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Little Angel October 2018

Each month, Little Angel brings the coolest comps, the most awesome posters, the cutest cooking and DIY pages and the most giggle-worthy blush moments.

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la scrapbook

Hi Little Angel, I’m Bella and I’m 11. My five best friends and I formed a Little Angel club, because we are hooked on it and in love! We all get together with our mags, make popcorn and spend hours laughing and talking with each other. We take them to school sometimes for show and tell, and now we have a bunch of new friends joining the club! I used to find it hard to make friends because I’m quite shy, but Little Angel has brought us together and I’m so happy. Thanks very much and keep up the good job! Lots of love, Bella Hey Bella, Wow! How fantastic! We are so touched and happy to hear that you and your friends found each other through our mag. We hope you keep your…

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what’s happening?

SCULPTURE BY THE SEA SYDNEY OCTOBER 18 TO NOVEMBER 4 Take a walk along the Bondi to Coogee coastal track and marvel at the annual Sculpture by the Sea exhibition! Featuring cute, weird and impressive sculptures by Australian artists, this outdoor experience is one to share with your family while you take in the sun and the fresh salty air. Check out sculpturebythesea.com for information. AUSSIE BACKY ARD BIRD COUNT OCTOBER 22-28 Help BirdLife Australia learn more about our feathered friends! This week, take 20 minutes to count the birds in your backyard, school or local park. You could even do it with a friend or your class at school. Share your findings online or via the Aussie Bird Count app. Visit aussiebirdcount.org.au for more details.…

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the art gallery

Cara (9) has drawn us this spectacular picture of Anna from Frozen! She looks so pretty with her big eyes. Great job! Check out this super-cute portrait of baby Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon. We can’t get over his adorable face! Nice one. Sophia (8). Jade (9) put her creativity to the test and drew a pandicorn – a cross between a panda and a unicorn. So cool! Shaina (8) created this gorgeous rainbow poster featuring all of our faves – a fairy, a unicorn and a mermaid. We love it! This amazing work of art was sent in by Alize (11). It reminds us of the glittery dust in outer space. Very mysterious! Elspeth must be a big fan of Paw Patrol! We love her picture of Chase and Zuma in their…

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words of wisdom

Dear Little Angel, I love to play soccer and I really want to join my local team… but there aren’t any girls on the team, just boys! I’m scared to play and be the only girl. What should I do? ★ Gigi (10) BECKY SAYS: “If it’s something you really want to do, stick to your guns and do it. Don’t let anybody tell you that you can’t, no matter what it is. For years I was told that my dream of racing Monster Jam trucks was far-fetched and unrealistic. Had I listened to them, I would not be where I am today. If you have the passion, the willingness, the want and drive, you can do anything.” Dear Little Angel, I love singing and dancing so much. When I grow up I’d like to…

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i confess!

BELLA (11) I’m so sorry Mum and Dad! I know you try to help me stay healthy but I actually have a secret stash of lollies I keep in a container under my bed. I buy lollies when I am out with my friends and bring them home to keep there. I just love them! I promise I’ll try and cut down on eating them. MILLIE (10) I once went to a party and my friend told me to go talk to a six-year-old girl called Bridget. I went over to her and before she could say her name I told her I could read minds, pretended to read her mind and told her that her name was Bridget. She was very freaked out, and I felt bad afterwards. Sorry Bridget! AMELIA (10) AND…

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giggle central!

LA LOLS! “Whale you be mine?” We’ve heard of Puss In Boots, but this is ridiculous! reader joke Q: Why did Mickey Mouse go into space? A: To get to Pluto! a joke… Q: Why did the toilet paper roll down the hill? A: To get to the bottom! a joke… Q: What time do ducks wake up? A: The quack of dawn! a riddle… Q: Mary’s father has five daughters. Their names are Nana, Nene, Nini and Nono. What is the fifth daughter’s name? A: Mary! Send in your favourite jokes and you could appear in Giggle Central! Don't forget to include a picture of yourself so we can put you in the mag! LITTLE ANGEL ‘Giggle Central’ Locked Bag 5555 St Leonards NSW 1590 OR littleangel@nextmedia.com.au…