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Little Angel November 2016

Each month, Little Angel brings the coolest comps, the most awesome posters, the cutest cooking and DIY pages and the most giggle-worthy blush moments.

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this month at little angel hq

Scary Stuff! “Ever since I was a kid, I have been freaked out by dinosaurs – they seem SO big and scary. To this day, I still can’t watch any Jurassic Park movies!” Ange “I’m scared of cockroaches – they’re sooo gross! Once I was lying on the couch watching TV and one ran down my neck. I couldn’t stop screaming!” Amy “I’m really scared of moths! I really don’t like how the fl utter so fast and they always seem to fl y directly at me. Ewww! Sandra Say Cheese! This month, Ange and super singer Megan Nicole were perfecting their pretty pouts! We love Megan’s song ‘Mascara’, it’s awesome. Monster Milkshakes We teamed up with Aeroplane Shake Mixes to make these magnificent masterpieces! They were soooo yummy!…

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the quick question

“I have a fear of spiders. They creep me out so much even though most spiders don’t bite.” Aleyah (11) “Walking into the dark. I can walk out of the dark but walking into the dark is too scary!” Eleanor (12) “Brush turkeys – especially when they chase me in the playground!” Emily (2) “I am afraid of dogs because they bark and bite and have sharp teeth.” Shani (8) “Horror movies, spiders, heights, and being trapped in a dark room with bugs crawling everywhere!” Kristina (9) “I hate spiders and snakes. I woke up once and thought I had a spider in my ear!” Freya (7)…

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la scrapbook

Hi Little Angel! My name is Esther. I am 7 years old, and I love Little Angel! I have so many copies of your magazine. I get so excited when I see the new mag in the shops! Sometimes my mum surprises me and buys me the new issues when they come out. My favourite part is Giggle Central because of all the funny jokes. I also love all the posters. I’ve entered tons of competitions too! My favourite magazines are the ones with anything Monster High in them. I love Monster High and I have over 20 Monster High dolls. This is a picture of me with some of my collection of LA mags. Love and kisses, Esther x Hi Esther! Thanks so much for your super sweet letter. We love hearing…

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what’s happening?

WORLD KINDNESS DAY NOVEMBER 13 While it’s important to be kind every day, this special day encourages everyone in the world to look beyond our differences and be kind to each other. Every act matters – whether it be smiling at someone, helping an elderly person cross the road, complimenting someone or sharing treats! NATIONAL RECYCLING WEEK NOVEMBER 7-13 This year’s event asks “So You Think You Can Recycle?” and challenges us to step up our recycling game because there’s still so much that we can do! Head to recyclingweek.planetark.org for more info, and also make sure you check out the fun Recycle Rescue Game available from the App Store and Google Play!…

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the art gallery

Chelsea sent us this awesome artwork of Pikachu! We think it’d be so cool to catch a Pikachu, don’t you? Jessica created this imaginative artwork. We love the starry background, it’s so pretty! Daisy has drawn this super cool picture of Olaf from Frozen. We love warm hugs and Olaf too, Daisy! Zein sent us this great artwork of a minion. How cool! Anna has drawn us a spectacular picture of the Powerpuff Girls. They look like they’re ready to fly into action! Phoebe, we love Charlie Brown and we adore your drawing of him. Did you know that October 2 is the 66th anniversary of the Peanuts comic strip, which is where we first met Charlie? Wow! Mackenzie, we are so in love with your gorgeous Little Angel drawing that we had to share it…

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what an angel

Isabella My nephew Charlie was sick, so I cuddled him while his mum cooked dinner and had a shower. Elisha I am in Grade 3 and some of the older girls were not being nice to a girl in my class. I said to the girls, “Leave her alone, you are not the boss of her”. My new friend hasn’t had any problems since. Celeb Angels Our favourite stars love to give back! EMMA WATSON When a hurricane hit New York City and af fected its electricity , this sweet star helped the City Meals on Wheels deliver meals to the elderly! Helper Hint Write a handwritten letter to your grandparents about why you love them. You can even decorate it with pretty stickers! It will mean so much to them that you’ve taken the time to do it…