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Little Angel May 2017

Each month, Little Angel brings the coolest comps, the most awesome posters, the cutest cooking and DIY pages and the most giggle-worthy blush moments.

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this month at little angel hq

Hi Angels! You’re probably wondering where Amy is – she’s just had a baby and is having a little break, so I’ll be taking care of Little Angel while she’s away. We have a lot of exciting things for you in this issue including the return of Rapunzel and her friends in Tangled Before Ever After and Tangled: The Series – turn to p.50 for the scoop! This is also our Environment issue, so make sure you check out our special Being Green section for cool tips and ideas. Before we go, don’t forget that it’s Mother’s Day on May 14 – we have some great projects and lovely gift suggestions in this issue if you need some inspiration! Ange and the LA Team xxx…

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meet maddie!

This month, lovely Maddie joins the Little Angel team. We’re SO excited to have her on board! Get to know her with these fun facts… 1. “My favourite colour is pink.” 2. “I love puppies and if I had a pet I would adopt a Daschund puppy… or five!” 3. “I’m really good at making cakes and cupcakes. I can sew and draw a little too.” 4. “My favourite animated character is Tweety Bird! I used to have a giant Tweety toy I took EVERYWHERE until it got so old that my mum made me throw it away.” 5. “When I was a kid, I wanted to be a princess (I loved Princess Jasmine) and then a fashion designer!”…

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la scrapbook

Hey Little Angel! My name is Layla and I am 8 years old. I love your mags. My favourite sections are Blush, Art Gallery and I Confess. I love small things like little doll toys because they are like fairies. I also like teddies, especially talking ones. I enjoy listening to music and singing. I have a pet chicken and she is a Pekin Bantam. I named her Sweetie Tweetie. She’s black and white and really cute! My favourite characters are Princess Poppy, Smidge and King Poppy from Trolls. Love you guys! From your big fan, Layla. Hi Layla (and hello to Sweetie Tweetie too!) Thank you for your lovely letter. We think it’s so cool that you have a pet chicken – you guys must have a lot of fun together! (Hopefully reading…

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what’s happening?

STARLIGHT DAY MAY 5 The Starlight Children’s Foundation help make hospital stays less scary and more fun for sick kids. This year they are hoping to raise $1.3 million to support sick kids all across Australia. You can help by fundraising, donating or purchasing cool Starlight Day merchandise. Check out www.starlight.org.au for more information. DOG LOVERS SHOW (MELBOURNE) MAY 5-7 Join 30, 000+ dog lovers under one wroof at the Royal Exhibition Building for all things canine! See the DockDogs make amazing aquatic leaps, learn cool tips and tricks from pros and PLENTY more. (We can’t wait for the Pat-A-Zone!) Head to doglovershow.com.au for more info or to buy tickets. Sydney, Brisbane and Auckland, there will be events coming your way later this year!…

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the art gallery

Thanks Isabella (11), we’ve always wanted a Powerpuff Girl to join the LA team! Aww, how sweet is this artwork of Moana’s Pua Pua and Hei Hei by Genevieve (8)? Keep up the awesome work, Genevieve! We think this castle by Stephanie (12) could be our dream LAHQ location! Ruby's terrific artwork reminds us how cool elephants are – they use their trunks to drink, shower and even as a swimming snorkel! “FEEEET!” It’s our favourite mouse lemur, Mort, from the classic Madagascar movies. Thanks Jessica (8) for this super cute drawing! Eden (12) drew us an awesome artwork reminding us just how important it is to care for our beautiful environment! We love adorable animals and this colourful creation by Emma (5) makes us want to enjoy the sunshine with this cute and cuddly pup! Casey…

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what an angel

Caitlyn (11) While on holidays, my mum and I saw a baby boy walking around on the road by himself. We went and got him and walked him back home. Olive When my nanna was sick in hospital I fed her two dogs and six chickens and collected their eggs everyday for three weeks. Nanna is better now. Celeb Angels Our favourite stars love to give back! Tay is the ultimate celeb angel, doing all kinds of good deeds on the regular. She has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to sick kids and less fortunate fans, as well as donating $1 million to help those affected by flooding in Louisiana. How kind! Helper Hint You can send drawings and pen pal letters to your local nursing home and brighten someone’s day. Tell us about your good deeds and…