me 3 movie, which lands in cinemas on June 15. Flip over the mag now to check out our awesome Despicable Me 3 special! Ange and the LA Team xxx…

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la scrapbook

Hi Little Angel! My name is Kate and although I am 13 years old, I am young-hearted and have fallen head over heels in love with your mag. I love just about everything – Blush, Giggle Central, The Art Gallery, and of course the cool themes you choose for your mag. When I grow up I might even like to become a member of Little Angel. That’s how much I adore your SUPER cool mag! I also would like to ask you how do you choose the winner of Letter of the Month? Do you look through all of them and choose your favourite, or do you do a lucky dip and choose a person by chance? Lastly, I’d like to say congratulations to Malloree who joined the LA team not…

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what’s happening?

RED NOSE DAY JUNE 30 Red Nose do wonderful work helping save the lives of Aussie babies and infants. You can support them by making cool a Red Nose products – you can donation even buy or a red purchasing nose for your car or truck! They’re available at leading retailers or at rednoseday.com.au . MATHAMAZING NOW UNTIL SEPTEMBER 3 Multiply family fun at the Mathamazing exhibition at QLD Museum’s Sciencentre! With giant floor puzzles, mazes and interactive activities, you’ll be having too much fun to think about the fact that you’re learning different maths concepts too! Head to www.sciencentre.qm.qld.gov.au to buy tickets or for more info!…

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the art gallery

IT’S SO FLUFFY!!! The Minions are up to mischief again with Agnes’ unicorn in this fantastic drawing by ). Aww, we’re definitely feeling the love with this sweet sketch of Bob by ). Clave drew us a very clever hoola-hooping Minion. Great job! It’s LA versus Bob in a competition of cuteness thanks to this adorable drawing from Guneev (10) . Even we have to admit, Bob would win! We love this colourful from Holly (9); she’s even made it rain bananas – a Minion fave! Sidney's colourful Kevin picture has us wondering what he’ll get up to next! Whaa! It looks like Jerry is having a bit of fun hanging out in a pile of bananas with Bob’s Teddy Bear Tim in Kayla's artwork! Bello! Bob is one of our favourite Minions and it looks like…

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words of wisdom

Dear Little Angel, I have to say a speech in front of my class but I am not very good at memorising things. Do you have any advice to help me be better prepared? ★ Sophie, VIC HOLLY SAYS: “Practice, practice, practice! I think this applies to everything in life, and that’s what I always did when I wanted to improve a particular part of my game. You’ll find that the more you practice, the more confidence you will get. My advice is to practice by yourself to start but then once you think you can recite all the words, try in front of your family and friends – this way, you’ll end up being a pro. I know that public speaking can be really daunting at first and even now, I still…

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the quick question ?

“Make pancakes with my mama and eat them together.” Monsoon (6) “Sit on the couch in layers of clothes with my dog, hot chocolate and my favourite movie playing.” Maddie (10) “Stay inside with a hot chocolate and hot water bottle and play board games.” Olivia (10) “I like to make snow (little) angels; I get super cold, then rush inside and drink hot chocolate!” Zahra (8) “Go to the snow and go skiing. I like to ski at Mt Baw Baw in Victoria.” Caedlin (6) “Sitting inside in front of the heater watching a movie.” Charlotte (9)…